Tips on How to Care for Your Home while on Vacation

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relaxing vacationThe day has come. You have finally saved enough money to go on that vacation you have always dreamt of. But before you go on a shopping spree of things you have to bring with you, make sure to make a list of how to secure the things you will be leaving behind. Nothing kills a vacation worse than an emergency at home. So before you pack those bags, here are some tips on how to care for your home while you go on that much planned getaway.

It would be safer if somebody you trust will be left to look after the house.

But on the instance that nobody can be there, make sure it would not be shouting, “There’s nobody home!” to prevent uninvited guests (e.g. robbers) from ransacking your house. Ask a kind neighbor to pick up mail and newspaper for you during the days you will be away or make arrangements to delay delivery or stop subscription for the mean time. Also, you can install electronic timers that will turn on and turn off your lights. However, you may want to vary the times this happens because somebody could watch your house and notice that pattern, therefore giving away that your house lights are timed. You can also ask a trusted friend or relative to check on your home from time to time just to make sure everything is fine.

Make arrangements for the living things you will be leaving behind.

This pertains to that house pet everybody adores or those plants you have been tending for a year. There are pet shops that offer lodging for pets whose masters have to go away for some reason. If you are going to leave your pet, make sure to give specific instructions about feeding schedule and other concerns to the caretakers. As for plants, there are tutorials available online on how to make drip-watering systems using plastic bottles. Do not drown your plants on the day of your departure hoping that if would be enough until you arrive.

Install a home alarm system.

If you expect yourself to be away from home most of the time, you may consider putting up a home alarm system. With technology available, home alarm systems are very efficient in keeping your home safe using different kind of sensors that you can monitor using your phone. Inform your alarm company about your trip to make sure everything is working!

Prevent power surges.

Secure power lines in your home including your appliances. Most people forget to unplug their appliances and go home wondering why their stuff would not work anymore. Turn off and unplug anything unnecessary while you are away.

Lock and secure all your valuables.

Locking your doors and home protectionwindows are not enough so make sure to secure all valuable items in your home. Lock doors inside the house if you want to be extra secure. Keep all valuables in a place where they would not be easily found. Moreover, do not leave your key under the mat. You can leave it with the person you have asked to check on your house.

Lastly, avoid posting your whereabouts on social media.

Especially if people know you leave alone in your house. This is one way to announce to the world that you are not home. You can always post your beautiful beach photos and talk about your trip when you get back home, safe and sound.

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