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Do you have a hard time setting your generator during brownouts?


In order to avoid this problem, you have to connect the generator directly to your household wiring. Using only one cord, you can power many or all of your necessary home circuits, especially the lights.The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires a transfer switch because direct connection without a transfer switch can result in damage to your home and generator.


Meiji Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)

Meiji Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) allows the user to switch the power connection from the Normal power to the Generator power as safe and easy as switching the lights. It prevents the Normal power and the Generator power from powering your home circuits at the same time. During power outages, you just simply switch on the Emergency Side Breaker and the Normal Side will turn off automatically. The necessary circuits in your home are now powered by the generator. On the other hand, the Emergency Side will have to be turned off first before the Normal Side can be turned on.

Compact, light-weight and user friendly


Meiji MTS is compact, light-weight and user friendly. It has an easy-to-use mechanical slide interlock which ensures that only one source is powering the necessary circuits, and prevents usage of two power sources. You don’t have to waste time setting up your generators in the dark or use extension cords to make messy connections. With Meiji MTS, just switch it on or off and your all set!

Comes in 2×1 pole, 2×2 pole and 2×3 pole

Meiji MTS comes in 2×1 pole, 2×2 pole and 2×3 pole Miniature Circuit Breakers starting from 1 ampere. On top of that, it can be enclosed with Meiji Home Panel Enclosure which is designed to protect both the circuit breaker and the user from possible risky conditions.

Light commercial establishments with backup generators also need Meiji Manual transfer Switch to control the whole electrical system and continue necessary business operations. It is a simple way of providing owners power, convenience and comfort.

As one of the Philippines’ leading electrical suppliers, Meiji Electric offers the most convenient and innovative Manual Transfer Switches. No more mess and fuss during power outages as Meiji MTS brings you a high level of safety and convenience.


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