With Meiji’s Black Series Wiring Devices, you can acquire a minimalistic black and white design for your walls. Home dividers painted in black or white can be combined with black colored switches or outlets to bring out the formal look for your home.

The same features from Meiji Classic Series are present in Black Series! The Meiji Black Series also have the same full metal strap found in our MCS Series. Meiji Black Series also have the high standard contact points found in the Meiji MCS standard. Meiji Black outlets also have the same screw-type terminals made perfectly for the standard solid and stranded wires.

You may also use Meiji Black Series outlets in offices to avoid the dirt and stain-filled look commonly found on white outlets.

Unlike painted black switches and outlets of other brands, that show its inner color when scratched and fades in time, Meiji Black Series switches and outlets are all moulded in genuine polycarbonate black chemicals. It will always reveal the same black color even when scratched, making it virtually scratch-free, and its black color will never fade.


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