Understanding the Purpose and Necessity of Frequency Inverters

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machineryMachines had been the mark of power for the millions of cities all over the globe. They also fortify urbanization and continue to push for development and growth in the industry. Whether domestic or industrial, most machines are in use of frequency inverters that are on the job to take care of your AC motors.

Frequencyy inverters

Instead of connecting your power supply to your motor-driven components, you place frequency inverters to be the middleman to handle the energy to be used by your machines. Your frequency inverter’s main function is to control the speed of AC motors by converting main frequency to required frequency. It serves as a power control conversion device that is able to convert a normal power supply to a frequency power.In this way, the inverter can provide electric motor speed variations.This is found in most motors that use frequency rather than voltage to acquire speed.

Plays a major role in nearly all industrialized processes

Since motors play a major role in nearly all industrialized processes that involve electrical application, most big and small industries utilize this device for their large equipments necessary for production. Examples are textile machinery and other mechanisms that require bigger power supply often operate more efficiently with frequency inverters in hand. It is also convenient and necessary for domestic purposes like having different kitchen appliances, water pumps, air conditioners, and many more. Not only does it save energy, but it can also provide safety measures in every operation.

Just like maintaining a greenhouse

Imagine maintaining a greenhouse and you’d like to keep the temperature at a stabilized level, you can’t expect a single heavy machine to do it the way you like it. Controlling it to run at the right speed is easier if you use a frequency inverter.With it, that large amount of power can be more efficient and reliable. You don’t even have to worry about your machines getting overworked. You can be rest assured that it can protect your electric motors as an advantage. Usually when a high powered machine or component is being run without a frequency inverter, other appliances or machines might get affected causing low voltage usage for them.


Stabilizes the energy

A frequency inverter actually stabilizes the energy and thwarts direct current shocks to your electric motors.

In industrial schemes, time and production power are of importance. With the use of a frequency inverter, you can spare the time for warming machineries up before they could serve their purpose. Since it features an adjustable speed variation within your control, you can reach and maximize your machines’ and electronics’ full potential. Meaning, it can utilize the desired speed and power on your machines with no sweat.

Aimss to promote efficiency

On top of that, a device such as this aims to promote efficiency in production and functionality of motor-driven equipments by providing accurate and uninterrupted process control while accommodating a wide speed range

Control on power also means control over your expenses. Truly a power and money saver innovation, having a frequency inverter for your homes or businesses is an economical choice since it also cuts costs for power consumption.

34 responses to “Understanding the Purpose and Necessity of Frequency Inverters”

  1. Paul says:

    Do you have price list and where to buy?

    • Ellein says:

      Hello Paul,
      You could actually buy directly in our office, here at # 1 Mabolo St., New Manila, Quezon City. May i know where will you going use the frequency inverters? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Yulo says:

    Where can I buy frequency inverter here in Cebu?

    • John says:

      Hi Yulo,
      You can buy directly in our office, here at # 1 Mabolo St., New Manila, Quezon City.
      For inquiry you can contact us at (632) 448-7423; 414-4012; 727-5790; 413-6636.

  3. Ronn says:

    how much po ang variable frequency drive for 2-3 hp na motor?

  4. Joms says:

    how much po yung frequency inverter ninyo. Need ko lang po para sa washing machine. 50hz po kasi. Kung meron po kayo price list paki email naman po. or kahit yung price lang nung isang unit. Salamat.

    • John says:

      Hi Joms,

      Please give the complete specs of your washing machine, horsepower, volts etc. We have single phase input 3 phase output or 3 phase input and output.


  5. Ric says:

    I’m in Cebu, do you have Frequency Inverter Fuji Type: FRN1.5C2S-2J or its equivalent?

  6. ken says:

    How much yung inverter? i have samsung front load washing machine with below specs details:

    MODEL: WW70J3283KW
    220-240 V – 50Hz
    2000 – 2400 W
    7.0 Kg

    This unit came from Qatar, and i send it to Philippines. However, unit is not workimg very well.

  7. celestino says:

    I need inverter for my washing machine. 2000watts, 10A, 50hz. email me the price sir asap. need it badly

  8. ricardo says:

    220 volts, 50hz, 2400watts, 10.9amps para po sa ice machine. magkano po inverter para dito po

    • John says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      I’ll send our brochures to your email. And I’ll ask some question regarding your ice machine. 🙂

      Thank you

  9. Lee Fernandez says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    How much po yung frequency inverter 50hp; 3phase; 220v

  10. Lee Fernandez says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    How much po yung frequency inverter 50hp; 3phase @ 220v

  11. NOEL CABRIA says:

    I have samsung TOP load washing machine with below specs details:
    MODEL: WA12J6750SP-GU
    230V – 50Hz
    Power Consumption (W) : Washing = 360-420 / SPIN = 300
    300W (not sure)
    12.0 Kg

    This unit came from UAE, and i sent it to Philippines.
    Washing is doing fine as well as the spin dryer, however the draining process is not working.
    The result .. the water is not automatically pump out.

    Please advise also the price.

  12. Christian says:

    Do you have VFD from single phase to three phase? The electric motor is 5.5Hp 220v 3 phase.

  13. Lexter Yap says:

    Hi I have a Midea M1 dishwasher from China. Electric supply specification is 220v 50hz rating. Do you have a power inverter that can change frequency to 50hz? since we are 60hz in manila

    I try to put in electric outlet. Electronics and water draining work. But the wash spinner does not work. Or would it be okay if I bring the dishwasher to your office and test it with your inverters to see if it will owrk?

  14. ERNIE SAGUID says:

    Hi, ma’am/sir.

    May I know the price of inverter for 2 hp, 3-phase motor (to be converted to single phase)

    • HenryMeiji says:

      Hello Sir Ernie,
      Can you please send your concern to our sales department, they can answer your inquiry regarding this (info@meijielectric.ph) Thank you

  15. Noven Fuentes says:

    Good Afternoon Ma’am/Sir,

    Do you have available products for VFD and Flow meter?

    Thank You,

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