What you should know about UPS?

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Generally, an Uninterruptable Power Supply(UPS) is a power protection device that will supply a limited amount of power for a limited amount of time when there is no power supply.A UPS will let you continue to work for a short time and allow you to safely close any open documents, thus allowing you time to properly shutdown the computer. A UPS will protect your computer and electronics from a variety of power related problems

It has a number of functions, designed to protect almost all electronic devices, especially our desktops.


If you have seen flickering lights in your home or office, computer freezing up or restarting, then you may be suffering from a power supply problem.

What some of us do not realize is that the power provided to our home or office is at times irregular and not necessarily a continuous 220volts supply. The ideal voltage supply in our country is 220. However, even in residential areas, this can often be over 260volts or under 200volts. It can get even worse in industrial areas if you live near or work in these zones due to machineries being used.


Meiji UPS can sense whether voltage is within tolerance, and will automatically go to battery power until normal power returns. With capacities of 500 watts or 1000 watts, desktops and any other devices within the limit can be protected.

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The primary advantage of using Meiji UPS is that in cases of sudden power loss,it will continue to power the computer system long enough for you to save your work. Additionally, in environments which have problems with “dirty”, meaning the electrical supply may have sudden spikes or dips, Meiji UPS offers a great deal more protection than a standard surge suppressor would.

Additional back-up time and run time control during power failure are some of the many advantages for you in order to accomplish the necessary tasks to be completed immediately.

Electricity has become a life line of our everyday living. Without electricity, our computers would cease to work. And in our time and age today, most of us depend heavily upon our computers for work and entertainment, thus a UPS can be a life saver when the power goes out.

So invest now on Meiji UPS. Remember protective devices are investments not a liability.

6 responses to “What you should know about UPS?”

  1. Jonathan Tomas says:

    I am interested in the autonatic light sensor i saw in another post. I just took this opportunity to inquire about it.

    • John says:

      Hello Jonathan,

      I’m glad you’re interested with our product. If you need something, you can contact us anytime.


  2. Dodjie Fernandez says:

    I own a 1000 watt Meiji UPS. It’s around 3 years old. Recently the green light doesn’t turn on, so I can’t get power from it. Is this repairable? Does the battery need replacement?

  3. Takashi Sawayama says:

    We had been using your UPS but now it doesn’t work now.
    Should we replace the battery inside or buy a new one?

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