Ways on How to Keep your Extension Cords Organized

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Extension cords are such a lifesaver especially when you are far away from the electric outlet on the wall. You just have to get an extension cord and plug your device or gadget to it to get equal power from the original outlet. But these cords should remain placed and stored in a neat order. In this article, we will discuss ways on how to keep your extension cords organized

4 Ways:

1. Toilet Paper Rolls

This method is one that encourages reuse of your household items. After completely using your toilet paper, don’t throw away the remaining holder or the one that puts it together yet. Instead, you may use this to slip the extension cord over. You can be creative and cover this with colored paper to easily see it and avoid misplacement. Another great suggestion is to print out labels and stick them to each empty toilet paper roll to determine which appliance it is assigned to.

2. Hooks

orgaizing extension cablesCaptain Hook may be a good reminder for you to stock extension cords nicely. Buy those hooks that you can place on a wall of your garage or workshop and hang the cords there. Heavy-duty hooks are preferred. You may also want to hang some of your tools for easier access. Let’s face it, most of the time, out of sight=out of mind.

Labels may be pasted on the wall itself on top of each hook. Don’t place them higher than the level of your head for faster access and more convenience.


3. Ziploc Bags

Instead of using plastic wares which may take up a lot of space in your home, use Ziploc bags to store your organizing extension cordsextension cords. They will occupy the least area and you may put them inside your drawers. The good thing about using these bags is that they can be marked with other notes such as the thickness, the length of the cord and the voltage it can accommodate safely. This way, you won’t neglect to consider these IMPORTANT ratings and cause damage to your appliance and cords.

be Also, since Ziploc bags won’t allow water to enter and spoil the cords, these would keep you out of danger such as electric shock.

cable ties4. Ties

Buy twist or electric ties to help secure and tie up loose cords before placing them in the bag. Apart from this, another way is to use cable ties which are really cheap. These ties can snip the tie off and coil the cords together when not in use. Tying them is just as simple as laying the extension cord on the ground and looping it back and forth.



Properly keeping your extension cords is important. Make sure that they are always in good operating condition to stay clear of fire hazard and other emergencies. Hanging them on walls and storing them in drawers or cabinets will also help to minimize the instances of you tripping over and losing the cords for later use.

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