Make convenience and protection a priority to your home with Meiji’s innovated and reliable protective devices, standardized wiring devices and a lot more related items. From your home’s necessary circuits; switches and outlet, panel boards and circuit breakers, Meiji Electric can provide you with safe and good quality electrical products.


Speed up business operations, protect office appliances and minimize electrical consumption in your small machines. Invest in Meiji protection and energy-saving devices such as AVRs, transformers, timers and the likes to maintain safe working place during working hours for your printers, scanners, photocopiers and shredders.


Intensify the controls of your heavy-duty industrial machines and upgrade motor-operated technologies such as ventilating systems, air conditioning controls, rice milling machines and fishing vessel equipment. With Meiji Industrial products like VFDs, ACBs, MCCBs, Magnetic Contactors and others, maximize the protection of all your machineries and control extremely accurate electrical motor regulation.


This Christmas, decorate your home and office with Meiji Christmas items. Enhance wall interior designs with attractive, cost-efficient and durable Fiber Optic Trees with LED, or Pull-up Christmas Trees, Christmas Villages, etc., that will surely enhance the reason for the season.


It’s the love month again, the time of the year when we’re totally smitten by the love bug. Some couples to...
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Company History

meiji electric philippines inc. has been in the electricalbusiness for more than 20 years now. Established in 1981,the company's operations initially involved marketing of...

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