The New Meiji GFCI Outlet

A new, most practical and unique GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) has arrived!

We would like to Introduce Meiji’s MGF250, the only and new Meiji GFCI with a combination of an International and a Universal Outlet.

meiji gfciGround Fault Circuit Interrrupter

The new Meiji GFCI comes in a pure white, sleek, clean and compact look. Unlike other traditional GFCI’s, which are almost always Duplex Parallel Flat Pin convenience outlets ( C.O.’s) with Ground, the MGF250 works on any plug without any need for messy adaptors.  It is totally safe against electric shocks and ground faults. As mentioned in top 4 reasons why we get grounded article, grounds and ground faults are  life threatening!  This is therefore a necessary item in wet places such as toilets, kitchens, laundry areas, etc.

Meiji GFCI also has a TEST button to make sure that the ground fault detection feature is working properly for your protection.  This button is very accurate, durable and reliable. This GFCI also comes in a most special modern and attractive product design protected by its sleek packaging box.

Not to worry about its installation and wiring, your Meiji GFCI is a very user-friendly item. Enclosed herewith is an ‘easy to understand’ instruction manual and A periodic test schedule guide.

Protect the your loved ones and other members of your home with the new MEIJI GFCI (MGF-250)!

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  1. Please send quotation for 3 nos of NEW GFCI OUTLET NGF-250. My email is

  2. Roman Arnel Arnigo says:

    Please send us a quotation for 52 pcs of NEW GFCI OUTLET NGF-250.
    my email :

  3. Philip Baker says:

    I am interested in buying from you, your products I have seen on your web site. I am referring to The New Meiji GFCI Outlet. Can you tell me if I can buy directly from you alternatively from a supplier in Negros Occidental ? I you would be so kind to give me a price for ten units please.

    • John says:

      Hi Philip,

      Thank you for inquiring with us.

      Yes you can directly purchase with us.

      We’ll send our formal quotation thru email.

      Thank you

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