Meiji Electric Step-Down Transformers 75Watts – TC-75D


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Step Down Transformer 75Watts [Meiji Step-down Transformers 75 Watts] TC-75D

  • Features :
  • Universal Outlet
  • Power Source Lamp
  • Additional Fuse Protection
  • Unique Metal Casing with Handle


  • Technical Parameters :
  • Rated: 75 Watts
  • Input: 220 Volts
  • Output: 1x 110 Volts Universal Outlet with Ground
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz


  • Description :
  • A step down transformer is used to reduce the voltage of an electrical voltage. Transformer is a helpful device that helps protect you and your devices. It functions as a voltage regulator so that you can switch the power from the outlet to a lower level. When you have devices that say it only needs 110V to work, a transformer will allow you to regulate a 220V and make it 110V.


  • BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR STEP-DOWN TRANSFORMER, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR ELECTRICIAN TO KNOW THE APPROPRIATE RATING. As a Safety Standard for our customers, kindly check carefully the POWER CONSUMPTION, also known as the WATTAGE, usually indicated on the nameplate of your appliance. It is best to consider an allowance of 2 up to 5 times (2x-5x) the WATTAGE, depending on the nature of the appliance.


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