Meiji Photocell Light Control Sensor PS-01


Photo Cell Sensor Switch [Meiji Photocell Light-Control Sensor] PS-01

  • Technical Specification :
  • Power Source: 220V – 240V AC
  • Rated Current: 6A
  • Working Temperature: -20C~ + 40°c
  • Power Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Ambient Light: <5 – 15 LUX
  • Working Humidity: <93% RH


This product can turn ON or turn OFF light automatically according to the ambient light. Ambient temperature and humidity will not affect its performance. It’s not only convenient but also practical to use. It can control the load only at night, and is often used for road lights, garden light, etc.


Note : In front of the photocell, there should be no obstruction affecting acceptance of natural light

In front of the photocell, there should be no swaying object

Don’t install the photocell under the light or in the place where the light will be irradiated to the photocell.


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