Common Household Electrical Problems and Solutions You Can Learn from an Electrical Supplier in Metro Manila

When it comes to your home’s electrical connection, you can never be too careful if you are tasked to handle it. It’s a good thing that you can have an electrical supplier here in Metro Manila to equip you with the necessary knowledge and equipment to ensure this safety. Electrical problems may arise when the whole system is subject to neglect and this can be prevented by performing the necessary safety measures that you can learn from an electrical company in the Philippines.

Your electrical system and peripherals can be put in constant risk of sustaining damage and it sometimes boils down to improper wiring, fluctuations in the system’s electrical supply, overworked circuits, or lightning strikes. In order to prevent those issues from happening, you should be aware of the different ways on how to deal with them and how they can prove to be hazardous for your home. Read on below to have more information about electricity problems and the benefits of an efficiently-wired system.



Benefits of a Good Electrical Connection

A good electrical connection is more than just avoiding electrical issues. Having a good electrical connection can mean more for you than you know. A good electrical connection can save your life. Make sure that all electrical installations are safe because it is important that there is the highest regard for security especially for the lives of the people in your household.

Have a routine inspection of your electrical system so that your home would be a safe dwelling place for everyone. It would do you good to routinely check your home and make sure that all plug sockets do not cause an electrical problem. Prevent the risk of fire and make sure that there are now wires near heat sources and electrical cables are not under rugs or blankets or furniture are not standing directly on cable.

You should also be vigilant for any trip hazards associated with the electrical cables. Prevent this from happening by never leaving extension cords plugged in if they are not in use. It is good to routinely check your home to make sure that all plug sockets are not loose causing the plug to fall out. Also, make sure that there are no wires near heat sources and electrical cables aren’t running under rugs or blankets and that furniture legs aren’t standing directly on cables. A good electrical connection can also reduce energy and equipment costs and it will save you money in the long run. It is better to identify future potential electrical problems and look at the spots that you should check for hazards. Having a good electrical connection means that it is probable that you should perform a routine maintenance inspection of your connection.



Top 7 Common Household Electricity Problems

Top 7 Common Household Electricity Problems

Damaged electricity is manifested in many different signs around your home. You may think that some of the things that are happening around your home, like flickering lights, are just normal but a closer inspection of this can point to electrical problems on your home circuit. Identify the problems from the selection below and see the most appropriate solution to deal with them.


Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can happen anywhere in your home. It can be caused by lightning strikes, damaged power lines, faulty appliances and bad electrical wiring in the house. A surge usually lasts for just about a microsecond but frequent surges can damage the electrical components connected to your home which will degrade the power lines’ life expectancy significantly. Frequent electric surges are usually caused by an electrical device connected to the home grid or the actual wiring itself. Try to go to the root cause of the problem and remove cheaply made electrical devices or power boards from the outlet to see if this will prevent the electrical surges. If this still does not work, then it would be best to consult a professional electrician.


Sags and Dips in Power

Sags and dips are similar to electrical surges as it is often attributed to devices connected to your power grid which are faulty or made with substandard materials. These devices can draw a lot of power when they are turned on which will result to sags and dips in the power source of your home.


Light Switches Not Working Properly

Switches that do not adjust the light properly can often be attributed to sub-standard products or an electrical fault. The light switches that do not work properly can be caused by a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring. Consult an electrician if you are experiencing issues with the switches in your house.


Circuit Overload

Circuit overload is probably one of the most problematic electrical issues that you can encounter. This is also one of the biggest causes of frequent circuit breaker tripping and the reason for this is the overloading of power boards. Most homes and apartments even the new ones, do not have enough power points to cater to large systems, a complete home entertainment unit setup for example. You can prevent this by avoiding daisy-chaining power boards. Do not overburden a single circuit and be mindful of how you connect your devices around your home, unplug appliances when not in use.


Lights Too Bright or Dim

If you notice that some lights around the house are excessively brighter than the others, then it is probably caused by a bad main neutral connection and this will continue to cause problems for your home until it is fixed by a professional. It is better that you consult an electrician because this might be caused by the different wattages in the different lights and you can ask for their advice if you have to replace the bulbs or perform a repair on the whole circuit.


Electrical Shocks

You do not want to be on the other end of an electrical shock because it can range from pretty mild to pretty dangerous. This is a reminder that electricity is indeed dangerous when it is not properly utilized. Electrical shocks typically happen when you are turning a device on or off. There could be issues with the appliance itself or it could be in the wiring. Test this by plugging in another device and see if the results are preferable. However, do not risk another electrical shock so it might be better to speak with an electrician.


Light Bulbs Burning Too Often

Light bulbs that burn too often can be attributed to its high wattage or if the insulation is too close to the light. Also, this can be caused by bad wiring on the circuit or bad wiring on the main power board. On a dimmer switch, there is too much total wattage on one switch. If it is continuously flickering, then there might be a poor connection on the circuit. Reach out to an electrician to help identify the root cause of light bulb burnouts and deal with the electrical hazards that it might bring to your home.



Tips on How to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards

Tips on How to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards

Electrical issues can be one of the biggest threats to you and your home’s safety and security. These issues can cause fires and fatal shock accidents—you can prevent this from happening by following a number of tips that you can ask from your electrical supplier in Metro Manila. You can have prior information about these tips and you can read all about them below:


Make Sure Your Electrical Panel is Up-to-Date

Your service panel is at the heart of your home’s electrical system and it is critical that it is updated to meet the energy demands of your home and the necessary safety requirements. It helps if you have a device installed to prevent electrocution because the conventional circuit breakers alone cannot protect you and your home. Ask your electrical supplier in Metro Manila about a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which is a device that detects a ground fault and imbalances in the flow of current in and out of a circuit and immediately shuts off the circuit to prevent electrocution.

A GFCI will trip and quickly stop the flow of electricity to help prevent serious injury during a ground fault. A defective appliance can cause a ground fault but thanks to the GFCI, this can be prevented from happening. Your panel should also protect against arc faults. The unintentional low-voltage discharges cannot be detected by circuit breakers so installing a special device like a GCFI.


Find Out How Old Your Wiring Is

One of the electrical hazards that can cause home fires is old or faulty wiring. Determining the age of your home’s wiring is possible by looking at the materials used. Wires can be coated with lead, fabric, copper wire or black rubber. Have a licensed electrical supplier in Metro Manila inspect your home’s wiring if you have further concerns about this area of electricity.


Replace Damaged Outlets and Switches

Inspect all your home’s light switches and outlets. Cracked or broken plates pose electrocution risks, while buzzing or discoloration indicate wiring issues that could pose a fire hazard. If you have small children, make sure every outlet is covered or plugged.


Use Appliances Safely

An electrical system in good shape sometimes is not enough because your household appliances and devices may be very unsafe for you and your home. Worn cords and damaged plugs will definitely increase the risk of both fires and electrical shocks. The improper use of electrical devices will contribute greatly to electrical hazards. Do not run power cords under rugs or install bulbs with more wattage than the light fixture was designed to handle because this will be dangerous for your home.



Advantages of Having a Partner Electrical Supplier in the Philippines

Advantages of Having a Partner Electrical Supplier in Metro Manila

Getting rid of faulty wiring and poor electrical appliances are the great ways to prevent issues in electrical but having a partner electrical supplier is for the best option for both short and long-term problems. Being assured that electrical elements are working normally is one of the great benefits of having a partner electrical supplier in Metro Manila but here are some of the more important advantages:


Standardized Repair

Professional and licensed electrical contractors are required to follow strict industry standards when they are working on a project especially when it comes to the maintenance of safety and security in your home. The standard that you can get in this manner will be of the best quality and it will be better than what you can achieve by yourself. Electrical suppliers can equip you with the best items for your electric needs and they can also teach you to resolve electrical problems that you should not attempt to repair by yourself and risk a low-quality troubleshooting experience.

You will be able to get the highest repair standards but the good thing that you should know about it is that they can provide it with affordable charges in their warranties and repair services.



Speaking of safety, electrical safety is just as important as securing your home by locking the doors. It should never be considered as a low-importance matter. It is perfectly achieved when you work with electrical suppliers and they are fully aware of how to provide you with the intended benefits. Receiving maintenance for your electrical systems will allow you to enjoy safety because the procedures are carried out with the purpose of ensuring the safety of your home as well as the various electrical appliances that need service and repair.


Reliable Service

Reliable service is the one thing that you should look for in an electrical supplier. The reliable service means that your electrical supplier will work effectively and it will not put you in the risk of injury. Make sure that their reliable supplier can bring quality workmanship to make your system properly calibrated.


Expert Advice

Expert advice is one of the best things you can receive from an electric supplier and because of their service, you can learn more about the electrical systems and the hazards you may run in to. Listen very closely to the useful expert advice that they may share with you during your encounter. You may learn about failing wiring systems and if you are running the risk of having one. Remember the knowledge that you may get from them so that you can perform and optimize your system in the future if necessary.



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