Extension Sets

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Showing 1–16 of 21 results

Devices have varying lengths of cords. Sometimes, your charger cord is too short to reach the table. Extension sets are essential, especially when you’re working with several devices that have different power cord lengths.

Extension sets are very useful for your home or office use. An extension cord is a device that allows you to extend your power socket for your convenience. Extension sets come in lengths of flexible electrical power cable that usually have more than one socket on the other end.

Extension sets allow you to plug in more than one device to one single electrical outlet. Extension sets also allow you to extend your electrical outlet so that you can use the same outlet in a different area of your house or office.

Meiji offers a variety extensions sets suitable for home or office use. Meiji Extension Sets come in 3 to 6 universal outlets that have convenient, individual switches for your safety. Simply switch off the corresponding outlet when not in use.

Meji Extension Sets are made of fire-retardant plastic that assure its safety, reliability, and durability. Meiji Extension Sets come with a built-in circuit breaker that will protect both your appliance, and your home from faults or shorts.