Look around you. At least half a dozen objects within your reach are plugged into a power outlet. Your laptop, your tablet computer, your phone and even an awesome pair of wireless headphones need to be charged. Everything gets plugged in, though some of the smaller devices have charging demands.

Your mobile phone, for instance, probably recharges over USB. Either you don’t have an outlet for that kind of plug, or you might have misplaced its adapter, and you’ll just have to plug it into your computer, which is not always convenient.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just plug your USB device right into the wall and eliminate the mess of power adapters that stick out?

Worry no more!

Meiji Electric innovates a new energy-efficient outlet made perfectly for your modern and fashionable USB-dependent devices.

USB outlet 2

Centralized Solution

With a modern, centralized solution for charging or powering USB devices, Meiji USB Outlet Cat. No. MCS-0522 offers energy-efficient features to complement its usage convenience. Its precise circuitry only releases enough charging power rated at 5 Volts, 1 Ampere.

Unlike other similar outlets, the port and outlet layout of Meiji USB Outlet has enough space which enables you to plug-in three USB-dependent devices at once. No plug barriers from bulky adapters!

This is very ideal for users of multiple USB chargeable devices. Meiji USB Outlet is a basic ‘DIY’ item that you can install on any standard power outlet. On top of that, you can ‘mix and match’ this USB outlet with other Meiji Wiring Device elements. Amazing, isn’t it?

Convenience and flexibility on power outlets can now be acquired just within your means. As USB-dependent devices become part of our daily lives, you won’t even think twice to have some of these! Contact us today and see how Meiji Electric enhances energy to your everyday life.

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