Company History

MEIJI ELECTRIC PHILIPPINES, INC. has been in the electrical business for more than 30 years now. Established in 1981, the company’s operations initially involved the marketing of electrical lighting materials. Through the years, it has grown and expanded, both in product lines and client bases. Now, the company carries electrical controls and distribution equipment & systems, ‘Wide Touch’ & specialty wiring devices, consumer home panel boards, electrical marine products, seasonal electrical products, and related items.

The company endeavors to occupy significant items of the electrical controls market, by supplying more efficient and energy saving electrical systems, like electrical panel boards, contactor transfer switches (CTS), low voltage switchgears and frequency inverter-controlled systems, all with a high degree of engineering and after sales service at a more economical level, yet in line with high quality standards.

When it comes to wiring devices, Meiji Electric is proud to be the pioneer marketing company, aggressively promoting ‘Wide Touch’ wiring devices as well as introducing the ‘Meiji’ Classic, Champagne and Black Series Wide Touch wiring devices. The company will continue to expand further, by introducing newly developed items like Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) that are connected in parallel with ground international/universal outlets (GF250 and MGF250) and related products.

Meiji Electric Philippines makes convenience and protection a priority to homes and business establishments, through innovated and reliable protective devices such as servo-motor AVRs, step-down transformers, voltage protector with timers, PIR motion sensors, extension cords and related items.

On the commercial and consumer market, the company will introduce the ‘Meiji’ Home Panel Boards or MHP. These user-friendly electrical home distribution panels are not only decorative but easy to operate as well. These MHPs use ‘Meiji’ miniature circuit breakers that are of high quality, safe, in accordance with IEC standards, and carries the Philippine ICC mark.

Meiji Electric is also diversifying into other electrical fields like the marine industry. The ‘Meiji’ series of electrical marine products are now widely used by the different fishing companies especially in the Navotas and Zamboanga areas. As the electrical marine product lines expand into higher technological levels, more modern products like vapor lamps, navigation lamps, halogen fishing lamps, and other modern fishing equipment shall also be marketed.

For the Christmas season, very fitting and elegantly designed LED fiber optic Christmas trees, Christmas villages, cherry blossom trees, tabletop decors, etc. will be featured to enhance the Christmas season.

With the company’s aggressive approach, a significant portion of its product lines can be found in major industrial and commercial establishments, and electrical dealers nationwide.

The consumer lines especially, can be found in the different major DIY shops in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines. These include Ace Hardware, Ace Express, Handyman, True Value, Fixrite, Ortigas Home Depot and NCCC Hardware.

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc., now infused with a fresh and innovative marketing team, aims to supply top quality products, conforming to world safety standards, and at the most economical level. At the same time, the company will continue on its adamant approach to occupy, the electrical controls, wiring devices, electrical marine products, and consumer markets further.