Importance of Installing Voltage Protector for Your Appliances

What makes voltage protectors so important?

  1. Voltage protectors ensure your appliances will not experience over- or under-voltage.
  2. Voltage protectors can identify electricity problems.
  3. Voltage protectors provide protection for your homes.


As an electrical company in the Philippines, Meiji Electrics always strive to provide customers with the best electrical items that will ensure a safer home and a happier family. One of our products that continues to offer superb protection is the voltage protector.

It is very similar to the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) because it’s primary function is the same—to protect appliances. In essence, the voltage protector provides the same kind of protection as AVRs in the case of an over- or under-voltage!

Voltage adaptors are mostly composed of single outlet adaptors that have a capacity of 20 amps, 4,440 watts, and 220 volts. They are very small and light, making it easy for you to move them from one location to another.

As a well-known electrical company in Manila, it is Meiji’s duty and responsibility to provide you with products that will satisfy your needs. In this case, voltage protectors are designed to be an affordable solution in preventing your appliances from experiencing electrical surges. Let’s discuss this further below.

Protecting Your Appliances

Protecting Your Appliances

When the voltage exceeds capacity, power will instantly be cut off. Keep in mind that going above (over 265 volts) and below (under 170 volts) the standard voltage rating is quite harmful to your appliances for a number of reasons.

Admittedly, low voltage won’t have too much of an effect on most appliances. But it would make them function slower than usual. However, this could be dangerous for appliances that use motor; examples of these are refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers.

The state of low voltage can cause motors to overheat and ultimately damage the inner workings of the appliance. This can lead to overheating and the eventual burning of the motor. In most cases, this leads to frequent motor repairs—a costly option to an otherwise preventable problem.

High voltages will mean that it will draw more current at the start. Once it reaches a steady state, the current lessens, sometimes normalizes. However, the relatively high starting current can damage the system in many ways.

Appliances, particularly those with motor parts, need to be protected from ever experiencing an over- or under-voltage. Try to be aware of the operating voltage range of your appliances as well as the fluctuations that can happen in your house. Some appliances have a relatively large operating voltage range, which means that they can function even with the normal levels of fluctuation!

Voltage protectors cut off power whenever it detects that voltage levels are enough to be considered as over- or under-voltage, preventing your appliances from functioning with such difficulties.


Identifying Problems in the Electricity Flow

These voltage protectors are designed to stop the flow of electricity when voltage fluctuations go beyond their perceived operating levels. This means that they are capable of identifying whether or not there’s something wrong with the electricity flow within your home or on that particular circuit.

For example, when using a voltage protector for your TV, and it suddenly turns off without any other of your appliances turning off, it might mean that it experienced a sudden drop in voltage levels. Although it has more of an effect on appliances with motors, the case still stands that other appliances are probably experiencing it too, and thus, you might choose to turn them off.

If you have multiple appliances using voltage protectors and only a certain number of them turned off, then that means their circuits are the ones that are experiencing significant fluctuations. It can tell you whether there’s a problem for a specific circuit, your entire house’s electrical system, or in the general electrical grid.

Once you learned the root of the problem, it’s relatively easier to fix! You may report it immediately to a professional electrician from a notable electrical company in the Philippines to resolve the issue.

Protecting Your Home

Protecting Your Home

With your appliances protected from unnecessary voltage fluctuations and now that you have a way of monitoring them through voltage protectors, you’re essentially protecting your home from electrical problems that can lead to serious home damage.

Take note: Your appliances can get damaged, or worse, be set on fire when not protected from certain electrical hazards; over- and under-voltage situations are some of them.

By making sure that your appliances receive the right range of voltage, voltage protectors prevent things such as damage, burning, and maybe even small explosions from happening!


Key Takeaway

For Meiji, an electrical company in Manila, customer safety is a top priority.

The voltage protector is a very small and yet powerful device that ensures that your appliances are safe from any voltage-related problems! Try them out on some of your appliances and see them for yourself!

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