A Guide to Practical and Affordable Electrical Safety Devices

A Guide To Practical And Affordable Electrical Safety Devices

What are some inexpensive and effective electrical safety devices worth investing in?

  1. Circuit breakers
  2. GFCI receptacles
  3. Voltage protectors
  4. Automatic voltage regulator
  5. Uninterruptible power supply


According to electrical experts and transformer suppliers in the Philippines, having electrical safety devices is vital to making sure that your home is safe from electrical hazards. Although there are a number of electrical safety practices one could abide by, there is always the chance of people forgetting and accidents happening.

In those cases, the presence of safety devices can be the difference between being electrocuted or just getting away with minor injuries.

The good thing is that most safety devices are inexpensive in relation to the value they provide to a household. The safety and security that these devices bring to an establishment is something that everyone should take notice of.

Bear in mind, however, that the effectiveness of these devices depends on the quality of their production. Let’s take a look at the practical and affordable electrical safety devices that are being offered by Meiji Electric.


Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

These devices are usually lined up and hidden within a panel box. They’re one of the most important safety devices that should be present in every establishment. Circuit breakers serve as a fail-safe when a certain circuit becomes overloaded.

This simple device can detect when the current flowing in a circuit is too much for it to handle, automatically tripping when it does so. The circuit effectively shuts down in order to prevent any damage from happening.

Without circuit breakers, the potential for electrical hazards increases as there’s no practical way to stop circuits from being overloaded with power.


GFCI Receptacles

Gfci Receptacles

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is designed to protect devices by breaking the circuit every time an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current occurs. They protect electrical wiring and receptacles from overheating and other hazards through its automatic sensors and disruptor of the current. GFCI outlets, in particular, are quite effective in minimizing the risk of shock injuries and electrical burns.

It’s highly recommended that outlets near sources of water are GFCI. Places like the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms and pools should have GFCI outlets installed in order to prevent electrical hazards from becoming a serious threat.

GFCI outlets are essential in preventing shocks from happening. The protection that they provide can help you keep appliances functioning for a long time and avoid electrical fires. Bear in mind that without any protection from volatile currents, appliances can suffer internal damage in their electrical systems, especially if they’re sensitive and have strict power requirements.


Voltage Protectors

Voltage Protectors

There are many instances wherein the voltage of electricity that’s following through a particular socket becomes volatile enough to surpass the designated range for the appliance. This increase is known as a power surge. These would usually have a negative effect on your appliances as they prevent them from functioning at an optimal level. Sometimes they might even start a fire when left unchecked.

Voltage protectors are used to shield appliances from these power surges from simply ruining them. If a different kind of fluctuation happens, the voltage protector inhibits the irregular flow of power to the device that’s plugged into the voltage protector.


Automatic Voltage Regulator

Uninterruptible Power Supply

As per its definition, AVRs are devices that are designed to regulate voltage automatically. It basically converts volatile or fluctuating voltage levels and turns it into a constant one. Its primary purpose is to protect appliances from surges and the effects of fluctuating electricity.
Another more important use of AVRs is its application in places that experience frequent power outages. There are also a number of different kinds of AVR. Here are a few features of Meiji’s line of AVRs.

They are servo-motor types that have four universal outlets. This particular device features a power-on delay of 5-8 minutes as additional protection against sudden surges of electricity. There’s also a quick-start feature and a fuse protective device for overvoltages.


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Some of the most common and dangerous electrical problems in any establishment are power surges and sudden power outages. This can damage appliances because it affects their internal systems. A UPS is necessary to make sure that these electrical problems won’t affect your appliances negatively.

Basically, Uninterruptible Power Supplies are devices that supplement the natural flow of electricity when fluctuations happen. UPS will automatically provide power for a limited time so that your appliances won’t experience a sudden shutdown. The time provided by the UPS is more than enough to properly turn off most, if not all, of your appliances.


Key Takeaway

These electrical safety devices are incredibly important so that your home will not be prone to electrical hazards. These devices, along with the proper safety practices, will ensure that you won’t have any problems with your electronics — even something as unpredictable as power outages or power surges. If you don’t want to always contact transformer suppliers in the Philippines for electrical problems, you might want to invest in the devices mentioned above.

How to Spot if a Resort is Electrically Unsafe

How to Spot if a Resort is Electrically Unsafe

What will you find in an electrically unsafe resort?

  1. Inappropriate outlets
  2. Unsecured panel boxes
  3. The use of multiple extension cords
  4. The state of appliances


In the Philippines, going to a resort isn’t something that’s only done during vacation or the holidays. Often, families would try to go to resorts whenever they can because of the tropical climate in the country. Chances are if you live in the Philippines, you’ve already visited a resort.

Resorts would always work with trusted electrical equipment and transformer suppliers in the Philippines in order to make sure that their premises are safe from any electrical hazards.

However, this is not always the case. In fact, there are some resorts that fall way under the standard safety requirements because they choose to cut costs or haphazardly buy products that are of low quality.

It’s incredibly important that you take a closer look at the resort that you’re staying at. The bliss that comes from cool pools and great service might be ruined if it turns out that electrical hazards are all over the area.

Make sure that the resort you’re planning on staying in is safe from electrical hazards by keeping an eye out for these bad electrical practices!


Inappropriate Outlets

Inappropriate Outlets

It’s often advised that resorts or any other establishment that deals with water have GFCI outlets installed instead of the standard ones. GFCI outlets are specially designed to protect your electrical system from any kind of electrical disturbance, particularly the ones that are caused by external factors such as water, metal objects, and the like.

That being said, using all GFCI outlets alone is not enough. The placement of these outlets should be strategically located so that they won’t be in an area that is too close to the water. If they were, for example, required to be installed behind a poolside bar, the outlet should be placed in the safest place possible or at least have a weatherproof covering.

An acclaimed supplier of transformers and other electrical products such as Meiji Electric offers these GFCI outlets. They can also give you their professional opinion on how you should plan out the locations of your outlets. All of these precautions can make a resort as safe as possible!


Unsecured Panel Boxes

Panel boxes are the metal coverings used to secure circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are neatly organized within these panel boxes — usually labeled depending on which circuit they’re responsible for. In more secure resorts, there will also be a panel board — a sort of terminal that enables better control and safety when managing the power supply system.

If no panel board is in use, the management of the resort should always make sure that the cover remains closed unless a repair is being done. When panel boxes are not secured, it exposes the circuits to dust, water, and physical damage. Unsecured panel boxes might not be able to contain the sparks from an arc or short circuit if one were to occur, endangering the combustible items close to it.

An unsecured panel box is also a sign of inattentiveness by the staff since ensuring that they remain closed should not take much effort. Panel boxes should be in a convenient location yet still remain hidden from most of the patrons.


The Use of Multiple Extension Cords

The Use of Multiple Extension Cords

Using a single extension set is perfectly fine, but when you find an establishment making use of multiple extension sets in succession aka daisy chaining, this may be a cause for alarm. Bear in mind that extension cords are supposed to be for temporary use only. It shouldn’t be a replacement for a permanent power outlet.

It’s much worse for resorts, however. If extension cords were to be used within pool premises, it can cause problems, especially if the extension cord does not have any GFCI receptacle.

Extension cords that are out in the open are not only unappealing to look at but can also be a hazard on their own. If they’re not secured onto the ground, many visitors and staff might trip on them, potentially damaging the outlet and/or the electronics that are plugged into it.


The State of the Appliances

The State of the Appliances

Often when you go to resorts, you’ll find that all of their appliances and other electrical equipment are clean and tidy. However, this might hide some issues with their main electrical systems.

What you probably don’t see is how they’re handled during maintenance or when they’re being repaired. Sometimes, the upkeep of the appliances is ignored. The only thing that’s continually done is to fix up their appearances.

The outlets where appliances are plugged in might experience heavy wear and tear when they’re ignored for quite some time. It’s possible for these outlets to begin having clear signs of heating, sparks, and rusty screws. These hidden problems can lead to a multitude of problems including sparking, short circuits, and electrical shock.


Key Takeaway

Resorts should be places of bliss and happiness, not locations where visitors might encounter an electrical shock. Many suppliers of transformers and other electronics recommend everyone to be careful when staying at a resort.

That being said, it’s quite easy to find resorts that have also done ways to keep their visitors safe from electrical hazards. Take, for example, the Princess LJ Hotel and Restaurant, The Bellevue Resort, La Jolla Leisure Estates, and Dakak Park and Beach Resort. These are all resorts that have asked for our help in making sure they can keep their customers safe from electrical hazards.

Meiji Electric Extension Sets: What are the Best Types to Use for Your Home?

Meiji Electric Extension Sets: What are the Best Types to Use for Your Home?

Which Meiji Electric extension should you use in your home?

  1. MES-3011 collection
  2. MES-2027 collection
  3. MES-1300 collection
  4. MES-1400 collection


Among the many electrical suppliers in Metro Manila, Meiji Electric is the one that’s at the forefront of innovation, particularly when it comes to efficient and safe electrical devices. That being said, you should be careful with the many devices that you buy and install in your home. Although there are many that promise safety and efficiency, it’s not practical for you to only rely on what they claim.

Often, you’ll find yourself spoiled with choices when it comes to deciding which electrical device to pick. Because of this, the tendency is for you to choose the first one you find, the cheapest one, or the one recommended by the salesperson. That being said, you should never settle for anything. Even just choosing which extension set you’ll pick should be treated as an important decision.

Not all extension sets are made the same way. In a typical hardware store, you’re going to see numerous brands and kinds of extension cords. Some look no different from the rest, while others have specific features inlaid to them. The bottom line is, not every kind of extension cord is efficiently used in every kind of home. Sometimes, it’s better to be precise and choose specific kinds of extension sets for your home.

To provide more context, here’s a short discussion on Meiji Electric’s line of extension sets and where they’ll be used efficiently.


MES-3011 Collection

MES-3011 Collection

This is an extension set with a 3-meter cord and 3 outlets at the end. There’s one outlet on one side, and two outlets on the other for better accessibility.

These are the simplest extension cords that you can get. The outlets are placed this way to allow for at least 2 complicated plugs to be placed without covering up the other outlets. Its 3-meter length lets it extend to a sizable area, perfect for living rooms that have appliances placed in the middle, away from wall sockets.


MES-2027 Collection

MES-2027 Collection

These extension sets also have three outlets at the end. The difference is that the outlets are placed side-by-side. This collection also comes in 3-meter, 5-meter, and 10-meter variants. These are made of polycarbonate ABS plastic material which helps bring out a glossy, clean, and modern look.

This is the extension cord that you will typically see in most homes. It looks and feels simple. It’s best used in applications wherein the plug of the appliance doesn’t need an adaptor. This is because the layout of the outlets almost ensures that another outlet will be taken up. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for such applications, however.

This extension set has the most versatility when it comes to its reach. With 3, 5, and 10-meter cords, you can use it for your living room, or as a temporary extension for housework and even construction projects at home!


MES-1300 Collection

This series of extension sets are polarized, durable, and safe. They come with three to six international outlets that each have their own switch and fuse. The fuse is there to protect whatever is plugged in from sudden surges that exceed its limit as well as other faults.

The MES-1300 collection also has a built-in circuit breaker that fortifies the protection of your high-rated appliances. On the off-chance that it trips, you can be sure that it’s a warning sign that your appliance might be experiencing electrical faults or problems.
Lastly, this series is made up of copper bars in order to be more functional than your typical extension sets.

These kinds of extension sets are best used in areas where there are a variety of different appliances that need individual protection. An example of places where it’s best used is a home office. You have your computer, monitor, printer, scanner, and many other appliances that would need to be plugged in accordingly.

Because of the safety and reliability of this extension set—it can also be used in offices where multiple computers, laptops, and other appliances need to be plugged in for people to work.


MES-1400 Collection

MES-1400 Collection

This series of extension cords have the most variety in Meiji’s inventory. These extension sets can be used for different purposes and applications.

MES-1400 and MES-1401 is an extension set in the form of a disc that has six international outlets and two USB charging ports. They come with 3-meter and 5-meter cords respectively.
MES-1402 is a smaller version of the 1300 series. It only has two outlets and two USB ports.
MES-1404 is a rounded cube with four international outlets and four USB ports; and
MES 1405 is an extension cord that only has four USB charging ports.

In essence, each of these extension sets has a specific niche it can fill. They are all reliable and safe to use.

With the recent prominence of USB cord-based charging cables for phones, Meiji Electric extension sets have made it easier than ever before to supply power to your devices. You can just plug your charging cable straight into the USB ports found in these extension cords instead of using a bulky and cumbersome adaptor.


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an electrical supplier in Metro Manila undergo a number of innovations and come up with amazing products just like Meiji Electric. That being said, you should understand that although extension sets are primarily used to extend the reach of outlets, they’re also made to make plugging in appliances more convenient for the customers.

WORLDBEX 2019: A Successful Expo

WORLDBEX 2019: A Successful Expo

What are the key events of WORLDBEX 2019?

  1. WORLDBEX background
  2. Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.
  3. The Success of WORLDBEX 2019


Last month, the 24th Philippine World Building and Construction Expo, or more commonly referred to as WORLDBEX 2019 took place at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It was a high-yielding trade event that was geared towards introducing a variety of business-to-business opportunities. From electrical suppliers in Metro Manila to various construction companies all over the Philippines, different industries were eager to participate and show off their innovations.

The theme of the event was “A World Built Bolder”. It aimed to improve the standards of excellence for the industries that participated. The event focused on showcasing products and services that uphold a commitment to continuous innovation and economic sustainability. It was also an event where people can share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the global construction and design scene. Here’s how it went for Meiji Electric:


WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX is one of the biggest events of the year for those who are in the building and construction industry. For engineers, architects, contractors, and distributors, it’s one of their most awaited expos of the year.

In this event, notable companies from different industries are given the chance to showcase their products and services. This way, they also improve their brand in the eyes of potential clients as well as their peers.

The event is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. People from different companies visit the booths of their fellow participants to test out each other’s products. This often leads to partnerships and collaborations. It can sometimes lead to a bit of friendly competition as well since, in essence, the event aims to bring the people of these industries together.

Aside from company representatives, there are also prospective customers scouting the area for their next big purchase. WORLDBEX is a great avenue wherein companies can find more prospects and boost their branding and reputation at the same time.

For 24 years, WORLDBEX has always been the place for industry leaders and newcomers to get acquainted with one another. It’s an event that helps up and coming businesses be more visible.


Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Our goal in our participation in this event is to primarily promote our brand. During the event, we offered different kinds of promos and discounts that we believed would appeal to those that were present there. The deals we had to include the following: Square Deal, Bundle Deal, and the Breaker Deal Promo.

The Square Deal promo provides a 50% discount for every switch that you buy along with a free metal box to store them in. Customers had different types of switches to choose from — from the 2-gang, all the way up to 6-gang switches. They can also come in 1- or 3-way switches and be either illuminated or non-illuminated. The promo started during the event and can still be acquired for as long as supplies last.

With so many companies offering different kinds of promos all over the event, we also decided to bring out the big guns and go toe-to-toe with them. During the whole convention, the competition for customers was at its peak.

Another promo we offered was the Breaker Deal Promo. Same with the previous one, it also provides a 50% discount. This deal, in particular, was created to promote the Circuit breakers that Meiji Electric has to offer. These range from 15A to 1250A. Also, for every set of breakers you include, you can save 50% off on your purchase!

The last promo we offered was the Bundle Deal Promo which offered you two extension sets for the price of one. This deal can be availed for PHP888, PHP1111, and PHP1300. The best part is that you’re the one who will choose from the different types of extension sets provided!


The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

Overall, we can say that the whole event was a huge success. The venue was filled to the brim with booths from different companies and industries. A plethora of products and services, both old and new, were showcased to everyone at the event. Many companies seem to have created partnerships with one another—further enhancing the future developments of these group of industries.

Meiji Electric was able to acquire new clients that will possibly be a great help in the future. We were also able to unveil to the public some many products and services that we have. WORLDBEX 2019 has provided various opportunities for Meiji Electric and many other companies. Everyone will be looking forward to the next WORLDBEX event!


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an event that invites so many companies from a plethora of different industries. For WORLDBEX 2019, electrical suppliers in Metro Manila were given priority along with construction companies, home design businesses, and the like.

The whole event aimed to create harmony and synergy within the industries included. As stated in their main theme “A World Built Bolder”, this year, it aims to introduce an enhanced level of building with all the important factors included.

An Electrical Supplier in Metro Manila Explains the Importance of GFCI

An Electrical Supplier in Metro Manila Explains the Importance of GFCI

What are the roles of GFCIs?

  1. It prevents electrical hazards
  2. It promotes appliance safety
  3. It monitors electricity flow


It’s no secret that every electric company in the Philippines has made efforts to increase overall safety. Many electrical devices are created in order to reduce the likelihood of anyone in your family getting electrocuted. One of these safety devices is known as the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCIs.

Their purpose is to protect people from receiving electric shocks from faults while using electrical devices at home and in the workplace. They do this by comparing the input current to the output current. When a slight difference is found, the GFCI cuts off the power supply, therefore, reducing the chances of someone getting electrocuted.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), GFCIs have contributed to the reduction of the number of home electrocutions by half. The capability of the GFCI to detect ground faults can protect you from severe electrical shocks—this is something that a number of UPS suppliers in Manila recommend homes and workplaces to get.

With that being said, here are a few points that show the importance of the GFCI for homes and workplaces.

Prevention of Electrical Hazards

Prevention of Electrical Hazards

Electricity is volatile and dangerous, especially when it is uncontained and is near a water source. Homeowners and businesses alike must take precautions when it comes to it. They can install GFCI receptacles to constantly monitor electricity moving through circuits. Once they detect a difference in the electrical current, then they automatically switch off power on the circuit alone.

For those who are wondering where GFCIs are needed most, they are often installed in areas that have water hazards such as bathrooms or kitchens. They could also be installed in outdoor spaces, particularly near pools, gardens, and garages. Essentially, they enable you to have outlets in and around areas where potential hazards can be found!

Keep in mind that GFCIs are not foolproof. They are designed to minimize, not eliminate the whole of an electrical shock. It doesn’t have the capability to stop an electric shock, rather it greatly reduces the risk of having an injury upon receiving one.


Appliance Safety

Preventing humans from getting electrocuted is its main purpose; protecting appliances and gadgets is a positive bonus. Take note that the National Electrical Code (NEC) has made GFCIs mandatory for certain appliances that are near something that deals with water. It’s also a requirement for all 15A, 20A, and 125V receptacles on or near kitchen countertops to have GFCI protection.

There are some appliances that are very much sensitive to the input of electricity that they get. Less power leads to weaker performance, while excessive power can lead to overcharging—which may result in reduced efficiency or worse, devices short-circuiting. Because GFCIs constantly monitor the electric circuit, even the slightest change over or under it will cause it to turn off.

In some cases, too much electricity flowing on a single circuit can cause overheating. When left alone, it might become a potential fire hazard. Again, the GFCIs monitoring of the electric circuit is more than enough to prevent such a thing from happening!

Monitoring of Electricity Flow

Monitoring of Electricity Flow

There are three types of GFCIs: Receptacles, circuit breakers, and temporary or portable GFCIs.

The receptacle is installed in place of individual outlets while the circuit breakers are installed in the panel board. On the other hand, temporary or portable GFCIs are often used in outdoor settings and in construction. They shouldn’t be used as permanent GFCIs to replace the first two types. In essence, all of them monitor the electrical circuits but have a different scope of effect.

When active, GFCIs are primarily used to reduce the risk of getting electrocuted. But while none of this happens, it’s probably the best indicator that ensures that the electricity flow around your house is stable.

That being said, you can use GFCIs to find electrical hazards or leaks. Since the circuit of GFCIs is predetermined, you’ll be able to pinpoint where these are. GFCIs are the most accurate gauge of electricity flow stability in your home. As long as none of the circuits suddenly turn off, your house is assured to have no problems electricity-wise!


Key Takeaway

Ever since its inception, GFCIs have contributed so much in the electrical safety department. They reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by such electrical hazards. There’s no electrical company in the Philippines that will not recommend the use GFCI. Every electronics provider, including UPS suppliers in Manila, agrees that GFCIs should be installed in certain parts of your house. Some would even say that it should be installed in all parts of every house and workplace!

Enjoy a Spooky and Safe Halloween with These Electrical Safety Tips!

Enjoy A Spooky And Safe Halloween With These Electrical Safety Tips

What electrical safety tips do you have to follow in order to enjoy a spooky and safe Halloween?

  1. Inspect your Halloween decorations
  2. Use the proper electrical devices
  3. Avoid overloading your circuits
  4. Place decorations on safe locations
  5. Power off all décor when not in use


We’re now in the last three months of the year and while everyone’s excited for Christmas, let’s not forget that there’s one other holiday that’s going to have people put up different kinds of décor. In a few days’ time, houses are going to be making use of fog machines, strobe and black lights, animatronics, and other electrically powered decorations to add a bit of mystery to the home and instill some fear into passersby.

As an electric company in the Philippines, we feel that it is our responsibility to give you some few tips and tricks on how you can avoid any unfortunate and power-related accidents during such important events. After all, we aren’t here just to be your UPS supplier in the Philippines or to evaluate your wiring systems. We’re also here to make sure that you use electrical devices right no matter the occasion and, as it happens, the next one coming up is Halloween – a popular holiday all over the world.

Much like with Christmas and other holidays, when an extensive amount of lights, extension cords, and other electrical décor are in use, there are electrical risks that come with the celebration of this haunting holiday. These dangers can thankfully be avoided by observing electrical safety tips, so continue reading more to find out how you can enjoy a spooky yet safe Halloween!

 Inspect Your Halloween Decoration

Inspect Your Halloween Decoration

Each and every single one of your Halloween decoration must be inspected before you put them down and plug them in. Check for signs of damage such as cracked wires, faulty plugs, and visible dents that could disrupt functionality and/or cause electrical hazards. Those that have been severely damaged and are clearly harmful to use should immediately be thrown away and replaced for everyone’s benefit.

Aside from examining the quality of your décor, you should also look at the electrical devices and plugs that you’re planning to use. Sockets, connections, and cords must all be in good condition – and discarded if damaged – to guarantee your safety.


Use the Proper Electrical Devices

Quality is only the beginning of your concerns, next on the list is the appropriateness of the electrical devices that you’re using. This means that you should use the items where they are meant for (i.e. outdoor and indoor extension cords). The same thing goes for other devices so make sure to consider where they’re supposed to be used.

On top of properly using electrical devices, it would also help to purchase and install electrical safety devices such as ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), circuit breakers, and surge protectors. You can easily find these things at any electrical company in the Philippines such as Meiji Electric.

 Avoid Overloading Your Circuits

Avoid Overloading Your Circuits

As you’re putting up all your decorations, it’s easy to forget exactly how much wattage or amperage your electrical system can handle, but you should do your best to avoid this common mistake. There’s a huge chance of overloading your circuits and causing a short circuit if you mindlessly plug in all your Halloween decorations.

In order to avoid this, know how much wattage each piece of décor needs and add everything up. The sum must not exceed the capacity of the circuit in which you intend to plug it in – consider switching to a different circuit or power source if it does.


Place Decorations On Safe Locations

Location is of utmost importance when you’re decorating your home. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, avoid placing them in high-traffic areas as they may pose as tripping hazards. If you do – this is especially true for extension cords and other kinds of wirings. You should also keep in mind that water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure wires and/or plugs are placed away from any water source.

While we’re on the same note of placing your décor, refrain from using a regular stapler or nail to organize cords. Instead, use insulated staples that provide safety and protection.  Moreover, outdoor outlets that you intend to use should have an outlet cover like those from Meiji Electric to save your decorations from inclement weather.

 Power Off All Décor When Not In Use

Power Off All Décor When Not In Use

Last but certainly not least is to power off all your décor when not in use. Whenever you’re not at home, during the early hours of the day until afternoon, and at the deepest of nights when everybody’s asleep – these are the times when you should turn off your decorations.


Key Takeaway

Halloween is definitely an exciting holiday when everyone can dress up and pretend to be whoever they want without any judgments. There’s a lot of fun to have and a lot of candy to eat but electrical shocks, fires, and hazards are guaranteed to spoil all those things so make sure you stick to these electrical safety tips. If you do, you avoid any real-life scares and you get to enjoy a spooky and safe Halloween – and that’s what we really all want!

Tips on Finding the Best Hotels/Resorts in Boracay

Tips On Finding The Best Hotels Resorts In Boracay

What are some tips for finding a hotel in Boracay?

  1. Consider the location of the hotel
  2. Check the availability of amenities
  3. Ask about use of electrical devices
  4. Choose those that prioritize safety


Boracay’s six-month-long closure for rehabilitation is now almost over and the island is looking more and more like its original state – pristine and beautiful. Although the clean-up project is far from done and we’ve only gotten past the first phase, the government is already preparing for the popular destination’s soft opening. Come October 26, Boracay will once again be packed with tourists and locals looking to take some time off from the real world and unwind in the emerald waters.

What does an electrical company in the Philippines have to do with this, you ask? Well, before you book your flights, you first have to book your accommodation. Even though only 68 out of the 455 hotels in the area have complied with government requirements are allowed to operate, that’s still a large pool to choose from. You may not think it’s all that important, but where you decide to stay is just as crucial to your trip as the destination itself and also your itinerary, and that’s where we come in.

We want to make sure that you make the right choice and have the most fun that you can because you deserve nothing but the best. In order to do so, we’ve left some simple tips that should help you with this difficult task. Simply continue reading more to find out which hotels you should stay at during your trip to Boracay!

 Consider The Location Of The Hotel

Consider the Location of the Hotel

Hotels are scattered all over the island – some of them are located by the beach-front, others are a few minutes’ walk away from the shore, and a few are a ride away from the actual destination. Before thinking about anything else, you need to consider the hotel’s location and choose the one that fits your preference and your budget.

Beach-front hotels are definitely the most ideal and preferred as they offer the best views of the beach and easy access to the amazing waters but they definitely cost a lot more. Those that are a walking distance away are also popular choices as they are more affordable even though they’re still very near the actual beach. Many also prefer those that are in more secluded areas or are one-ride away as they offer some peace and quiet especially when Boracay’s nightlife starts.


Check the Availability of Amenities

Every hotel offers a different set of amenities and, more often than not, those that offer them also demand a bit of extra cash. It may be nice to have access to all available amenities but it’s completely unnecessary. You only have to choose those that you need; otherwise, you’ll end up spending money on things you’re not actually going to use.

Some examples of amenities you may want are free and stable Wi-Fi since you’d want to be able to communicate with your family or friends and post about your adventures. You may also want a breakfast and/or dinner package so you can start and end your day with a full stomach. Pools are a blurry subject as some are already satisfied with the beautiful sea water, while others – mostly those with children – want to enjoy still waters.

 Ask About Use Of Electrical Devices

Ask About Use of Electrical Devices

So many people overlook the fact that there’s a higher chance of experiencing electrical hazards at hotels that are located by the beach where people walk around dripping in sea or pool water. The danger is there for both the guests and the employees and the worst part is that even hotel management forgets this sometimes.

For your sake, ask the front office or the staff whether they use electrical safety devices such as ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These are nifty outlets that can detect any abnormality in the flow of the current – i.e. when water suddenly comes in contact or is introduced – and immediately cuts off supply to avoid any electrical hazards. GFCIs are just an example but there are more electrical devices that can surely reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

If you really want to be on the safe side, consider hotels that have worked with a reliable electrical company in the Philippines like Meiji ElectricSome of the hotels we’ve worked with are Banana Boracay Hotel, Astoria Boracay, Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Crimson Resort and Spa, and many more.


Choose a Hotel that Prioritizes Security

In line with the use of electrical devices, make sure that the hotel puts an effort into providing guests with tight and good security by employing appropriate policies to deter crime. You can ask about the safety measures that they observe and see if they stick to them.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be spending the majority of your time outdoors and enjoying what Boracay has to offer. This means that your valuables and belongings are going to be left inside the hotel with nobody to guard them but the staff and management.

You don’t want to be constantly on edge as you’re out and about thinking whether your items are still there, so make sure to choose a hotel that can give you some peace of mind. Knowing that everything will be there once you get back definitely helps in making your daily activities more fun and enjoyable.


Key Takeaway

There are, of course, more tips that should help you find a hotel in Boracay such as checking your budget, reading online reviews, and ensuring the hospitability of the staff. What we’ve written here are the most uncommon ones that people often overlook.

Of these four, we can say that consideration for electrical safety is definitely among the most underrated tip that you should always remember. You should choose accommodations that use GFCIs and high-quality extension cords in the Philippines. These electrical safety devices are sure to keep you from harm!

Safety Tips On Using Electrical Devices [Extension & Outlets] For Christmas Decorations

Safety Tips On Using Electrical Devices [Extension & Outlets] For Christmas Decorations

What are the safety tips on using electrical devices for Christmas decorations?

  1. Check the condition of electrical devices
  2. Refrain from overloading your outlets
  3. Keep cords away from liquids
  4. Install GFCIs and outdoor outlet covers
  5. Use products approved for safety


The final months of the year are often the busiest for any electric company in the Philippines. As the holidays come, the demand for several electrical devices that people use to put up decorations drastically rises. Every electric company is busy fulfilling the role of cords, extensions, outlets, and UPS supplier in the Philippines. Aside from that, we also take on the responsibility of reminding people about the risks and dangers of filling their homes with countless décor – a task that we take pride in doing.

You’re probably already aware of this but, in case you weren’t, you should know that electrical hazards are more frequent, costly, and deadly during the holiday season as compared to any other time of the year. Christmas, most especially, rakes in a large number of electricity-related incidents with the most common one being an electrical fire. The average number of open-fires on Christmas day is double than on any normal day and one leading cause is the improper use of electrical devices for Christmas decorations.

These are things that can easily be avoided and that is what we hope to accomplish with this article – for the number of unfortunate incidents to decrease. We’ve listed a few safety tips on using electrical devices for Christmas decorations, so you need only to follow them in order to lessen your chances of experiencing any electrical hazards.

The Condition of Electrical Devices

Check the Condition of Electrical Devices

The first thing you should be doing before you adorn your home with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations is to ensure all the electrical devices that you’re planning to use are in good condition. There should be no signs of damage – frayed wires, burnt outlets, bent plugs, and visible dents.

Even if the device still works, it would be better to throw them away if they are damaged because insistent use is just going to lead to accidents. Don’t even try to repair them by wrapping the wires in tape or straightening out the plugs. Instead, replace them with better devices that can stand the test of time. Of course, the same goes for all your Christmas decorations. They should all be in tip-top shape in order to keep you and your family safe from any kind of electrical danger.


Refrain from Overloading Your Outlets

A common and innocent mistake that people do during the holidays – most especially during Christmas – is overloading their outlets and extension cords to power numerous decorations. This is actually one of the main causes of electrical hazards from short circuits to electric fires that result in several casualties.

Every circuit in your home has a limit and you should never exceed this. Most modern residential circuits can take 15 to 20 amps or roughly around 1800 to 2400 watts, but yours may be different. To be sure, have a trusted electrician look at your electrical system and tell you how much it can take.  You should also ask about each outlet and the recommended number of connections you can add to it. Try to write these things down so you won’t have to keep calling an electrician every time the holiday season comes.

 Keep Cords Away from Liquids

Keep Cords Away from Liquids

All cords should be kept away from standing water because, as everyone knows, water and electricity don’t really mix well. Extension cords, Christmas lights, and other types of wiring should never come in contact with liquid. If they do, they can possibly trigger an electrical fire or cause electrocution.

Now, people who decorate exclusively indoors might not have much of a problem with this, but those who heavily decorate the exterior of their houses need to keep this in mind. Cords and wires should be suspended up so that they don’t soak in water in case rain falls. You can do this by using insulated or electrical staples that can keep them in place without inflicting damage to the device.


Install GFCIs and Outdoor Outlet Covers

It’s a good idea to have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and outdoor outlet covers installed in your home for when you bombard your electrical system with dozens of decors and devices. These electrical safety devices are going to prevent or at least reduce the risk of electrical hazards so that you can enjoy a worry-free holiday.

Outdoor outlet covers are going to offer protection from elements such as dust, dirt, and water. This will not only increases your safety, but also allow your devices to live for a longer time. As the name suggests, you only need to install them if you have any outlets outdoors—this you can do by yourself. GFCIs or GFCI outlets, on the other hand, are a little harder to install and you may need the help of a professional. This won’t take much though. Plus, you can expect an even stronger protection against electric shocks and fires.

 Use Products Approved for Safety

Use Products Approved for Safety

One final but crucial safety tip we have for you is to only use products – devices and decorations – that have been approved for safety by accredited agencies. In the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is responsible for issuing the Philippine Standard (PS) Safety Certificate Mark to deserving brands.

Electrical devices from Meiji Electric, the leading electric company in the Philippines, have been issued this particular mark. The products have gone through qualification requirements set by the Bureau of Philippine Standards and are also packed with different safety functions. An example of this would be their line of extension cords that have individual switches, relay-type circuit breakers, and dedicated USB outlets.

Combining recognition and the brand’s dedication to their consumer’s safety, you can rest assured that all their products are going to be absolutely safe for use.


Key Takeaway

Christmas should only be filled with joy and laughter and not with tragedies and accidents. Unfortunately, many have already gone through the holiday season with much grief and sadness because of certain electricity-related accidents. These are things you can and should avoid by following the safety tips we’ve listed above. Make sure to keep these in mind as you fill your home with Christmas items that Meiji Electric offers – all of which you can visit in our showroom. With these, you’d be able to celebrate a joy- and laughter-filled Christmas season!