Meiji Electric Extension Sets: What are the Best Types to Use for Your Home?

Meiji Electric Extension Sets: What are the Best Types to Use for Your Home?

Which Meiji Electric extension should you use in your home?

  1. MES-3011 collection
  2. MES-2027 collection
  3. MES-1300 collection
  4. MES-1400 collection


Among the many electrical suppliers in Metro Manila, Meiji Electric is the one that’s at the forefront of innovation, particularly when it comes to efficient and safe electrical devices. That being said, you should be careful with the many devices that you buy and install in your home. Although there are many that promise safety and efficiency, it’s not practical for you to only rely on what they claim.

Often, you’ll find yourself spoiled with choices when it comes to deciding which electrical device to pick. Because of this, the tendency is for you to choose the first one you find, the cheapest one, or the one recommended by the salesperson. That being said, you should never settle for anything. Even just choosing which extension set you’ll pick should be treated as an important decision.

Not all extension sets are made the same way. In a typical hardware store, you’re going to see numerous brands and kinds of extension cords. Some look no different from the rest, while others have specific features inlaid to them. The bottom line is, not every kind of extension cord is efficiently used in every kind of home. Sometimes, it’s better to be precise and choose specific kinds of extension sets for your home.

To provide more context, here’s a short discussion on Meiji Electric’s line of extension sets and where they’ll be used efficiently.


MES-3011 Collection

MES-3011 Collection

This is an extension set with a 3-meter cord and 3 outlets at the end. There’s one outlet on one side, and two outlets on the other for better accessibility.

These are the simplest extension cords that you can get. The outlets are placed this way to allow for at least 2 complicated plugs to be placed without covering up the other outlets. Its 3-meter length lets it extend to a sizable area, perfect for living rooms that have appliances placed in the middle, away from wall sockets.


MES-2027 Collection

MES-2027 Collection

These extension sets also have three outlets at the end. The difference is that the outlets are placed side-by-side. This collection also comes in 3-meter, 5-meter, and 10-meter variants. These are made of polycarbonate ABS plastic material which helps bring out a glossy, clean, and modern look.

This is the extension cord that you will typically see in most homes. It looks and feels simple. It’s best used in applications wherein the plug of the appliance doesn’t need an adaptor. This is because the layout of the outlets almost ensures that another outlet will be taken up. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for such applications, however.

This extension set has the most versatility when it comes to its reach. With 3, 5, and 10-meter cords, you can use it for your living room, or as a temporary extension for housework and even construction projects at home!


MES-1300 Collection

This series of extension sets are polarized, durable, and safe. They come with three to six international outlets that each have their own switch and fuse. The fuse is there to protect whatever is plugged in from sudden surges that exceed its limit as well as other faults.

The MES-1300 collection also has a built-in circuit breaker that fortifies the protection of your high-rated appliances. On the off-chance that it trips, you can be sure that it’s a warning sign that your appliance might be experiencing electrical faults or problems.
Lastly, this series is made up of copper bars in order to be more functional than your typical extension sets.

These kinds of extension sets are best used in areas where there are a variety of different appliances that need individual protection. An example of places where it’s best used is a home office. You have your computer, monitor, printer, scanner, and many other appliances that would need to be plugged in accordingly.

Because of the safety and reliability of this extension set—it can also be used in offices where multiple computers, laptops, and other appliances need to be plugged in for people to work.


MES-1400 Collection

MES-1400 Collection

This series of extension cords have the most variety in Meiji’s inventory. These extension sets can be used for different purposes and applications.

MES-1400 and MES-1401 is an extension set in the form of a disc that has six international outlets and two USB charging ports. They come with 3-meter and 5-meter cords respectively.
MES-1402 is a smaller version of the 1300 series. It only has two outlets and two USB ports.
MES-1404 is a rounded cube with four international outlets and four USB ports; and
MES 1405 is an extension cord that only has four USB charging ports.

In essence, each of these extension sets has a specific niche it can fill. They are all reliable and safe to use.

With the recent prominence of USB cord-based charging cables for phones, Meiji Electric extension sets have made it easier than ever before to supply power to your devices. You can just plug your charging cable straight into the USB ports found in these extension cords instead of using a bulky and cumbersome adaptor.


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an electrical supplier in Metro Manila undergo a number of innovations and come up with amazing products just like Meiji Electric. That being said, you should understand that although extension sets are primarily used to extend the reach of outlets, they’re also made to make plugging in appliances more convenient for the customers.

WORLDBEX 2019: A Successful Expo

WORLDBEX 2019: A Successful Expo

What are the key events of WORLDBEX 2019?

  1. WORLDBEX background
  2. Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.
  3. The Success of WORLDBEX 2019


Last month, the 24th Philippine World Building and Construction Expo, or more commonly referred to as WORLDBEX 2019 took place at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It was a high-yielding trade event that was geared towards introducing a variety of business-to-business opportunities. From electrical suppliers in Metro Manila to various construction companies all over the Philippines, different industries were eager to participate and show off their innovations.

The theme of the event was “A World Built Bolder”. It aimed to improve the standards of excellence for the industries that participated. The event focused on showcasing products and services that uphold a commitment to continuous innovation and economic sustainability. It was also an event where people can share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the global construction and design scene. Here’s how it went for Meiji Electric:


WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX is one of the biggest events of the year for those who are in the building and construction industry. For engineers, architects, contractors, and distributors, it’s one of their most awaited expos of the year.

In this event, notable companies from different industries are given the chance to showcase their products and services. This way, they also improve their brand in the eyes of potential clients as well as their peers.

The event is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. People from different companies visit the booths of their fellow participants to test out each other’s products. This often leads to partnerships and collaborations. It can sometimes lead to a bit of friendly competition as well since, in essence, the event aims to bring the people of these industries together.

Aside from company representatives, there are also prospective customers scouting the area for their next big purchase. WORLDBEX is a great avenue wherein companies can find more prospects and boost their branding and reputation at the same time.

For 24 years, WORLDBEX has always been the place for industry leaders and newcomers to get acquainted with one another. It’s an event that helps up and coming businesses be more visible.


Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Our goal in our participation in this event is to primarily promote our brand. During the event, we offered different kinds of promos and discounts that we believed would appeal to those that were present there. The deals we had to include the following: Square Deal, Bundle Deal, and the Breaker Deal Promo.

The Square Deal promo provides a 50% discount for every switch that you buy along with a free metal box to store them in. Customers had different types of switches to choose from — from the 2-gang, all the way up to 6-gang switches. They can also come in 1- or 3-way switches and be either illuminated or non-illuminated. The promo started during the event and can still be acquired for as long as supplies last.

With so many companies offering different kinds of promos all over the event, we also decided to bring out the big guns and go toe-to-toe with them. During the whole convention, the competition for customers was at its peak.

Another promo we offered was the Breaker Deal Promo. Same with the previous one, it also provides a 50% discount. This deal, in particular, was created to promote the Circuit breakers that Meiji Electric has to offer. These range from 15A to 1250A. Also, for every set of breakers you include, you can save 50% off on your purchase!

The last promo we offered was the Bundle Deal Promo which offered you two extension sets for the price of one. This deal can be availed for PHP888, PHP1111, and PHP1300. The best part is that you’re the one who will choose from the different types of extension sets provided!


The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

Overall, we can say that the whole event was a huge success. The venue was filled to the brim with booths from different companies and industries. A plethora of products and services, both old and new, were showcased to everyone at the event. Many companies seem to have created partnerships with one another—further enhancing the future developments of these group of industries.

Meiji Electric was able to acquire new clients that will possibly be a great help in the future. We were also able to unveil to the public some many products and services that we have. WORLDBEX 2019 has provided various opportunities for Meiji Electric and many other companies. Everyone will be looking forward to the next WORLDBEX event!


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an event that invites so many companies from a plethora of different industries. For WORLDBEX 2019, electrical suppliers in Metro Manila were given priority along with construction companies, home design businesses, and the like.

The whole event aimed to create harmony and synergy within the industries included. As stated in their main theme “A World Built Bolder”, this year, it aims to introduce an enhanced level of building with all the important factors included.

Meiji Electric Joining the WORLDBEX 2019

Meiji Electric Joining the WORLDBEX 2019

Meiji Electric Philippines, one of the country’s finest and most reliable electrical companies, will be joining WORLDBEX 2019 — the biggest and most attended construction show in Asia!

The event showcases anything and everything related to construction equipment, building materials, lighting systems, energy-optimizing devices and many more!

Meiji Electric will showcase its innovative and reliable products in their own booth, Nos. 320-321.

The event will happen from March 13 to 17, 2019. It will go on from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila.

Meiji Electric Joining the WORLDBEX 2019

SMX Convention Center Layout
Smx Floor Plan


Meiji Electric is located at Booth No: 320-321


The New Meiji IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure- Accommodates Breakers up to 26 Poles


The Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosure is one of the unique best selling items here at Meiji Electric. Due to this, we decided to release a new and improved version that can accommodate your circuit breakers up to 26 poles. The Meiji MHMWP series weatherproof enclosure IP65 MHWP 03, MHWP 05, MHWP 09, MHWP 13 and MHWP 26 enclosures are designed to give protection to your breakers against various weather elements without deterioration.

Today, there are multiple types of enclosures which are made of various materials and with multiple ratings, so it’s hard to know which outdoor enclosure will be more ideal, less expensive and will be able to stand the test of time. Here are the steps that you should consider when choosing a weatherproof enclosure.



Where will your sensitive electrical equipment be located?

  • Outdoors?
  • Close to salt water or in a hot, dusty area?
  • In the shade or in full sunlight?
  • On a pole or mounted to a wall?


Airborne debris, rain and other environmental elements can damage your improperly installed electrical enclosure. For example, salt spray is highly corrosive and can cause metallic enclosures even made of stainless steel to rust. So it would be better to purchase an outdoor weatherproof enclosure that is made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material.


Meiji IP65 Weatherproof enclosure MHWP09
Meiji IP65 Weatherproof enclosure MHWP09


The Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosure uses materials that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. These materials were all tested according to ISO 4892-2, Method A Cycle 1 with a total test period of 500 hours based on 5170F-UV-A specification. In other words, the Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosures are designed to withstand extreme sunlight heat and other similar conditions. Therefore, these enclosures will never get brittle or damaged due to outdoor sunlight situations.



If your enclosure is to be located in an area that is regularly rainy, or has damp weather conditions then IP65 would suit you.

IP rating is a standard that is used to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies such as dirt and water. The rating consists of the letters IP followed by 2 digits, the digit stands for the level of protection that the enclosure provides against solid bodies, the second digit describes the degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against water.





As you can see from the chart above, the Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosures which are rated at IP65, can protect your circuit breakers from total dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction. And due to its polycarbonate thermoplastic material,  the Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosures will never rust or corrode in any rainy or damp outdoor situation.


Meiji IP65 Weatherproof enclosure MHWP13
Meiji IP65 Weatherproof enclosure MHWP13



There are enclosures available for almost every price point. Pricing depends on materials and customization like UL Standard NEMA 3R for outdoors or NEMA 4X which is a stainless enclosure that is quite expensive. The Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosure features a modern-day design that has a smoky cover which allows you to view the circuit breakers inside. It is made of a special polycarbonate thermoplastic material to protect your circuit breakers from sun, rain, dirt, oil and spraying water. Unlike the usual metal NEMA 3R enclosures, which tend to rust and discolor over a period of time, the Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosures will not deteriorate even when exposed to heavy rain and sunlight. Yet compared to a NEMA 3R enclosure, the price is practically the same. It is also very affordable compared to  NEMA 4X stainless enclosures. The Meiji MHWP series weatherproof enclosures cost less than one half compared to NEMA 4X enclosures. It comes in different models MHWP 03, MHWP 05, MHWP 13 and MHWP 13 and MWHP 26 which can house 3,5,9,13 and up to 26 poles of miniature circuit breakers, ranging from 1 ampere to 125 ampere frame.


Meiji IP65 Weatherproof enclosures


With Meiji Electric MHWP series IP65 weatherproof enclosure’s affordable price, stylish and durable design, what more can you ask for? Avail of these items now to protect your outdoor electrical equipment, your business, home and your family!



Last November 25-28, 2015, The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE) held a 4-day event at the SMX Convention Center. For this year, the theme was: IIEE @40: “A Journey of Service for Excellence”. There were technical sessions, products for all the electrical practitioners. This was a great opportunity for Meiji Electric to introduce itself to the public as well as widen their connections since majority of the guests are electrical engineering students, specialists and experts.

Meiji’s Booth at the 40th IIEE Annual Convention

Guests surely did not miss the brilliant red booth of Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. They were captivated by the various electrical displays like Circuit Breakers, Meiji Home Panel Board, Voltage Protector, the Meiji GFCI, USB outlet, Flying Saucer Strip and Meiji Classic and Champagne Series wiring devices.

The highlight of this year’s entry is the Low Voltage SwitchgeaIMG_2744r (LVSG) complete with capacitor bank and dry-type transformer. It also utilized shiny tin-plated copper flat bars, instead of the usual copper bus bars that are normally used in panel boards.





The common trend in the exhibits nowadays is to hire attractive models with revealing attires. Meiji on the other hand, hired two smart and gorgeous well-dressed models that were actively promoting items to the guests. The knowledgeable Sales Executives were also present to IMG_2758answer all the queries of the guests.

Additional discount was also given to customers who bought items on the spot. Another gimmick that piqued the interest of visitors is the raffle draw where they got the chance to win exciting prizes such as Meiji umbrellas, white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts, tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars.

This was indeed another successful event that has been participated by Meiji Electric! See you all again next year!

Contact us today, and let us be the one to cater your electrical requirements! IMG_2759

4 Times Sci-Fi Movies Predicted Future Technologies


If you’re an avid fan of sci-fi movies or have seen at least one or two really good sci-fi films, you may have already definitely noticed they often have super cool technology! Somehow, movie writers end up imagining and creating random gadgets and devices, each one more cool and efficient and powerful than the last.

While a lot of sci-fi technology cooked up in movies still remain fictional, there are some that scientists actually managed to bring to real life! For example, who would have thought many years ago that having motion-sensor items in your own home in the Philippines would actually be possible?

Well it is. Amazingly, many gadgets used to be found only in movies have become part of our daily lives. This happens more often than you’d expect too. For example, these few times when sci-fi movies predicted future technologies….

Mobile Phones


Before mobile phones, we had… well, regular wired phones that stayed in our houses and weren’t in our hands 24/7. Did you know we actually owe our mobile phones to the Star Trek franchise? The inventor of the first cell phone, Martin Cooper, admitted his invention was inspired by the handheld communicators in the Star Trek universe. The classic handheld communicators were in the original television series and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.



Not the old school tablets that Moses used to have, but modern tablets that are pretty much large phones or portable desktop monitors… eh, you know what we mean. You know exactly which tablet we are talking about because almost everyone we know has one! You’re even probably reading this article on a tablet right now. While tablets were only invented and became common a few years ago, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey contains a scene wherein a man is eating breakfast and watching the news on what looks like the table we have today. However, the movie was released in 1968! Now that’s foresight!

3D Printers


The mobile phone isn’t the only device predicted by Star Trek. In the franchise, there is a machine called a Replicator that is capable of creating objects out of thin air. The 3D printer is similar in a way that it can create/recreate something, but the process is a little more complicated than something appearing out of thin air. While we can print 3D food these days, it’s not mass produced and is still being worked on by scientists. Plus flavorwise, it’s practically tasteless (or so we heard).



People used to think it impossible to  have a real-time conversation with someone not within a few feet of you, let alone actually be able to see them! 2001: A Space Odyssey had this device, as did Blade Runner and several other sci-fi movies. Nowadays, not only can we video call someone using our phones, we can also use our webcams to chat with people from literally thousands of miles away.

It makes you think, doesn’t it, of how far our technology has come and how lucky we are that we were born in this era (or are we?). Regardless, we can also look forward to upcoming inventions and breakthroughs.

Are you also waiting for hoverboards to become as common as mobile phones? Or are there other advanced technologies you’re waiting to become reality? Let us know!

Create a Delightful Christmas Tree Instantly


Do you wish to have an instant Christmas tree? Do you want to avoid a hassle and messy set-ups?

Worry no more because Meiji understands what you want!

Meiji offers you easy-assemble pull-up Christmas trees that can surely lessen the hassle ordinary artificial Christmas trees bring. Have a Christmas tree in just a few minutes with Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees!

Meiji’s Pull-Up Christmas Trees

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated with lights, decors and other ornaments. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees do not come separately in pieces. Also, like ordinary artificial Christmas trees that need a two to three part stand with many rows of branches, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas only need you to do 3 basic steps:

Easy Steps to Assemble a Pull-up Tree

•Assemble the central stand.

•Pull up the tree and place it on the stand.

•Plug it in and adjust any decorations as necessary.

There are many benefits of using Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees. First and foremost is the convenience at which it is assembled. No longer will you have to hope that all of the parts were gathered together the previous year, have everybody to put it together or need complicated instructions to finish putting the tree up.

The ease of assembly means that it takes very little time to decorate your Christmas tree. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated, meaning you don’t have to search for a cohesive Christmas ornament theme or spend hours evening out the decoration placement. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees can save you money on both the additional lights and ornaments you would have otherwise purchased to complete your Christmas tree.

Finally, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees takes up much less storage space compared to your old tree that has large branches that need to be boxed and stored. It makes a folding tree ideal for an apartment, condo or home with limited storage space. Since Pull-Up Christmas trees are easy to set up, they are also easy to disassemble. Once the holidays are over, simply reverse the directions to fold it back into its compact form.

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees are ideal for entryways, apartments, condos, or offices. Placing it on the living room area or guest lounge will surely boost your Christmas spirit right up your visitors’ moods.

So get a move on creating a delightful Christmas tree in an instant! Contact us today for your early Christmas decoration ideas.

With Meiji, we make everything easy!