Meiji Electric can provide an equipment that has all the necessary components for electrical distribution in a powerfully designed stand-alone enclosure.

Introducing the new Meiji Unitized Panel!

The Meiji Unitized Panel is a versatile,highperformance and unique solution, to electrical power supply distribution in industrial plants, commercial buildings and corporations, for centralized power control. This can be used in practically all commercial and industrial complexes.

Meiji Unitized Panel can be assembled in NEMA-1, free standing G#14 enclosure.

Main Components

  1. Main Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  2. Sub-main Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  3. Distribution Panel
  4. Power Panel with Tie Breaker System


All main sections are clearly compartmentalized for independent operation, complete with digital metering that will allow you to access 19 parameter readings. The panel board wiring slot is spacious to allow easy top access for wire pulls, and convenient connection of field wiring to the branch circuit breakers. The result is a compact, all-in-one power center. Meiji Unitized Panel is engineered, fabricated, fully assembled, completely wired with strict quality control, and properly tested before delivery to customers.


Meiji Unitized Panel is easily accessible to qualified personnel, providing centralized control. Now, electrical control system is more organized, and future load developments are easily accommodated.

Contact us right away and see how we can help you enhance your electrical supply system!




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