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Meiji Manual Transfer Switch (Color Coded) 1Pole MTSCC-1P


Manual Transfer Switch (Color Coded) 1Pole [Meiji MTS Electrical Line Breaker] MTSCC-1P [6-63A]

  • Technical Parameters :
  • Color Coded Switch
  • Normal Line (Meralco) – Black
  • Emergency Line (Generator) – Red
  • Input Voltage: 230V~400V
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
  • Rating: 6A, 63A
  • Installation Type: Din Rail


  • Features :
  • Manual Transfer Switch (Color Coded) 1Pole [MTS Electrical Line Breaker] MTSCC-1P Manual Transfer Switch is an electrical device that allows you to manually turn off power from Normal (Meralco or your local power utility company) to Emergency (Generator Set or your alternate power source). It consists mainly of 2 circuit breakers (Normal and Emergency) that can be turned ON and OFF with an interlock mechanism that prevents the breakers from being turned on at the same time. Simultaneous switching ON of 2 different power sources should never be allowed as it is very dangerous and can cause extensive damage to life and property. The NEW ‘Meiji’ MTS CC, is user-friendly product features a unique interlock system that is internally built-in. It does away with external devices such as barrel bolts or sliding bars, effectively eliminating the risk of external mechanical failure from the interlock. Also, the 2 circuit breakers are now integrated into one body, allowing for a more convenient installation. This new design not only saves space and looks modern; it is also more compact and cheaper.

6A, 63A


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