Power Saver: Turning it off VS. Standby Mode?

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Refrigerators are one of the most common things left on inside our homes. But if you will check your power meters, your water heater may be the bigger reason why your power bill shoot up last month. This is why refrigerators are almost always on standby in terms of its electric consumption. This however, changes when you keep on feeding on your cravings every 10minutes.

Turning off a machine would save more electricity

Michael Bluejay, an energy efficient expert said that a laptop or desktop usually takes 1/8 of its electric consumption when it is on “standby” or what we now call “sleep” mode. This was in the context of experimenting whether or not turning off a machine would save more electricity compared to turning it on again or just leaving it on.  This was done as many have a notion that it would save us more electricity when we turn off an appliance.

On the other hand, interestingly, we know that turning on an appliance could require probably three times more electricity compared to just leaving it on stagnant for a time where it has a stable amount of electric consumption.

sleep mode

Sleep settings use very little energy

Nordman also believed that sleep settings use very little energy which is probably why most BPO companies nowadays prefer leaving their computer systems on standby mode even if its not in use than to totally shutting it off. So what really is more helpful?

Sleepp mode is the best way to save electricity

 Katharine Kaplan, a person who leads the EPA’s energy star program also agreed with Nordman that “sleep mode” is the best way to save electricity which is why we can assume that turning on and off an elecrtric appliance would consume much more electricity than leaving it stagnant on.

The above-mentioned statements from known personnel in their fields of electric consumption can be a good reason to say that electric consumption doubles up if we turn on and off our gadgets/appliances rather than if we leave it stagnant on.

Key takeaway

So ladies and gentlemen, for appliances you use regularly that have standby or sleep mode, make use of these power savers! Provided with supervision and proper maintenance, you can be sure to save energy.

Find out too for yourself what really works! We’re open to hear your personal experiences. What is the better way to save electricity? Turning off an appliance VS. Leaving it on Standby?

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