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valentinesIt’s the love month again, the time of the year when we’re totally smitten by the love bug. Some couples toast champagne over a romantic dinner for two, wander across the dreamy night sky and cherish every minute. While a chosen few prefer to be extraordinary, and put together a simple yet very personalized date at home. This way you skip the city traffic and have a more memorable Valentine’s date. Just imagine, what if after all the careful planning for this special, one night only event of your year, power outage suddenly struck?  I could just imagine the frustration you would feel.

The Meiji Electric Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS)

But hey, don’t fret! The Meiji Electric Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS) is here. Don’t let brownouts or sudden power outages ruin your romantic date! The CTS will automatically transfer power to the generator when utility power fails, providing the highest protection for continuous power in homes and establishments. The CTS basically works like an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), except that a CTS uses Contactors as its main component while an ATS utilizes the conventional Circuit Breakers. The advantage of a CTS over a conventional ATS is that you may use any load in your home without having to buy a big genset to power up 100% of your load. This is made possible through a Current Limiter that can sense overload before it reaches the genset, unlike the conventional ATS where your loads are fixed or inadequate due to a limited genset.

You can use any load in your home depending on the

For example, this Valentine’s day, you would like to have power in your cozy dining room with aircon, all you need to do is power up the load in that specific area and not use the other loads so as to avoid exceeding the gensets’ capacity. On other occasions, you can choose to power up your master’s bedroom, children’s bedroom, or an elderly persons’ room depending on the situation. That way, you do not need to use any extension set or octopus wiring due to some fixed loads of a conventional ATS system.

In an event that you accidentally overload the CTS, you will have nothing to worry about since the CTS will temporarily cut off power. All you need to do is turn off some loads so your power consumption will still be within the capacity of your genset. The system will then reset itself and supply genset power back within a pre-set time. To make it even more convenient, the CTS will sense when the utility power will come back and simply switch back to normal power, so you can continue with your activity without any interruptions.



Have an uninterrupted date

With the Meiji Electric Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS) you are sure to have an uninterrupted date! So whether you’re harnessing your inner Master Chef to cook dinner for your spouse, watching a romantic movie, or just enjoying each other’s company, when the power goes out you’ll have no worries! Everything will be perfect because you have your reliable Meiji Electric Contactor Transfer Switch to back you up!

For those of you who would rather opt for the Manual Type Transfer Switch (MTS), Meiji Electric also has a complete line of MTS ranging from 1 Ampere to 6300 Amperes.

Inquire now at 448-7423, 413-6636 or 727-5790 to get more details on Meiji Electric’s CTS and other related products, and see how we can enhance energy to your everyday living!

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