Reasons You Should Get a Smoke Detector from an Electrical Company in the Philippines

Why should you get a smoke detector from an electrical company in the Philippines?

  1. It can decrease the risk of fire damage or loss.
  2. It complies with fire safety laws.
  3. It has advanced features you can take advantage of.
  4. It is durable and functional.


People tend to underestimate the importance of installing a smoke detector, thinking that they’d never have to deal with a fire for the entirety of their lives. While it is possible to never be involved in one, it is nothing but wishful thinking to believe that you are never at risk. Any electrical company in the Philippines would tell you that a smoke detector is an absolute necessity—a claim that is not unfounded.

Fires aren’t just terrifying or scary hazards but are actually devastating and life-threatening. Every single year, they cause billions in damages alone. Casualties include hundreds and thousands of injuries, property damages, and, at worst, death. These are the things that a simple fire is capable of, so we should not take fire safety lightly.

Instead, we need to make it a priority by getting smoke detectors from an electrical company and installing them in every infrastructure. There are many reasons why you should get these safety devices and we’ve listed them all below.


Decrease Risk of Damage or Loss

Most deadly fires occur at night or at a mellow time of the day when occupants are sleeping or immersed in their own activities. As a result, they are unable to resolve the ongoing crisis and the budding fire eventually escalates into a dangerous one. Soon after, it could spread and cause irreparable damage to its surroundings.

Smoke detectors help prevent all this from happening. As soon as the slightest sign of a fire is detected (e.g. smoke), it emits ear-piercing sounds that are sure to get the attention of occupants. This distinct sound alerts them of the fire and gives them ample time to escape and get away from it. They could also possibly control the fire and calm it before it spreads further and causes even more damage.

 Comply with Fire Safety Laws

Comply with Fire Safety Laws

If you are not concerned with your safety and the risk of damage or loss is not enough to convince you to get a couple smoke detectors, then fire safety laws and regulations might just do the trick.

It is stated in the Fire Code of the Philippines that smoke detectors and other kinds of detection systems should be installed at all occupiable areas. Examples of locations under the term are common areas and workspaces where people gather and frequent. All this is made mandatory to ensure the fire safety of each individual as well as to lower the risk of damage and loss – as indicated in the first point.


Take Advantage of Advanced Features

Now that you understand the importance of smoke detectors, we can proceed with discussing why you need to get them from an actual electrical company.

The first one is that smoke detectors from electrical companies often come with advanced features that further increase your safety as well as lower risk of damage. One example of a special feature is a high alarming decibel that every person can hear, making sure that everyone is alerted.

Another is a low-battery alarm that alerts users when a replacement is due. Through these alerts, owners can easily and punctually carry out replacements to guarantee that the smoke detector is always working. These are just examples of possible features a smoke detector can have and there’re certainly a lot more.

 Ensure Durability and Functionality

Ensure Durability and Functionality

Advanced features are great and all but the qualities that a smoke detector must have are durability and functionality.

In truth, almost 90% of infrastructures are fitted with smoke detectors, the only difference between those that are ravaged by fires and those that aren’t is the operationality of their units. Almost 20% of house fires can cause human casualties to happen in homes that have malfunctioning fire alarms.

For this reason, it is crucial that your smoke detectors are of good and high quality – something you can only get from a trusted and reliable electrical company.


Key Takeaway

You should be able to find a smoke detector at a reliable electrical company in the Philippines. Once you do, make sure to purchase a few and install it in the necessary areas of your home. Never trust smoke detectors that you get from some random store or depot because they may break before they even fulfill their purpose. Some may even just be non-operational.

Fire safety is no joke and should not be taken lightly. Many have lost loved ones and properties over undetected fires and you wouldn’t want to be part of those statistics. One of the best ways to avoid this is to install smoke detectors so make sure you do!

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