Meiji Electric USB Multi Adaptor w/ 3x International Outlet – MCS-0773


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USB Multi Adaptor with International Outlets [Meiji Multi Adaptor with USB] MCS-0773

  • Technical Parameter :
  • Rated Voltage: 250 Voltage AC
  • Rated Current:10 Ampere Max.
  • USB Output: 5V – 2.4 A
  • Power Indicator: LED (Individual Switch)
  • Loading of Switch: 10 A. 2500 Watts Max.


Features: USB Multi Adaptor comes with 3x international outlet and dual USB outlet that enable to use for various devices at home. It can also easy to carry with high quality standard that can bring anywhere you go.


Description: USB Multi Adaptor is an innovative device with 3x international outlet with dual USB outlet that is suitable in different devices such as your personal computer, color laser printer, audio video components, phone/fax modem, DSS receiver, Ethernet networks, and up to 27” TV.


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