wiring devices philippinesEvery year, plenty of people fall victim to electrical hazards. The number tends to rise sometime around December. To avoid this, we are advised to take necessary precautions, including replacing your old wiring devices. When neglected, faulty wiring devices in the Philippines can spark problems and electrical hazards.

Save your home from future hazards by taking the necessary steps to prevent electrical problems in your wiring devices. Here is a list of things you can do to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.


Check Extension Cords

Before turning on or plugging something in your extension cords, inspect them first. Make sure that the insulation doesn’t have cracks, tears, or abrasions. Also, do not to knot the cables. Knotting extension cables can harm the conductor and increase the risk of fire.

Inspect Power Tools

Inspect your power tools regularly. If you see that the cords and plugs’ insulation, blades, or grounding pin is damaged, have them repaired before using them again. Watch out for overheating, smoke, or a burning smell. If you experience any of these in your tools, stop using them as soon as possible.

Replace Damaged Insulated Tools

Check your insulated tools for damages. If you find a crack or cut on the insulated layer of the tool, stop using it. Once damaged, your insulated tool becomes more of an electrical conductor and puts you at risk of injury.

Don’t Alter Electrical Plugs

Sometimes, people alter electrical plugs to fit into a socket. NEVER do this because it is dangerous. This will increase the chances of catching fire in your home, and the likelihood of electrocution and shock. If you really need to modify your electrical plug, have an electrician do it. An even safer option would be to just replace your old two-prong outlets with grounded outlets which has three prongs.

Keep Extension Cords Inside

Are you using an extension cord for your lights display outside? Keep the extension cord in a safe place or inside the house as much as possible. If the cord cannot be placed inside the house, just make sure that it won’t be stepped on or run over by your car outside. Otherwise, the cord’s conductor might break or become deformed. Just because you can’t see a tear in the cord, doesn’t mean that you are safe! Conductor damage happens in the core of the cable and might lead to electrical fire.

Keep Your Wiring Devices Dry

Electricity and water don’t mix well. So whatever happens, keep your wiring devices dry. Don’t use power tools in wet environment. You can install GFCI, which can detect when a powered device comes into contact with water. When this happens, the GFCI shuts off the power to prevent shocks and burns. It can help save you from electrocution!

Use Outlet Covers

Exposed outlets might harm children. Unknown to the dangers of electrocution or shock, they might stick their fingers or other objects in the socket. To avoid this, purchase outlet covers from your electrical supplier.


Anyone can be a victim of electrical hazard due to damaged wiring devices. So make sure to take the necessary precaution advised above. And remember that it’s important to protect your home from these hazards not only during December, but all year round.

christmas safety

Long before December arrived, people have already started unpacking their old Christmas decorations. Lights and trees are set up in and around the home in preparation of this festive holiday. People feel especially generous during this time of the year. However, just because this is the season of giving, doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything including your house and its contents.

Your house might be susceptible to different dangers in the midst of celebration. Cases of electrical fires and burglary are often listed during Christmas season so remember to keep your home safe. To avoid electrical mishaps, some people invest in AVR in the Philippines. Aside from that, there are other ways to protect your home this Christmas.

Home Security

The cold air and long nights keep people from leaving their beds. If you want to hole up in your room for the rest of the day, at least make sure that your house is secured from thievery. Make sure to lock your doors and set up your house alarms to keep unwanted people out of your home.

Anyone can be a victim of burglary. So basically, you and your whole neighborhood are probably in the same predicament. Watch out for each other’s homes and be vigilant about suspicious activities on your street.

Social Media Discretion

Be cautious about the things you post on social media. In this day and age, people feel the need to post everything on their social media accounts. However, it’s advisable to be discrete on social media during this season.

For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t announce that you will be leaving on a week-long holiday with no one to watch over your house or anything of the same nature. It could attract the attention of people willing to see just how secure your home is.

Hide Valuables

Christmas is a season of get-togethers. There are parties everywhere, probably even your home. In this case, make sure to keep your valuables out of your guests’ sight. You can trust your friend not to steal from the pile of gifts under your Christmas tree, but can you trust his friend not to pocket one of your valuable figurines?

Also, make sure to dispose containers and wrappers properly. Don’t leave packages of your new purchases sitting on the curb for your garbage collector to pick up. If you do, then your neighbors won’t be the only ones who know that you bought a new TV or laptop; chances are, burglars will too.

Electrical Mishaps

With all the Christmas lights and lit candles, it’s so easy to catch fire during this season. That is why you should be more careful with your electrical devices to avoid mishaps. Before you put up your decorations, inspect the wires to make sure that nothing is damaged or frayed.

Also, if you have tons of decorations to plug, do not overload your outlets. Do not use electronics in places where there is an abundance of water. Make sure to unplug or turn off your Christmas lights and blow out the candles each night before going to bed or before leaving the house. Lastly, your decorations can catch fire pretty easily, so make sure that they are at least 3 feet away from any open fire.

We have no control over other people’s actions or accidents. But what we do have control over, is our own attitude and actions. So during this Christmas season, make sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your homes not only from burglars but from accidents and mishaps as well.


Last November 25-28, 2015, The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE) held a 4-day event at the SMX Convention Center. For this year, the theme was: IIEE @40: “A Journey of Service for Excellence”. There were technical sessions, products for all the electrical practitioners. This was a great opportunity for Meiji Electric to introduce itself to the public as well as widen their connections since majority of the guests are electrical engineering students, specialists and experts.

Guests surely did not miss the brilliant red booth of Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. They were captivated by the various electrical displays like Circuit Breakers, Meiji Home Panel Board, Voltage Protector, the Meiji GFCI, USB outlet, Flying Saucer Strip and Meiji Classic and Champagne Series wiring devices.

The highlight of this year’s entry is the Low Voltage SwitchgeaIMG_2744r (LVSG) complete with capacitor bank and dry-type transformer. It also utilized shiny tin-plated copper flat bars, instead of the usual copper bus bars that are normally used in panel boards.





The common trend in the exhibits nowadays is to hire attractive models with revealing attires. Meiji on the other hand, hired two smart and gorgeous well-dressed models that were actively promoting items to the guests. The knowledgeable Sales Executives were also present to IMG_2758answer all the queries of the guests.

Additional discount was also given to customers who bought items on the spot. Another gimmick that piqued the interest of visitors is the raffle draw where they got the chance to win exciting prizes such as Meiji umbrellas, white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts, tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars.

This was indeed another successful event that has been participated by Meiji Electric! See you all again next year!

Contact us today, and let us be the one to cater your electrical requirements! IMG_2759

If you’re an avid fan of sci-fi movies or have seen at least one or two really good sci-fi films, you may have already definitely noticed they often have super cool technology! Somehow, movie writers end up imagining and creating random gadgets and devices, each one more cool and efficient and powerful than the last.

While a lot of sci-fi technology cooked up in movies still remain fictional, there are some that scientists actually managed to bring to real life! For example, who would have thought many years ago that having motion-sensor items in your own home in the Philippines would actually be possible?

Well it is. Amazingly, many gadgets used to be found only in movies have become part of our daily lives. This happens more often than you’d expect too. For example, these few times when sci-fi movies predicted future technologies….

Mobile Phones


Before mobile phones, we had… well, regular wired phones that stayed in our houses and weren’t in our hands 24/7. Did you know we actually owe our mobile phones to the Star Trek franchise? The inventor of the first cell phone, Martin Cooper, admitted his invention was inspired by the handheld communicators in the Star Trek universe. The classic handheld communicators were in the original television series and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.



Not the old school tablets that Moses used to have, but modern tablets that are pretty much large phones or portable desktop monitors… eh, you know what we mean. You know exactly which tablet we are talking about because almost everyone we know has one! You’re even probably reading this article on a tablet right now. While tablets were only invented and became common a few years ago, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey contains a scene wherein a man is eating breakfast and watching the news on what looks like the table we have today. However, the movie was released in 1968! Now that’s foresight!

3D Printers


The mobile phone isn’t the only device predicted by Star Trek. In the franchise, there is a machine called a Replicator that is capable of creating objects out of thin air. The 3D printer is similar in a way that it can create/recreate something, but the process is a little more complicated than something appearing out of thin air. While we can print 3D food these days, it’s not mass produced and is still being worked on by scientists. Plus flavorwise, it’s practically tasteless (or so we heard).



People used to think it impossible to  have a real-time conversation with someone not within a few feet of you, let alone actually be able to see them! 2001: A Space Odyssey had this device, as did Blade Runner and several other sci-fi movies. Nowadays, not only can we video call someone using our phones, we can also use our webcams to chat with people from literally thousands of miles away.

It makes you think, doesn’t it, of how far our technology has come and how lucky we are that we were born in this era (or are we?). Regardless, we can also look forward to upcoming inventions and breakthroughs.

Are you also waiting for hoverboards to become as common as mobile phones? Or are there other advanced technologies you’re waiting to become reality? Let us know!

Mark November 5 to 8, 2014 on your calendars as Meiji Electric joins the well-known construction product exhibit, PHILCONSTRUCT at the SMX Convention Center, SM MOA Complex.


PHILCONSTRUCT is the 25th technology forum and product exhibition for Philippine international construction equipment, building materials, and interior and exterior products. PHILCONSTRUCT has dedicated itself to being a trade show for the industry, by the industry. Over 25 countries will be represented and 1,500 companies will participate.

As Meiji Electric becomes part of the exhibit, the company takes this opportunity to promote its products to the electrical controls and distribution market. Since the exhibit caters to the construction market, the company will showcase products like Wiring Devices, Circuit Breakers, Home Panel Boards and related items.

Meiji Electric has a complete line of electrical controls and distribution equipment. These include Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters, Contactors, Thermal Overload Relays, Timers, Motor Starters, and other related items. Innovative products such as USB outlets, Meiji Home Panel Boards, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers and ‘Wide Touch’ Wiring Devices shall also be displayed during the exhibit.PHILCONSTRUCT

With all confidence, Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. is gratified to join this big event and present innovative ideas in the market. Being part of the event, we would like to warmly invite again all readers, potential buyers, developers, engineers, architects, and interior designers. For those of you who would want to experience and capture our outstanding electrical products, please join us in the country’s number one construction show and see for yourself the enhancement we bring to everyone’s life.


Construction can never be complete without our electrical items, build your future with Meiji Electric!







Revolving Santa Table topHere in our tropic country Philippines, a lot of us and little children dream of having snow. As we watch movies, we cannot ignore the fact that in some way, we want to feel the cool breeze as well.  Don’t you think it would be nice if we also experience the same ambiance?

Make your side tables and center tables into a festive winter setting with Meiji Tabletop Snowing Canisters! Meiji Tabletop Snowing Canisters are also best to be placed on your bed side table, television set, video game table, computer desk, coffee table, etc. In addition to that, you can give these tabletop canisters as a gift to your friends who also like tabletop decorations. Friends, relatives and even kids will surely love these table top decorations.



Choir Table TopCombining the favorite elements of the holiday season: including trees, snow and snowmen, this indoor decor comprises of a dandy setup that merrily blows out artificial snow. And, the best part is – anytime of the year!

This is achieved by a clever yet simple mechanism that collects the faux snow in its wide base, which is once again recirculated for the snowing effect. And, all of this is done without any kind of snowy mess because of its plastic glass canister.

The joyful scene of Meiji Tabletop Snowing Canisters is further complimented by Christmas melodies and blinking lights that will fuel up your Christmas spirit.

Meiji Tabletop Snowing Canisters have an input voltage of 220 volts, -60 Hertz and an output voltage of 12 volts, 500 mA, adequate for Philippine power supply.

So what are you waiting for?

Make an early Christmas shopping list now and include Meiji Tabletop Snowing Canisters.





Did you know that power problems can and do occur every day? You heard me right! Electrical disturbances happen not only during storms but every single day!


Lightning strikes against power lines and electrical substations can cause substantial damages to your electrical equipment to domestic and commercial users even if they are miles away. These spikes, surges and noise that occur every day in homes and offices can have the same devastating effect on your computer hardware and software equipment just like how lightning strikes do.

Here is an overview of electrical disturbances that bring great damages to your computer:


A spike is a dramatic increase in voltage normally lasting only a few milliseconds. This may be caused by car accidents resulting in fallen power lines and lightning during a storm. As a result, data corruption during a hard disk read or write cycle as well as component break down due to over voltage or out-of-range voltage.


Blackout is a total loss of main power. Here in the Philippines, when experiencing storms, it is expected to suffer from a blackout. This is sometimes caused by power network overload, lightning from storms and car accidents. Hence, loss of unsaved current work and possible loss of entire hard drive contents are inevitable.


A brownout is a long-term decrease in supply voltage lasting up to several hours. This is sometimes caused by switching on of large electrical loads and the over demand of utility power such as the increased use of domestic air conditioners during summer months. Just like a blackout, it often happens in our country.


A surge is a short term increase in supply voltage. This is caused by switching off of large electrical loads like commercial air conditioners, fridges and industrial motors. If you happen to live near industrial zones, a surge is most likely to happen. This results to damages or premature failure of electronic components, especially to your computer.


According to A1 Computers and Service, one electrical disturbance that we don’t realize is the EMI (Electronic Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) more commonly referred to as the noise induced into the power supply. This is caused by radiation from high energy equipment such as welders, radio transmitters, fluorescent lights and electric switching equipment. These devices greatly impose a distorted signal onto the sine wave. As a result, keyboard lock-up and data corruption through unsynchronized radical impulses being saved as legitimate data.


But the good news is, though these electrical disturbances happen every day, a solution is available!

Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the ideal back-up powering device associated to your computer. This is like the icing on top of your cake!


In the event of power surges and brownouts, Meiji UPS works by carefully controlling or regulating the range of power to your electronic device connected to it, particularly your computers.

When power failure occurs, Meiji UPS will produce an alerting sound which tells you that there is no power and depending on the size of the UPS, it can let your computer keep on running, and make you alert to the fact there is a power failure which will allow you to shut down your computer by yourself.

This means that anything you are working on can be saved and then shut your computer down. It also means that in the event of any form of power surge your computer is protected from great damages.

Feel relieved from stress with your deadlines! Back-up your computer with Meiji UPS. After all, it has never been unwise to make your computer safe!

imagesDo you wish to have an instant Christmas tree? Do you want to avoid a hassle and messy set-ups?

Worry no more because Meiji understands what you want!

Meiji offers you easy-assemble pull-up Christmas trees that can surely lessen the hassle ordinary artificial Christmas trees bring. Have a Christmas tree in just a few minutes with Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees!

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated with lights, decors and other ornaments. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees do not come separately in pieces. Also, like ordinary artificial Christmas trees that need a two to three part stand with many rows of branches, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas only need you to do 3 basic steps:

Easy Steps to Assemble a Pull-up Tree

•Assemble the central stand.

•Pull up the tree and place it on the stand.

•Plug it in and adjust any decorations as necessary.

There are many benefits of using Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees. First and foremost is the convenience at which it is assembled. No longer will you have to hope that all of the parts were gathered together the previous year, have everybody to put it together or need complicated instructions to finish putting the tree up.

The ease of assembly means that it takes very little time to decorate your Christmas tree. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated, meaning you don’t have to search for a cohesive Christmas ornament theme or spend hours evening out the decoration placement. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees can save you money on both the additional lights and ornaments you would have otherwise purchased to complete your Christmas tree.

Finally, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees takes up much less storage space compared to your old tree that has large branches that need to be boxed and stored. It makes a folding tree ideal for an apartment, condo or home with limited storage space. Since Pull-Up Christmas trees are easy to set up, they are also easy to disassemble. Once the holidays are over, simply reverse the directions to fold it back into its compact form.

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees are ideal for entryways, apartments, condos, or offices. Placing it on the living room area or guest lounge will surely boost your Christmas spirit right up your visitors’ moods.

So get a move on creating a delightful Christmas tree in an instant! Contact us today for your early Christmas decoration ideas.

With Meiji, we make everything easy!

20140527_101356Many people do not know what is an RCBO. And because of this, we, in Meiji Electric, can help you understand the basic functions of an RCBO, so you can handle safety electrical measures at home without paying for the services of an electrician.

RCBO, also known as Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over-Current Protection, is an extraordinary circuit breaker with three main functions:

  1. To detect residual current due to ground fault
  2. To detect overload or over-current on a circuit; and
  3. To protect against short circuit


Electrical experts will install an RCBO for safety purposes against ground faults which can kill people, especially to those homes and establishments which are most likely to operate in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools of resorts, water parks, etc.  Another purpose is to prevent an overload on a specific circuit, thus, preventing accidents like fire, etc.

An RCBO will detect a current imbalance and an overload using the same interrupting method. They call it a ‘trip’. It works almost the same as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), cutting off the current when ground fault happens or when there is any current imbalance, thereby, protecting our lives. If current flow is not equal, it means that there is a current leakage to the ground, which could possibly mean someone is touching or has accidentally touched the live conductor of an appliance as they are attempting to use it, in this case, the RCBO will break the circuit or trip.

RCBOs are rated both by the normal current that are expected to carry, and the maximum residual current that they can safely interrupt also known as the sensitivity rating. It is also designed to interrupt a current overload in a circuit. This may happen when more appliances are being used beyond the rated current. A short circuit is an abnormal low resistance connection between two wires of electrical power to any circuit. A good example is when the cables of your electrical appliances are worn out and the live wires are connected improperly. This too can be detected by the RCBO.

Meiji Electric offers you RCBOs of high quality performance that would surely protect your life from deadly electrical harms. Meiji RCBOs have rated currents of 3, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25 and 32 Amperes. They also have a short circuit interrupting capacity of 3000 Amperes. Meiji RCBOs have sensitivity ratings of 30 mA, 100 mA and 300 mA with very safe levels of interruption. When this level of sensitivity is detected by the RCBO, it will automatically trip and will break the circuit to prevent further damages. Meiji RCBO has a built-in test button, and should be tested monthly to make sure it is functioning properly.

All houses and offices have the possibility of experiencing current imbalance. We cannot escape the fact that we might get killed with these electrical problems. Having this information, we realize the importance of using an RCBO, and should consider it to be a “must have”.

For some simple electric precautions, you don’t have to spend money for an expert’s service. We, in Meiji Electric, shall continue to enhance energy, to help you understand electrical safety measures, and provide an easy and convenient way for your overall safety.


Look around you. At least half a dozen objects within your reach are plugged into a power outlet. Your laptop, your tablet computer, your phone and even an awesome pair of wireless headphones need to be charged. Everything gets plugged in, though some of the smaller devices have charging demands.

Your mobile phone, for instance, probably recharges over USB. Either you don’t have an outlet for that kind of plug, or you might have misplaced its adapter, and you’ll just have to plug it into your computer, which is not always convenient.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just plug your USB device right into the wall and eliminate the mess of power adapters that stick out?

Worry no more!

Meiji Electric innovates a new energy-efficient outlet made perfectly for your modern and fashionable USB-dependent devices.

USB outlet 2

With a modern, centralized solution for charging or powering USB devices, Meiji USB Outlet Cat. No. MCS-0522 offers energy-efficient features to complement its usage convenience. Its precise circuitry only releases enough charging power rated at 5 Volts, 1 Ampere.

Unlike other similar outlets, the port and outlet layout of Meiji USB Outlet has enough space which enables you to plug-in three USB-dependent devices at once. No plug barriers from bulky adapters!

This is very ideal for users of multiple USB chargeable devices. Meiji USB Outlet is a basic ‘DIY’ item that you can install on any standard power outlet. On top of that, you can ‘mix and match’ this USB outlet with other Meiji Wiring Device elements. Amazing, isn’t it?

Convenience and flexibility on power outlets can now be acquired just within your means. As USB-dependent devices become part of our daily lives, you won’t even think twice to have some of these! Contact us today and see how Meiji Electric enhances energy to your everyday life.

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