Wiring Devices

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Showing 1–16 of 118 results

Wiring devices are tools that are used to carry and distribute electrical energy but utilize it. Examples of this are electrical outlets and extension cords.

An extension cord is a device with a plug on one end and a single or set of multiple outlets on the other end. It is usually used when appliances’ cords are too short to reach the outlets installed in the house or building walls.

Meiji offers quite a selection of extension cords. One of them is the MES-1405 which has four USB outlets where you can plug smartphones, music players and more! If you want a more versatile extension cord, try Meiji’s MES-1404 which offers both international and USB outlets.

Electrical outlets are receptacles that are usually attached to the walls. These small openings are connected to a power source and are used to power electrical devices.

There are plenty of electrical outlets available at Meiji. Meiji’s MCS 1425, MCS 1426, and MCS 1427 are electrical outlets for devices with USB plugs. Meiji also offers an outlet with a USB port and an international socket (MCS 1522) and an outlet with a USB port and a universal socket (MCS 5218).