Tips for Mounting Your Motion Sensor

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Security should never be taken lightly, especially during this season. The outpouring of Christmas bonuses and gifts can attract a lot of negative attention. To avoid being a victim of burglary, protect your home by taking necessary precautions. One precaution you can take is purchasing a motion sensor in the Philippines and installing it in your home.

A motion sensor helps you detect if an intruder has attempted to enter your home. Using advanced technology, this device detects movement in certain areas, depending on where you place it. It then sends a signal to your security system’s control panel, alerting you of a possible trespasser. In order for this security measure to work, you have to mount it properly in the appropriate places. Here are a few tips for mounting your motion sensor the right way:


Install it on Likely Entry Points

The point of motion sensors is to prevent intruders from entering your house and stealing your belongings. Install the device near likely entry points like doors and even windows. That way, you’ll be alerted of their presence as soon as they cross the threshold of your home. However, don’t install it directly across the doors or windows. Sensors work best when you place them in areas where a thief may walk parallel to or right past the sensor, and not towards it.

Use Several Detectors

Don’t just rely on one motion detector. It’s likely that there are at least 2 or more entry points in your home. In addition, you should also install detectors in stairways and hallways. This way, you’ll be notified once the trespasser crossed one area of the house into another. Use several detectors for your home’s utmost security.

Be Creative

It’s likely that a burglar will be looking for motion detectors as soon as he walks inside your house. Be creative when positioning some of the sensors. Use bookcases and other house items to help conceal your detectors. Just make sure that it doesn’t totally obstruct the device’s view and prevent it from working properly.

Situate Far from Air Vents

Sometimes, the difference in temperature in air vents can set off your motion sensor. Although this happens rarely, it is best to play safe and place your motion sensor away from air vents.

Keep Away from Light Bulbs and Electronics

Motion detectors are commonly installed in walls and corners, about 4 – 7 feet high. But make sure to keep it away from light bulbs, lamps, and other electronics. In some cases, a light bulb that heats up, like an incandescent bulb, causes false alarms.

Set Sensitivity Switch

You can usually find the sensitivity switch of your motion detector under the battery. Although it is commonly set to medium upon purchase, you can also set it to low or high, depending on some factors. The factors that you should consider before setting the sensitivity switch of your device are the size of the room, pets, proximity to air vents, electronics, and light bulbs.

Motion sensors come in different shapes and sizes. All of them serve one purpose: to detect if an intruder has entered your home and alert you immediately. This is possible if — keeping in mind the tips above — you mount the detector properly in the right areas. Keep your family safe this Christmas season by using motion detectors!

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