Save your Appliances from Over Voltage!

Some of us may already know that our electronic and electrical devices are designed to work at a certain maximum voltage supply, and extensive damage can be caused by voltage that is higher than that for which the devices are rated.

kolinFor instance, your aircon unit at the given rated voltage will carry a current just enough for the wire to absorb (giving off light and heat), but not hot enough for it to melt.

The amount of current in a circuit depends on the voltage supplied: if the voltage is too high, then the wire may melt and the light bulb will “burn out”. Similarly other electrical devices may stop working, or may even get burnt if an overvoltage is delivered to the circuit.

When the voltage in a circuit or part of it is raised above its limit, this is known as an overvoltage. This is could be very dangerous to your equipment and to the whole house!

Good thing there’s Meiji Voltage Protector! This powerful plug-an-play device can surely protect your appliances from unexpected over voltages. By its automatic cutting-off of the power supply, your appliances are protected from over voltages and further damages.


Meiji Voltage Protector Catalog No. TC-V001 is rated at 20 Amperes, 4400 watts, 220 V, suitable for our country’s electrical distribution system. One great advantage of this voltage protector is its power-on delay which helps prevent transient voltage. Meiji Voltage Protector can be suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, desktops and other appliances within the suggested load capacity. It also has light indicators to advise you if it’s running normally.

What are you waiting for?  Have your appliances protected just within your means with Meiji Voltage Protector.

With Meiji, your safety and convenience is our priority!

2 responses to “Save your Appliances from Over Voltage!”

  1. Anthony Pe says:

    I already have your voltage regulator for my refrigerators. Do I need to replace it with the voltage protector or is the regulator good enough. Thank you.

    • John says:

      Hi Anthony,

      Voltage regulator is good enough for your fridge as they stabilize voltage while the equipment is running.


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