Meiji Automatic Voltage Regulator 5000W – SVC-5000


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Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR [Meiji AVR Servo Motor Type 5000W] SVC-5000

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated: 5000W
  • Output: 2X 220V + 2X 110V Output
  • Input Selector: 110 Volts or 220 Volts
  • Plug Type: International Socket
  • Control Type: Servo Motor Control
  • Power Switch: Miniature Breaker 32A
  • Indicator: Power Source Lamp
  • Other Features: Additional Fuse protection, unique metal casing with handle


BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR ELECTRICIAN TO KNOW THE APPROPRIATE RATING. As a Safety Standard for our customers, kindly check carefully the POWER CONSUMPTION, also known as the WATTAGE, usually indicated on the nameplate of your appliance. It is best to consider an allowance of 2 up to 5 times (2x-5x) the WATTAGE, depending on the nature of the appliance.


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