Meiji Home Panel Plastic Base MHP-02P


Home Panel Board 2 Ways [Meiji Home Panel Distribution Box] MHP-02

  • Technical Parameters :
  • Breaker Capacity: 2 Ways (2x 1Pole or 1x 2Pole MCB)
  • Rated: 220 Volts / 400 Volts
  • Bus Bar Rating: 63 Ampere / 100 Ampere
  • AC: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Properties:
  • Fire Retardant ABS PC Alloy
  • Impact Resisting & Excellent Insulation
  • Plastic Base with Plastic Front Cover


  • Features :
  • Panel boards are responsible for distributing electricity to the circuitry of your home. Panel boards are also responsible for regulating your home’s internal circuit connections. Panel boards are also known as the circuit breaker panel, distribution board, or the fuse box. Essentially, it is the box that controls the circuitry running through your home. Panel boards are usually mounted against the wall in a small cabinet or box and can only be accessible from the front. The panel board of your home ensures that your family is protected from power surges that can lead to unfortunate accidents.


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