Step-Down Transformers

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A transformer is a helpful device that helps protect you and your devices. It functions as a voltage regulator so that you can switch the power from the outlet to a lower level. When you have devices that says it only needs 110V to work, a transformer will allow you to regulate a 220V and make it 110V.

In the Philippines, the normal working voltage of outlets are usually 220V. Using a transformer will allow you to use appliances from other countries that have 110V working voltage.

Appliances that come from the US or Japan usually have 110V power instructions in order to function. Using a transformer will allow the voltage to be converted from 220V to 110V in order to protect your device.

The Meiji Step Up & Down Transformer comes with a convenient USB port for charging your USB device. The Step Up & Down Transformer also come with a light switch so you can switch off your device without having to remove it from the socket.

Meiji’s Step Up & Down Transformers come with an input voltage selector at the back that allows you to switch the voltage from 110V up to 220V. It also comes with two sockets labelled 220V and 110V so that your device can further be protected from power surges.