How to Test your Meiji GFCI Outlets

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By detecting dangerous current flow and instantly shutting off power, GFCIs save lives each year. According to the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine, almost nine years ago, all GFCIs manufactured before the year 2006, doesn’t have built-in test buttons. So the only reliable way to check them is to use a circuit tester that has its own GFCI test button.

Built-in test and reset functions

Good thing, with Meiji GFCI outlets: LG-20, GF-250 and MGF250 have built-in test and reset functions. You don’t have to use a circuit tester anymore!

But how sure are you that your Meiji GFCI is still functioning?


Test your Meiji GFCI outlet monthly

We recommend you to test your Meiji GFCI outlet monthly. If you ever wired the GFCI incorrectly, it may not prevent personal injuries and deaths brought by ground faults. It may just operate like how ordinary outlets do, but it will not interrupt ground faults.

Here’s how:

  1. Turn the power ON at the service panel. Press the RED RESET button fully. Plug a device (a hairdryer or a shaver) into the GFCI. If it turns ON, then you are sure that there is power. This is to make sure that the power is ON.
  2. Press the BLUE TEST button in order to trip the plugged device. This should cut off the flow of electricity making the device shut off. Notice that the RED RESET button will pop-out. If the power stays OFF, you have installed the GFCI correctly.


Many consumers don’t check their GFCI outlets to make sure they are working. Always be reminded that, GFCIs are still electronic devices that can be damaged or worn out. The electrical outlet in a GFCI may still continue to function, even if its tripping function no longer works which can be deceiving. In any case, if you’re not confident about your wiring, have a qualified electrician replace it as soon as possible.

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