Ways on How to Preserve Your Christmas Trees

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In our country, many people start putting out their Christmas Trees starting September. One of the most practiced activity around this time of the year  is decorating a Christmas tree. It is widely used in various places. You can see Christmas trees at home, in churches,  offices hotels, airports, you name it. Meiji even came out with smaller Christmas trees now to be given as gifts or placed on desks or cars!

Don’t throw away these beautiful Christmas trees

Now that the Christmas season is over, we don’t want to throw away these beautiful Christmas trees. Just like me, you would most probably want to place your Christmas tree in a storage room or in an area where it won’t be damaged.  In doing so, to preserve your Christmas trees for this year’s Christmas season.

Maintain the freshness of your Christmas tree

As your fresh and bright Christmas tree added a joyful vibe last year, we want to help you make sure that in spite of your many activities today, you can still maintain the freshness of your Christmas tree.

How to Preserve Your Christmas Trees

Please find below a list of simple ways on how to Preserve Your Christmas Trees:

  1. Keep your Christmas tree clean and fresh by using a cloth to wipe off the accumulated dust and sprinkle an ample amount of water or use a bottle spray to spread the water evenly on the Christmas tree. You can also use a brush to remove dirt and stains that are stuck between the branches of the Christmas tree.
  2. Take note of the lighting in your room or place. It is best to avoid putting your Christmas tree where it can be easily damaged and exposed to sunlight. Keep it away from chemicals that may destroy the Christmas tree’s freshness.
  3. Add environmental-friendly decorations to your Christmas tree to save the Christmas tree’s vibrant color and scent.
  4. Trim your Christmas tree every few weeks in order to maintain its freshness. With proper handling and care, it is no wonder that it will stay clean and fresh for a long time.
  5. Wrap each branch of the Christmas tree in a plastic bag and keep it in a box or container and place it in your storage area, together with all the Christmas decorations used for the tree such as the ornaments and Christmas lights.


In our country, the Christmas season is one of the most-awaited holidays of the year. And you wouldn’t want to have a dry Christmas tree in the midst of this wonderful season. With the above-mentioned ways on how to preserve your Christmas trees, we hope you can still make use of yours last year and have a stress-free Christmas season. Plus! You could also consider it as a saving.  😉

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