How You Can Reduce Electrical Issues in Your Home

What can you do to lessen electrical issues at home?

  1. Upgrade your electrical system
  2. Use extension cords responsibly
  3. Stay clear of liquids
  4. Use electrical protection devices


Most houses are prone to experiencing electrical issues. In most cases, when you get an electrical supplier in Metro Manila to inspect your home, there’s a high chance that they’ll find several issues just by looking at your home.

The typical household probably has a few electrical hazards strewn about, some of which might even be hidden in plain sight! This is because a lot of people underestimate the threat that common electrical devices have in their lives.

For a safer home, you have to be very particular with your electronics, your furniture layout, and your choice of appliances. These are some of the most common factors that have a direct effect on electrical safety!

Below are some suggestions that can help you make your home be more protected from electrical issues!


Upgrade your Electrical System

Upgrade your Electrical System

Sometimes, a single issue can actually affect your entire electrical system. When that happens, repairs are no longer viable; replacement is your only option. This isn’t a common occurrence, however, because it mostly happens with homes that have outdated wiring — more specifically, houses with old wiring systems that use a knob-and-tube style of wiring.

This type of wiring is now technically a hazard because of the very few protective measures that were put into its design. It doesn’t have a ground wire which makes it unsafe not just for humans, but also for sensitive electronic devices. If an electrical surge were to happen, everything connected to this old wiring system will not be protected. This could damage and even completely destroy all the appliances that are plugged in.

With that being said, if your house has an old wiring system, you should upgrade as soon as you can, especially if your household is a heavy consumer of power.


Use Extension Cords Responsibly

Use Extension Cords Responsibly

Extension cords are effective when it comes to increasing the range and the capacity of your electrical system. Sometimes, certain houses are designed with electrical wall sockets that are few and far in between. That’s where extension cords come in handy!

There’s nothing wrong about using an extension cord. But using it the wrong way can potentially jeopardize your home’s electrical system. Extension cords that have more than one socket are quite common in households and even some businesses.

With that being said, plugging numerous appliances in one extension cord should not be the norm. Keep in mind the maximum load of the extension cord in order for it to continue functioning effectively!

If you habitually overload your extension cords, it can mean a great deal of stress to your electrical system and to your electrical bill.


Stay Clear of Liquids

Stay Clear of Liquids

It should be obvious that electricity and water don’t mix well. In fact, whenever these two are in close proximity to one another, it’s almost always going to be a hazard.

Water is a great conductor of electricity. Even just spilling a small amount of water onto an unprotected socket can result in a short circuit—something that you should do your best to avoid.

If you’re in a situation wherein it’s not possible for you to remove water from an area near a socket (such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen), then it’s highly suggested that you replace your traditional sockets with GFCI receptacles. These GFCIs basically protect your electrical circuit from short circuits.

GFCIs do this by first calibrating if the power levels are normal. Anytime that the power levels suddenly fluctuate, it cuts off connection immediately, reducing the risk of short-circuits or electrocution.


Use Electrical Protection Devices

If you were to ask any UPS supplier in the Philippines if there’s any way to fully protect your home from electrical issues, they’d most certainly say that safety devices are your best bet.

There are many electrical suppliers in Metro Manila that offer a wide variety of electronics dedicated to ensuring that your house is safe from any kind of electrical issues, no matter how big or small the concern is.

There are devices such as the Automatic Voltage Regulator that modulates the voltage that appliances get to ensure that overvoltage won’t happen. Other products include voltage protectors, transfer switches, step-down transformers, and Uninterrupted power supplies

All of these are designed to help protect your home from unwarranted electrical issues.


Key Takeaway

Your home is your haven. It’s a place where you and your whole family is sure about safety. You have to make sure that nothing within it is a danger to everyone.

When it comes down to it, UPS suppliers in the Philippines can help ensure that your home is as safe as possible from electrical issues. The best ways to do so are to keep the aforementioned points in mind, and to also ask the help of professionals!

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