The New Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover

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Often times, outlets outside your home become more worn out than those which are inside. Not just because they are being used frequently, but for the reason that they are more exposed to dust and other harmful elements, including rain and sun that damage them so badly.


To solve this problem, Meiji Electric has innovated a non-corrosive weatherproof enclosure, designed to protect switches and outlets from rain, sun, dust, and dirt.


Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover (MCS-2204)



Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover is an enclosure that provides a shield that will surely prevent water from touching the element inside. Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover follows IEC standard, which protects against dust and low pressure jets of water from all direction. In other words, it is dustproof and rainproof.


Unlike other ordinary weatherproof enclosures, Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover provides reliability and durability, with a pleasing appearance. Switches and outlets installed outside your home can have total protection from harmful elements, which may cause them to deteriorate and even lead to short circuits and accidents.


On top of that, if you use Meiji GFCI outlets in your kitchen, pool or bathroom areas, it’s best to have it enclosed with Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover. Though GFCI outlets are designed for wet area applications, that doesn’t mean that GFCI outlets are waterproof. They must still be protected from direct contact with water.



Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover has a transparent lid which enables you to clearly see the element inside, whether it is a switch or an outlet. With its unique frosty cover, transparent front window and off-white base color, it can perfectly match wall kitchen and bathroom interiors.


By using Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover, you don’t need to take out switch or outlet elements to fit into its housing. You can simply put the entire Meiji MCS Wiring Devices models, even our GF250 and MGF250 GFCIs, together with its plate cover. No other brand in the market can give you that convenience!


Only Meiji gives you exactly what you need. So what are you waiting for? Grab the new Meiji IP55 Weatherproof Cover!

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  1. Arnel Laplana says:

    Me inquire for the price / pc of GFCI 250 with Weather froof Cover


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