The New Voltage Protector with Timer

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Voltage Protector with TimerHey Everyone! We have heard your requests, we know your needs…

Introducing the latest product of Meiji Electric! We bring you a new addition to the Voltage Protector line! Now with a built-in programmable timer. If you still don’t know what a Voltage Protector is, Why you should have one in your home and How it will be useful in traveling, just click away and let us show you what you’re missing!

Voltage Protector with Timer

Our new  addition Voltage Protector with Timer, aka  TC-V002,   workable at 220V has a 20 ampere load capacity, equivalent to almost 4,400 Watts! So no worries for your high wattage appliance such as air conditioning units, TV, computers and more!

8 programmable timer setting options

Voltage Protector with Timer BackWhat’s great about it is that it has 8 programmable timer setting options both for turn on and turn off use! Not only that, it also has varied day preferences: whether you want the timer to work  daily, weekly, monthly, only on weekdays, only on weeknights, on alternating days, just set it and it’s done! So for all you busy people out there, how great is that? One less task in your life!

Universal outlet

Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer also  has a universal outlet in front and a a parallel plug with ground at its back, suitable for your needs. It also comes with a manual once you buy a unit so don’t fret on how it is to be set.

Please also find our clock and timer manuals for your convenience:

clock setting instructionsMeiji timer manual

Have a practical and hassle-free time whether at home or during your travel. Try out the new Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer NOW!

41 responses to “The New Voltage Protector with Timer”

  1. James says:

    Where can I see your timer? I live in Dumaguete, N.O. I want it for my bedroom aircon.

    • John says:

      Hi James,

      Our products are available in some Ace Hardware branches. The nearest to your are would be the Ace Hardware, Sm Bacolod.


  2. Patrick says:

    Hi! why do I get only a smiley sign on LCD screen when I plug everything up?

    • John says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Is it still in the warranty period? Kindly bring it to the store where you bought it for repairs. Don’t forget the receipt!


  3. Roland says:

    Hello… I lost my receipt and I need to have my timer repaired… Is there a way to get it fixed by your technicians without the receipt? I bought this in Handyman in Robinson’s Manila last December

    • John says:

      Hi Roland!

      You can bring the item here in our main office, located at 1 Mabolo St. New Manila Quezon City. We will have to check first the item. There maybe some repair charges depending on the damage.


  4. Joe sat says:

    Hi, i have this timer for a year now and its works like a miracle but now it suddenly wont turned off even if the timer is schedule to shutoff. I have to manually off the timer and sometimes it wont go live even the timer is set. I tried to leave the timer until the battery drained maybe a reaet i thought but the problem still holds.

  5. Joe sat says:

    By the way, i am from cebu, philippines and acquired this item here in SM

    • John says:

      Hi Joe,
      Just bring your item on the store where you bought it and look for the person (promo of Meiji) in charge of the products.
      Thank You.

  6. Eva Lim says:


    Is this item available in SM Molino?

    • John says:

      Hi Eva,

      Yes, all of our commercial products are in all SM.
      If you have further question, you may email me directly for more info. Thanks, John.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I just bought this from sm north edsa ace hardware and the buttons are not working I keep trying to unlock it with the esc 4x and nothing is happening I’m from nueva ecija so I can’t just go back to return it, I just wasted my money for this product.

    • John says:

      Hello Jonathan,
      We have forwarded your concerns to our Coordinators. Please check your email for updates. Thank you.

  8. Mark says:

    Hi. I bought one of these programmable timers and they worked fine for a couple of months. Because of the regular brownouts in my area, I decided to connect it to a UPS. When I connected it and programmed it, it was not able to function anymore. I also noticed a small “frowny face” appear on top of the seconds display of the timer. Any suggestions?

  9. Chris says:

    Is this item available in batangas ?

  10. jose says:

    Hi I want to buy TC V002 and I try to go to SM Makati ACE HW and found out that the model is pulled out. Is it true? If the device is still available, please tell me where can I buy nearest to my location at near Makati Cash n Carry. Thanks

  11. Jose says:

    Hi where can I buy this near washington makati?

  12. Lloyd says:

    Bought the product in handyman sm manila.Arrived at my home place here in Aklan,shows only smiley sign.Can i exchange it here at the nearest handyman branch.I have here the receipt.

  13. joey mortera says:

    Hi. how come in between the set time, the device stops working or the appliance suddenly turns off, in my case a simple aquarium light. I set the timer-on to 17:00 and set the timer-off to 1:00 but there are times that it turns off even before the set timer-off . Moreover as of the moment the device did not turned on. For your assistance please. Also in between the set time, the plugged in lamp turns on just for a second then turns off after. I tested the lamp by directly plugging it to an outlet and it works properly

  14. T Quan says:

    I purchased the TC-V002, but lost the instructions. I know how to turn off the automatic mode (4 presses on the Esc button), how to set the time of on and off functions, and set the clock. How do I manually make the timer turn ON a connected device, either in the automatic mode on or off?

    • John says:


      You can call us at 413-0600 or 351-1710 so we can give instruction how to operate the unit.

      Thank you

  15. Kai Saballo says:

    I would like to ask if there is something you can do about our timer, we bought it a few days back but now was the only time we used it. I thought everything was okay but it turns out i doesn’t cut the power even if I already set up the off time. Please help me. I really need to make this timer work for my experiment.

    I am based in laguna btw

  16. Kai Saballo says:

    I would like to ask if there is something you can do about our timer, we bought it a few days back but now was the only time we used it. I thought everything was okay but it turns out i doesn’t cut the power even if I already set up the off time. Please help me. I really need to make this timer work for my experiment. Thank you!

    I am based in laguna btw

    • John says:

      Hi Kai,

      What particular item?

      Please let us know where did you purchase the item.


      • Kaileen May Saballo says:

        The meiji timer with voltage regulator, I purchased it at SM Calamba.
        One of my friend has the same timer and we compared it, unfortunately mine does not show the sad face icon when plugged. Is that tye problem?

  17. Adrian says:

    Great timer. I have 3 in the house. Problem is if there’s a brownout, all the settings are erased. Any workaround?

  18. Serph says:

    Hi there! I would like to know what the blinking sad icon means and what the arrow positions indicate at the bottom of the lcd display. My unit turned itself off before the tine it was set to turn off. Though the clock setting is correct, the unit doesn’t seem to work properly. With this issue, i noticed the flashing sad icon. What could be the problem? Any solution? Thanks!

    • John says:

      Hi Serph,

      Maybe something is wrong with the unit. We need to check it for us to know the problem.

      Please bring the units here in the office.

      Thank you

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