Meiji Electric Air-Con to Fan Timer TC-V003


Air-Con to Fan Timer [Meiji Automatic Air-Con to fan Timer] TC-V003]

  • How to use :
  • Press [SET] to select HOUR then press [Up/Down] to adjust the time, press [SET] again to select MINUTES, and then press [Up/Down] to adjust the time. Press [SELECT] to exit and the timer will start the clock. For AIRCON only mode, press [Select] the screen will indicate [COOL] mode, it will turn [on] the Air-Con and the Fan [Off] For Fan only mode, press [SELECT] twice until the screen indicates [FAN] mode, it will turn [On] the Fan and the Air-con [Off] If you want to turn [Off] both appliance press [SELECT] until it indicates [OFF].


  • The Meiji Aircon to Fan timer allows you to plug-in your air conditioner and electric fan in one unit. It has an international and universal outlet with a 4,400W and 20A load capacity. Meiji TC-V003 item accommodates your air conditioner up to 2 Horsepower.


  • Technical Parameter :
  • Rating: 20 Ampere
  • Working Load Capacity: 4400 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Suitable for 2HP Aircon


  • Description :
  • A Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. Meiji Voltage Protector has an under voltage cut-off at 180V but can be adjusted by the user and an over voltage cut-off at 265. This automatic power cut-off disables electrical surges and other variances from damaging the device plugged-in your voltage protector.


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