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Tired of encountering warnings like “Charging is not supported by this accessory.” and “Device not found.” from your phone? How about the incompatible devices linked on your computer? What if all USB ports on your computer are in use and you still have some gadgets to be charged? What if USB adaptors are lost or not available at the moment? Are you going to waste your time searching for them?

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Keep calm and need not to worry! Gone are the days of disappointments and time-consuming searches. With the new MEIJI USB OUTLET (MCS-0522), you can now charge your USB-wired gadgets even without turning on your computer. Cameras, MP3 Players, Smart Phones and Tablets charging process made easy. You don’t have to look for misplaced USB adaptors anymore. Once installed, the new MEIJI USB OUTLET will stay at the place where it was put. Combinations can be done with MEIJI Blank Plates, from 1 Gang to 3 Gang Plates to maximize your convenience.

Designed for all USB-wired gadgets

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The MEIJI USB OUTLET is designed for all USB-wired gadgets and devices in the world. It has good quality and standard, convenient and user-friendly. The manner of plugging-in is exactly the same as we do in our computers. You can maximize your time now by charging all your USB-wired gadgets at the same time and do other things you want. Less worries, do more!

MEIJI USB OUTLET is a “must have”

In this computer technology based century, MEIJI USB OUTLET is a “must have” in every home and office to enhance our everyday living. MEIJI USB OUTLET, the first USB OUTLET to cope with the advancement of technology in the Philippines, will definitely improve the quality of life through developing the compatibility of the world’s best gadgets and devices to the everyday life of the Filipino. Connect to the world through MEIJI USB OUTLET.


15 responses to “Use Meiji USB Without Hassle”

  1. Eduardo Manuel says:

    What is the input voltage is it 220 volt?

  2. Jay Alv says:

    Is it possible to run data through the (MCS-0522)?

    I want to hook up a USB slot on my PC to the wall outlet. Is this possible?

  3. rod esquivel says:

    how much per set?

    re: one usb port + power outlet

    thnk you

    Engr. Rod Esquivel
    Head-Engineering & Maintenance Dept.
    Z Hostel -Makati City
    0915 926 3936

  4. jason pitao says:

    hi good pm we have these outlet the mcs 1021 and mcs 0522 we need the replacement asap heres my contact number 09055734843 also where we can buy these outlet our nearest ace hardware was market market bgc the fort

  5. Alex Anciado says:

    Hi can you give me a diagram on how to install the usb outlet that I just bought?

  6. lester hermosura says:

    where can i buy usb outlet im from alabang muntinlupa city

  7. sherwin says:

    Hi we just bought these outlets to upgrade our existing outlets can you send me installation instructions for these. thanks

  8. roel says:

    Also bought these product can you send me installation instructions. Thank you.

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