Miniature Circuit Breakers

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A circuit breaker is a helpful device that prevents accidents caused by electrical mishaps from occurring.

Circuit breakers are usually installed in houses and buildings. When there is an upsurge of flowing current in the wiring of the building, the circuit breaker cuts the power off to avoid damage.

The level of current that flows to appliances is relatively low. If the level rises, it might result to the appliance overheating, which will then heat the building’s wiring. This might cause a fire to start.

The circuit breaker ensures that once the flowing current rises above the safe level, the power will be cut off. This prevents appliances from overheating and causing a fire.

Meiji’s C45N is a circuit breaker has an interrupting capacity of 6 KAIC at 240/415V. It is available in various models. The single and three phase models have current ratings from 1-63A.