Meiji Transfer Switch

A Manual Transfer Switch is simply put a voltaic switch that is manually operated to switch a load amid two sources.
Manual Transfer Switches are used to maintain power supply in cases of power interruption.

Manual Transfer Switches are directed to the power supply’s circuits and are a means to a safe link between a generator, the Manual Transfer Switch as well as the main power supply.

With establishing power as well as directing the electrical load from the main supply to the back-up generator, Manual Transfer Switches are by definition manually operated.

Typically speaking, in order to utilize Meiji’s Manual Transfer Switch, the owner will need to manually flip the switches in order to start the process of transferring electricity from the main power source to the back-up generator, restoring power to their home in no time.

The benefit of having Meiji’s Transfer Switch attached to your main power source is having the ability to delegate where ‘emergency’ electricity needs to go. MTS allows its owner to set-up the system to only provide power to necessary circuits or even to the entire power system.

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