How to Prevent Appliance Fires

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There are different ways to protect our appliances. One of the most effective ways is by purchasing an AVR in the Philippines – it protects all plugged in electronic devices, even the most sensitive ones, from electrical surges.

Electrical surge is just one of the many problems that you should protect your appliances from. When devices are not maintained properly, it poses a risk of fire. Keep your appliances – and in turn, your house, loved ones, and self – safe by taking the necessary precautions needed to prevent your appliance from catching fire.


Watch Out For Sparks

Sometimes, an electrical problem might manifest itself through sparks. If you notice that one of your appliances sparks or shocks you upon plugging or unplugging, contact your electrician immediately. More often than not the electrical problem can be fixed easily. In some cases though you’ll have to let go your appliance and purchase a new one instead. If your appliance is deemed irreparable by the professionals, don’t hesitate to replace it for any reason. It might be costly but it is a safer alternative than continuing to use the potentially hazardous old device.

Install Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguisher

There are instances when we fail to notice that something might be wrong with our appliances. That’s why it’s important to install smoke alarms in every bedroom and every floor of the house. It’s not enough to be able to detect that something might be burning though; you also need something to put out the possible fire. Aside from smoke alarms, purchase fire extinguishers and install them in every floor of your home.

Keep Appliances Away From Water

One of the most obvious ways to prevent appliance fires is by keeping your appliances away from water. This means that you should place your devices away from wet areas in the house like the bathroom and kitchen. Also, avoid stocking or using them in areas where water might accumulate such as garages or basements. If you still want or need to place an appliance in the kitchen – like the blender or microwave, for example – just make sure that you keep them away from the sink or other easily wet areas.

Inspect Wiring

If your house’s wiring is old, have it inspected. There are cases wherein an old house’s electrical wiring is unable to handle modern appliances. You might have to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring to avoid any problems. Although this might be expensive, it’s better than falling victim to appliance fire.

Inspect Power and Extension Cords

Always look out for frayed cords because they can be dangerous. If you see that your power or extension cords are damaged, dispose of it and find a replacement. Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs because the trapped heat may cause your appliance to overheat. Lastly, prevent overloading your extension cords by plugging in too many different appliances and extension cables all at once.


Appliance fires can not only destroy devices, it can also turn your house into ash. Start the year right by taking the necessary precautions listed above to keep you and your appliances safe from fire for the rest of the year.

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