Top 5 Uses of Motion Sensors

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Motion sensors are now gaining publicity in our country. They are commonly being used particularly in comfort rooms of new establishments: for lighting, for flushing  toilets, for the water faucet and some for the hand dryers.

cctv cameraTechnically, there are different types of motion sensors, depending on how they detect motion and what they activate. But regardless of their means in detecting sensors, they have been really useful and helpful to industries. It can also be beneficial to YOU; if not already.

In this article, we have researched on the TOP 5 Uses of  a Motion Sensor:

Top 5: CCTV Cameras

Whether in homes or in businesses, CCTV Cameras have already become in demand. In a time when it is hard to be sure about the family and/or the business’ safety, having a monitoring device such as this one is really a big help especially when you’re not around. Cameras with motion detectors are really selling now because of practicality. You need not check your personnel’s log book to find out who were present during the incident, or ask people individually. Watch and you’ll know! Plus it doesn’t eat up much memory storage.  This is because they get activated through motion sensors.

TOP 4: Burglar Alarmsceiling type motion sensor

More and more people invest in security devices nowadays. And now, burglar alarms are also being widely used most especially as it keeps on advancing. Through motion sensing technology, they can already monitor if there is someone suspicious lurking around your area. And sure, these people’s actions activate these devices and they soon begin calling your attention through powerful alarms.

stand alone type sensor

TOP 3:  Lights

In cooperation with our Mother Earth’s cry to save energy, motion sensors attached to lights could be a delight. Now, you can easily set your lights and they will be turned on and off through motion.  Once motion was detected by the sensor, lights would immediately turn on. After the set amount of time that motion is not sensed, lights will turn then turn off. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about increases in your electric bills just because you forgot to turn off the lights. Definitely a bargain.

2. Mobile PhonesSmart phones

Smart phones upgrade so fast. As time progresses, their features also become more advanced in order to suit people’s activities. And sure, they become more efficient. They begin to perform functions we once thought only humans could do. One of the best improvements about these phones is their motion sensing technology. Phones that are capable of detecting motion automatically change the display’s orientation depending on how you are holding the gadget. Now, you can already input a text message or draft an email even you are holding your gadget upside down. It may even call your desired contact just by shaking your phone when a particular contact was chosen. Apart from that, motion sensors in phones also give way to more fun, exciting, and involving games.

Wii console1.  Gaming

Who does not know Wii and Xbox? These two have been very phenomenal gaming consoles which changed the landscape of gaming. Both of them, having motion sensing technology, can make you feel as though you are really in the game. Unlike other gaming consoles which only shows you the game as it happens, this one enables you to be really part of it. Instead of simply controlling characters or vehicles through controllers, you move just like them and therefore get the entire feel of it. Through its ability to detect changes in your positions and movements, you can also have a good exercise.

Sometimes, we do not appreciate simple things that we find in the things we use everyday. But if we are just going to think of it, everything, even the simplest among innovations can come as blessings. Motion sensors are just one of them. Its wide array of uses, which range from essential security functions down to the exciting gaming consoles,  just proves how technology can be truly useful and helpful if we want them to be.

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