Voltage Protector

There are plenty of tools that will help protect your appliances from damage caused by voltage fluctuations. One of them is voltage protector – a small device where you can plug any of your appliances on.

There are instances when the voltage of electricity flowing from the socket and into your appliance increases and surpasses the designated allowable level. This is called a power surge and it might affect your appliances negatively, preventing them from functioning effectively and – in other cases – it might even lead to a fire!

A voltage protector safeguards your appliances and stops power surges from ruining them. In the event of fluctuations, the voltage protector switches off to inhibit the irregular flow of power to your appliance.

Get Meiji’s TC-V001 voltage protector is one of your best options. It is rated 20 Amperes, 4400 watts, and 220 V. What is its best feature? The TC-V001 has a power-on delay which helps prevent transient voltage.

Purchase a voltage protector from Meiji now to ensure that your household devices are safe from voltage spikes.

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