Meiji Manual Transfer Switch with Home Panel E8MTS-2P


Manual Transfer Switch 2 Pole Interlock with Home Panel [Meiji MTS with Home Panel] E8MTS-2P

  • Technical Parameters :
  • Home Panel: MHP-08
  • Breaker: NC100H 2Pole 125Ampere
  • Sliding Interlock Mechanism
  • Rated: 220 Volts / 400 Volts
  • AC: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Properties:
  • Fire Retardant ABS PC Alloy
  • Impact Resisting & Excellent Insulation
  • Metal Base and Poly-carbonate Plastic Front Cover


  • Feature :
  • Manual Transfer Switch is an electrical device that allows you to manually turn off power from Normal (Meralco or your local power utility company) to Emergency (Generator Set or your alternate power source). It consists mainly of 2 circuit breakers (Normal and Emergency) that can be turned ON and OFF with an interlock mechanism that prevents the breakers from being turned on at the same time. With the Meiji Enclosure, you can ensure that the MTS is safe and ensures that your family is protected from power surges that can lead to unfortunate accidents.


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