Transformer Box TypeAccording to the Business Dictionary, a transformer is a device that converts an alternating (A/C) current of a certain voltage to an alternating current of different voltage, without change of frequency, by electromagnetic induction. A ‘step up’ transformer receives a low voltage and converts into a higher voltage, and a ‘step down’ transformer does just the reverse.

Meiji transformers allow you to use your 110V of appliance bought or sent from abroad to our usual working voltage of 220V-240V.

Meiji Transformers have the portable type from 50w-750w with plastic handles. Also, it has a fuse as a protective device for over voltage. This will be the initial warning as it blows to inform you or the user that the ampere rating being used is more than the allowable. It also protects your appliance against short circuits and other dangerous faults to avoid accidents like fire. We also have a convenient switch for easier turn-on and shut-off without the need of pulling the plug from your wall outlet.

Also, we have a new feature dual output voltage (100V and 110V) to cater to countries using these voltages (i.e. Japan, etc). All our outlets are also uniquely round to flat (universal) with ground. These features together with our affordable prices make us a leading brand in the stores.

Transformers 50-100WWe have the box type for the higher rated transformers. We call it ST series. It has similar features except our outlets here are all universal (3: 110, 1:100) with sturdier handles. An added safety feature of a circuit breaker is included that would trip to protect your appliance in case of a short circuit and a fuse that will blow when over voltage occur.

You cannot go wrong with Meiji Transformers!

Available wattages:






Transformers 250-500W250w











255 responses to “Transformers”

  1. louie says:

    i bought a philips laser projector in the U.S. for the christmas season. it includes an adaptor with the following specs
    model no: DA -06-24W
    input: 120V – 60Hz – 8.4 VA
    output: 24V – 0.25A – 6VA
    may i know what stepdown transformer would i use to ensure the safety of this device ? Thanks

    • John says:

      Hi Louie,

      Please check the wattage of your appliance. Our recommendation is at least 3 times the wattage of your appliance.

      For further question can call us at 448-7423 loc. 103.

      Thank you

  2. JoanM says:

    Hello po. I have a (110 v) blender that has 1000watts. anu po transformer need ko?

  3. uly says:

    Hi I have my new router model 1617evspk 12amps 2.25 hp from with 120v

    Ano pong transformer kailangan ko?


    • John says:

      Hi Uly,

      Nasa 1400watts yung router mo. And we usually recommend atleast times 3 ang taas ng wattage ng transformer for your safety. You can use our 5000watts transformer. 🙂


  4. Pau says:

    I have a purchased a portable aircon in the U.S. and want to know what transformer should I use for it. The specs of the aircon are the following:

    Capacity: 14,000 BTU
    Input: 1575 Watts
    Current: 11.8 amps
    Voltage: 115V – 60Hz


  5. Pau says:

    I have a purchased a portable aircon in the U.S. and want to know what transformer should I use for it. The specs of the aircon are the following:

    Capacity: 14,000 BTU
    Input: 1575 Watts
    Current: 11.8 amps


    • John says:

      Hi Pau,

      Our recommendation is use a transformer 3x higher than equipment/appliance wattage, with 115V output.


      • Pau says:

        Hi John,
        Thank you for your quick reply. Is it safe to say to buy a 5000W or better yet a 10000W transformer. And are this transformers available at your showroom in Q.C.

  6. Bruce says:

    I have a coffee roaster from the US and have tried a step down transformer rated at 2000W which gives me an output of 110v. However I have been informed that 110v is not enough & requires a voltage between 117V & 120V for the machine to work properly. Do you have anything available that might meet my requirement ?

    • John says:

      Hi Bruce,

      I don’t know why they recommend higher voltage. What we recommend is use transformer higher than equipment/appliance wattage. So if you have 2000watts we suggest to use 5000 or higher than 5000watts for your safety. 🙂


      • Bruce says:

        Thanks for your reply John but its the slight increase in voltage which will make the difference i.e. some people use a ‘Variac’ voltage transformer to rectify the situation so thats what i’m looking to buy.

  7. Good Day!
    For inquiry, if you have available current transformer or Potential Transformer? If available kindly email us in the attached email address for the quotation.

    Thank You.

  8. Leonides says:

    Hi Sir Good Day!
    Meron po kami coffee maker 120v – 650 watts, ano po pwede transformer dito? at kung meron po kayo pano po mag order? Sa Iligan City, Mindanao po pala ako nakatira. Thanks in advance!

  9. Karen Castañeda says:


    May I know the price for 3 phase Transformer
    input – 400-440 volts
    output – 220 volts


  10. Max Pestano says:

    i need to buy electric transformer 3KVA 60Hz step down 220V to 110V, How much is your price for this specification.


  11. butch mendez says:

    Do you have step up transformer from 220 to 380?

    • John says:

      Hi Butch,

      We don’t have 220v to 380v. I will send our brochure through email for complete list of our products. Maybe you have other requirement? 🙂


  12. Mila Navecilla says:

    Hi There,

    I live in Toronto, Canada but once in a while come for a vacation to Cebu, I brought some 110V appliances that i need to use.. could you please send me your product brochure…as you said I need a converter that is 3x higher of my appliances…also on how to order if I am in Canada.
    Thanks a lot!


    • John says:

      Hi Mila,

      Thank you for inquiring with us.

      One of our sales will send the brochures to your email. She will assist you to process your order.


  13. Cecille says:

    Hi! I have purchased an espresso machine in U.S. and want to know what transformer should I use for it. The specs of the coffee maker are the following:

    Input Power (W): 1100
    Voltage/Frequency (V-Hz): 120 – 60

    • John says:

      Hi Cecille,

      Actually our transformers is designed for 110V and 100V appliances only.

      For your espresso machine you can use at least 3000watts transformer for your safety.

      Thank you

    • John says:

      Hi Cecille,

      Our transformer is designed for 110V and 100V appliances only.

      Our recommendation is use at least 3000watts transformer with 120V output.

      Thank you

  14. Edgar jao says:

    How much step up 190 v to 220 v . 10 kilobites . Thanks

  15. Adi Kusuma says:

    I just purchase an equipment from us.
    the equipment needed 120 v 50/60 hz 225 watts
    our current supply is 220 v
    could you advise me which product that i could use ?


  16. Joe says:

    I bought a blender in the USA and it’s wattage Output is 1625 watts and voltage is 1725 watts and with 3 h/p motor. What kind of a transformer do I need? Would 4,000 do the trick? Thanks.

    • John says:

      Hi Joe!

      Please double check the voltage of your appliance.

      For our customer’s safety we always recommend to triple the wattage of your appliance, use atleast 5000watts transformer or higher than 5000watts. 🙂


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