How Wiring Devices Define Your Home

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broken switchWe have already mentioned in our previous post how matching wiring devices can add to your interior. But have you ever considered how your switches and outlets can define the quality and accent of your home?

Many of us fail to consider that one of the many things we use EVERYDAY are our wiring devices. We turn on our lights whenever we enter our rooms. We turn it off when we leave. We plug-in our rice cookers before and during meals and plug it out after dining. Due to wear and tear, how do these wiring devices look now? Do they spell elegance?

Breaking-free from the conventional

Breaking-free from the conventional and usual look of switches, socket outlets, cable and CCTV outlets is the new “Meiji Electric Champagne Series”. Promoting elegance through its lustrous metallic surface available in black, silver and its carrier design, champagne gold plating.

Due to its color and blend, Meiji Champagne Series can easily match with black, white, gold, brown and wooden styled walls and furniture. Not only would it create a lasting impression of elegance but it also features safety and convenience just like your reliable Meiji Classic Series.

gold outletsThe Champagne Series line-up are available in universal, international, and special-purpose types (mix-and-match).  The Meiji Champagne Series is easy to clean because of its lustrous metallic surface and easy to install because it uses the conventional utility box, requiring NO SPECIAL INSTALLATION. It is made of Polycarbonate Parts that are fire-retardant, preventing fire from spreading easily in case of being burned.

Metal Strap

Metal Strap as what Meiji Wiring Devices is known for is also included in the black switchesChampagne Series devices. This is to ensure durability and to prevent faulty installation. Screw-type feature for outlets allows easy connection of wires for you or your trusted electricians. With these features, the Meiji Champagne Series is Internationally Certified for Safety by Various International Institutions.

Don’t be intimidated by its look. The Meiji Champagne Series is available for ALL types of consumers. High-end and medium-level industries like Hotels, Condominiums or even common households upgrading their interior damaged outletdesign have used and were satisfied. It is also affordable and efficient to the same standards of elegance from other big brands in the market.

It’s the little things

Remember, it’s the little things in our home that leave an impression. A crack on the wall may be full of memories for you and your family but it may be a sign of negligence for your visitors. A non-working switch may be an acceptable fact for the members of the family, but it may be a BIG TURN-OFF for your relatives.

Define your home with elegance, quality and safety with Meiji Champagne Series.

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