Meiji Plastic Home Panel Boards: MHWP-03 Weatherproof Enclosure

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Meiji Electric now introduces its new type of enclosure that will suit different outdoor needs. Introducing, Meiji IP65 enclosure (MHWP-04)! An IEC European Standard-type enclosure which combines the qualities of Nema 3R (weather-proof steel enclosure),Nema 4X (stainless-steel enclosure) and Meiji Home Panel enclosures in one. It gives us the qualities of Nema 3R and 4X for outdoor uses and flexibility of a Meiji Home Panel.

  1. Totally protected against dust– Complete protection against dust or any materials to enter the enclosure. So you could be sure that even this is placed outside, it won’t be easily damaged.
  2. Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions– Safe even during heavy rains.  IP65 prevents any water from getting in and damaging the circuit breakers. Water projected by a jet against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, as well.
  3. Beautiful design and practical construction– Like Meiji Home panels, you can now put your Meiji IP65 outdoor enclosure in the most accessible place that anyone could see without being ashamed on how it looks like.  Good news is, since Meiji IP65 is made up of thermo plastic materials, it will NOT rust no matter what the weather condition is. This way, you will have no worry maintaining and cleaning it up from time to time. Lastly, it has a tight side-lock so you can be sure that children will have no means playing with it.


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