MEIJI UPS 500, 1000VA

meiji upsUPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply can be usually found connected to our PCs for back-up battery. This way, when a sudden power outage occurs, you don’t need to worry about the tasks you’re doing  especially the important document/s you are typing because your UPS gives you the luxury of time to save all data. Then after, to turn off your computer properly.

Meiji UPS comes with 2 wattage 500 and 1000VA. So desktop computers with higher specs and requirements can also make use of (the new addition), Meiji UPS 1000W and say bye bye to the dreadful data losses brown-out days bring.

Meiji UPS 500 and 1000VA have an input voltage of 220V-240V, 60Hertz (+/- 10%). It has an 8 hour float charging time. This means, you initially have to charge your UPS first by simply plugging it into an outlet before you can use it.  It’s battery specification is at 12V/7.0Ah 1 piece for 500VA and 2 pieces for 1000VA.

Meiji UPS also have built-in voltage stabilizer for both 500 and 1000va so if you don’t have a separate AVR yet, then your UPS will temporarily do. Once under or over voltage occurs, Meiji UPS will give off a warning beep to inform the user of the occurrence. Because of this, your Meiji UPS will then automatically switch to using its battery so that your appliances are well-protected. But this will eat up your battery power so save up your data as soon as possible and turn off your computer.

UPS are meant to save you the hassle of re-typing everything you lost due to sudden power outages, surges or any accidents. With weather typhoons suddenly coming our way such Labuyo, Maring Nando,  you won’t regret protecting your data and personal computers by getting Meiji UPS.

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  1. Noel Acosta says:

    I recently purchased a MEIJI UPS 1000 at ACE Hardware, Davao City on March 18, 2015, but I was able to read the instruction manual only a few minutes ago and it says that this equipment is for computer use only.

    Can I use it for a blood chemistry machine?

    I want to be sure if this MEIJI UPS is compatible with the spectrophotometer machine before i use it because this medical apparatus is very expensive.

    I would appreciate it if your company could provide me the answer ASAP.


  2. Rodel says:

    Please quote:
    2 Units – Mejie UPS 1KVA


  3. Egbert Middel says:

    I just bought a Meiji UPS model: PCK-1000VA but on arrival at home I did not find a manual in the box.
    Can you please e-mail one to me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • John says:

      Hi Egbert,
      Manual for Meiji UPS has been sent to your email. Please check. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Thank You

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Sir,
    Can I have a quotation for UPS with 1000W?


  5. jun says:

    how long is the warranty period?
    repair service center?

    • John says:

      Hi Jun,

      Our retail partners have their own varying warranty period, ranges from 7 Days and on.
      You must go back to the location of purchase to follow procedure, they might have their own process.
      If you purchase directly from MEIJI, we have “One Year Warranty Against Factory Defect.” Thank you.

  6. Joseph says:

    My ups didnt open and always in orange light what should i do can u send me a manual because i lost it

  7. ANDREI says:

    Quotation for Meiji UPS VA1000?
    Can i have a discount for 3units purchase if ever?
    and please attach brochure.
    thanks in advance.

  8. roy says:

    I would like to inquire if you have an available UPS with the following specs, 1000/600W,230V output, with USB port and management software, alarm indicators susch as on line,on battery, replace battery and overload, status display(LED or LCD), has 6 battery back up, WITH BUILT-IN AVR, included are power cables, usb cable, connectors. If ever it is available kindly also include the price.Thank you very much.

  9. roseller soriano says:

    I have seen the brochure of your UPS but it is not clearly indicated whether it has the features of a UPS I was looking for.Likewise I would like to inquire the price of MUPS 1000.Thanks a lot again in advance.


    Quotation for Meiji UPS VA1000.


    Quotation for Meiji UPS VA1000.
    Delivery address: 6475 Daang Hari Road, Molino, Bacoor, Cavite
    Better if you can include specs and payment terms.

  12. Gerald says:

    I would like to inquire if you have an available UPS for LED TV and Home Entertainment System. LED TV is around 200W and Player System is around 1000W as indicated on speakers power.

    • John says:

      Hi Gerald,

      We have 500watts and 1000watts UPS. For the LED TV you can use our 1000watts but for the Player System we recommend to use atleast 3000 watts UPS for your safety.


  13. Rosette says:

    hi! can you send the Quotation for Meiji UPS VA1000? thank you in advance

  14. Arnel Madrazo says:

    Good day admin do you have a ups battery of Meiji 1000 watts.My unit is already 3 years in use as of now it suddenly shut down.
    Waiting for your feedback.thanks

  15. Ely says:

    Please send quotes.
    Meiji UPS 500 and 1000va

  16. andoy says:

    sir do you have UPS 5kva, single phase, 230v.

    kindly send the complete specifications and price. Warranty and delivery.

  17. Gerald says:

    I would like to know the specification of your 500W and 1000W UPS. Do you have higher UPS model? Please send me brochure of technical specifications.

  18. Omar says:

    We currently have meiji UPS 1000VA. They were bought last 2015. We lost its manual, and now we need it to test those UPS if they ‘re starting to worn-out. We are now planning to buy another for back-up. Can you please send us the manual?


  19. Mara Reyes says:

    Hi, Can you send me a quotation of
    UPS 30KVA 2 sets Brand new
    7.5 KVA AVR 2 sets Brand new
    30 KVA AVR 2 sets Brand new
    400V with ground and Neutral.

    • John says:

      Hi Mara,

      Sorry but we don’t have UPS for industrial use.

      Will send our brochure thru email for complete list of our products.

      Thank you

  20. how many watts can i used to 500 VA?

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