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Why should you get a GFCI outlet with a USB slot?

  1. Certified Shock Protection
  2. Damage Protection
  3. Enhanced Convenience


If you’ve ever visited an electrical company in the Philippines, chances are, they’ve introduced to you GFCI outlets. If you didn’t already know, a GFCI outlet is an incredibly useful electrical socket that has the added benefit of protecting appliances or electrical equipment that are plugged into it from unforeseen electrical shocks.

Fast forward to 2019 and a new and improved outlet has recently been released by Meiji Electric. This new version of the GFCI outlet only has one 220V plug but is now outfitted with two USB ports.

It’s clear that this outlet is directed towards establishments that charge small devices and gadgets more than large appliances. Either way, the outlet is more than capable of handling these devices.

With an international outlet, you and/or your customers no longer need to bring bulky adaptors to enjoy safe and secure usage. This kind of outlet is currently one-of-a-kind in the Philippines. With voltage protectors alongside it and a number of other electrical protection devices, it’s probably beneficial for you to make use of these outlets right away!

Discover the double benefit of GFCI outlets with USB ports by reading through this article!


Certified Shock Protection

Certified Shock Protection

As the leading GFCI supplier in the Philippines, it’s only fitting that Meiji Electric is at the forefront of the industry. They have designed this outlet with all the necessary safety precautions already embedded within it.

For those who are yet to be familiar with GFCI outlets, these devices protect every device plugged into it from power fluctuations and overloading, and protects its users from shocks and even electrocution. GFCI outlets have built-in sensors that monitor the inflow and outflow of electricity to an appliance. Whenever a fluctuation is found, the outlet will immediately notice the change in electrical flow occurring and will quickly shut off the power. This simple sensing and power shut off can prevent many electrical mishaps from happening.

Now, keep in mind the function of the USB ports. It’s no secret that handheld devices are easier to damage than large appliances—especially when it comes to voltage fluctuations. No longer will you have to worry about unfortunate electrical issues while charging mobile devices with this outlet!

With GFCI outlets such as Meiji’s MGU-252, you’ll have maximum shock prevention for every device and appliance that is plugged into it!


Damage Protection


As protected and durable the wiring in establishments may be, not all of them can withstand the test of time. As time goes on, insulation breaks down and a certain amount of electrical current may start to leak into appliances, mobile devices, and other electronics that are plugged in. This rather invisible occurrence won’t harm you directly, especially if your appliances don’t have a metal body—but it will most certainly damage plugged in devices. This leakage of electricity is one of the most common reasons why things such as computer hard disks and other large appliances with multiple sensitive components fail without prior notice.

All of these are preventable simply by using a GFCI outlet! The electricity leak is also something that is easily identified by the GFCI’s sensors and thus triggers the automatic shutdown of power This helps prevent expensive equipment and appliances from being significantly damaged from a dangerously invisible hazard such as an electrical leak!


Enhanced Convenience

Enhanced Convenience

Reducing the number of electrical sockets by one and adding two USB outlets can be seen as advantageous by some and disadvantageous by others. However, as the world goes, it’s leaning more towards becoming an incredible convenience. This is especially true since more and more people are using handheld, mobile devices that have a charging cable that doubles as a connector.

This kind of GFCI outlet is, in reality, not as good of a choice for households because of the limited slots for appliances. However, the place that it does shine in is in establishments made for accommodations such as hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. These establishments will benefit greatly from the MGU-252 GFCI outlet. This is primarily because most of the items that will be plugged into them are mobile devices and some of your usual electronics such as cameras, video recorders, and other portable gadgets.

GFCI with USB outlets make it very convenient for people who are on the go to quickly and safely plug in their devices for a top-up. With its International-rated outlet, you don’t have to use any bulky adaptors — just plug in any appliance that you need! It’s important to remember, however, that the outlet is rated at 220v. So you might still need a step-down transformer if you have a device that requires lower voltage levels.


Key Takeaway


The new MGU-252 is a GFCI Outlet with two USB ports. It’s essential in establishments made for accommodation such as hotels, inns, and travel lodges. It provides all the safety and security that the normal GFCI outlet has but makes it even more convenient for those who have to plug in handheld devices! Before using them, however, make sure that you get an electrical company in the Philippines to survey your establishment’s electrical wiring and system to see if you need to be aware of any electrical problem apart from what the GFCI outlets pick up.

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What should you know about voltage fluctuations?

  1. What happens during voltage fluctuations?
  2. What are the causes of voltage fluctuations?
  3. What can you do to prevent voltage fluctuations?


There’s an extensive list of potential electrical hazards that every electrical company in the Philippines warns people about. Most of the time, though, people are more aware of common electrical problems such as brownouts and blackouts because they’re usually stated in the news and happens on a relatively large scale.

Because of this, there are very few discussions about lesser known electrical problems such as voltage fluctuations. These are actually quite common as well, especially in places where there’s a lot of potential obstructions to transmission lines or problems in the electrical system of a structure.

With that being said, compared to blackouts, voltage fluctuations are a lot easier to prevent because it’s something that you can modify yourself!


What happens during voltage fluctuations?

What happens during voltage fluctuations?

Voltage fluctuations are systematic variations of the voltage envelope or simply put, random voltage changes. However, this change doesn’t normally exceed the regular voltage range.

Voltage fluctuations can be categorized into two: Step-voltage changes that can be regular or irregular in time and cyclic/random voltage changes that are produced by variations in the load impedances.

When this occurs, the appliance affected will experience a significant degradation in its performance. The volatility of the internal voltages and current of the electrical system may be affected as well.

Voltage fluctuation is usually the fault of the provider or the grid system being tampered with. In any case, the best way to spot voltage fluctuations throughout your home is the sudden flickering of your lights. Flicker is described as a continuous and rapid variation in the load current magnitude. This is believed to be caused by voltage variations.

At home, the most common signs of voltage fluctuation include display screens or any electronic device with a light source flickering, other electronic equipment failing to start up, and televisions or radios experiencing interference.

If left unattended, voltage fluctuations can lead to some electronic devices malfunctioning. For example, incandescent bulbs might break due to it being designed for a specific voltage only.


What are the causes of voltage fluctuations?

What are the causes of voltage fluctuations?

Unlike the more common electrical issues that happen at home, the causes of voltage fluctuations are hidden from view and unheard of most of the time. Aside from one or two warnings from an electrical company in the Philippines, you would most probably not even think of a voltage fluctuation as one of your home problems.

That being said, it’s way better if you know the cause of your electrical problems so that you know what to do if ever you experience it! Here are the most common causes of voltage fluctuations:

  • Poor supply of electricity. Before assuming that something bad happened to your electrical system, you should first question the integrity of your power supply. It might be the result of poor power flow or simply a sign that you’re using a low capacity transmitter to transfer power from your main supply. This might also be because of faulty appliances that draw in more electricity than usual.
  • Wiring issues. Another possible cause of voltage fluctuation is improper wiring. This can lead to irregular electrical supply and inconsistent voltage fluctuations when left unchecked. Issues might also stem from the way that wires were manufactured. Improperly fabricated electric wires might not have the capacity to carry the required amount of power for your house, let alone an entire commercial building.

There’s also the possibility of pests damaging your wires, so don’t rule out voltage fluctuations to outdoor causes immediately!


What can you do to prevent voltage fluctuations?

Aside from directly fixing electrical wiring in your home and repairing faulty equipment (both of which are highly recommended when you have the chance) one of the best ways to solve this problem is to simply get a voltage protector! In the Philippines, there are many electrical companies that already offer such a device.

As the name suggests, the primary function of voltage protectors is to protect appliances from a sudden increase or decrease in voltage. Remember, for an appliance to work properly, it has to be supplied with the correct voltage. Overvoltage and Undervoltage are both something that you don’t want to happen to your appliances. Not only will this affect your appliances, but it might also lead to them malfunctioning or getting damaged.

Aside from that, other devices that help protect against voltage fluctuations are UPS or uninterruptible power supplies. In fact, this all-encompassing system is said to be able to prevent many of the different power-related problems there are!


Key Takeaway

As people say, prevention is better than a cure. That saying remains relevant even when the main focal point is machines and appliances. Make the most out of your uninterruptible power supplies or voltage protectors in the Philippines to help protect your electrical appliances!

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During New Year, a lot of us usually make a list of resolutions on self-improvement. Some of the most common goals in New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, make more money and to quit smoking. For a change, why not include improving electrical safety in our homes as a part of the list?

Meiji Electric encourages you to practice electrical safety measures that can help keep you and your family safe. The start of a new year is the perfect time for homeowners to start electrical safety. Some common causes of electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets, old wiring, and problems with cords, plugs and switches. It is best that we are equipped with the proper knowledge to avoid any future losses that we can actually avoid.

Here are 6 items that can improve your Electrical System at home:

  1. Buy a MEIJI Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) SVC 500-10000 C360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898for your refrigerators and flat screen TVs. It is used to protect your computers and other appliances against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against voltage variances. The Meiji AVRs are available from 500VA to 10,000VA.
  1. Check and replace your damaged extension cords with the Meiji 13 extensionsand 20 Series Extension Cord (MES-1303 to 1306, WRP 2104/ 2027). It has a power rating from 1,200 to 2,500 Watts that comes in 3 to 5-meter ranges. It consists of 3 to 6 international outlets for the 13 series and 3 parallel outlets for the 20 series.
  1. Install the Meiji Voltage Protector (TC-V001) to your air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances. It is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. The Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002) on the other hand has an added feature of 8 programmable timer setting options for your various day preferences. Meaning you can set the timer to work daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, or whatever schedule that suits you.C360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902
  1. Buy the Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer(TC-V003) that has an international and universal outlet to set your air conditioner to turn off at your preferred time and your electric fan to turn on immediately after. The Meiji TC-V003 can accommodate an air conditioner with up to 2 horsepower. With this item, you will surely save a lot on your electricity bill this year.
  1. Install the stand-alone Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-02) smoke-detector-front-300x265that doesn’t need to be wired to a main system.  The Meiji Smoke Detector alarms you that there’s a major smoke or heat coming from a particular area. This way, it can help you protect your home from the tragedies of fire.


Update your home electrical system with the Meiji Home Panel Home Panel 1 branch breaker(MHP-02 to MHP 3x16P) which comes in different sizes ranging from 1-48 ways. These are modular, fire resistant distribution boxes applicable for electric circuit terminals rated at 220V line to line, 400V line to neutral system. It is easy to install and disassemble with a beautiful design so you don’t need to hide it in the kitchen cabinet.

These are just some of the innovative items of Meiji Electric that can protect your home and your family. Keep in mind that all of us promise to make changes to improve our lives especially during the start of the year. However, some will fall short just before reaching March, but that doesn’t mean your New Year’s resolutions should not be done. So get up now and go to your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot branches or contact us directly to avail of these items now!

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During Christmas, It seems to be a yearly tradition that people buy new appliances for their homes. Aside from the fact that we can see these four capital letters everywhere S-A-L-E (which we all love!), there may be two more reasons for that.

  1. First, you want to upgrade your model of a particular appliance as a gift to your love ones or as a gift to yourself.
  2. And second, your existing appliances need a replacement, and Christmas is the best time to buy these things since it’s when we receive our extra cash.

To those who will answer the second one, if you are tired of replacing your appliances every year because of an inconsistency in the flow of electricity in your place or what is commonly known as power fluctuation, good news! This article is for you. Meiji will help you protect your appliances through the use of Meiji Voltage Protector. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Meiji Voltage Protector is a device intended to protect appliances by cutting off electricity to the device plugged into it as soon as the voltage source reaches below the minimum allowable or exceeds the maximum allowable rating. So even if the voltage fluctuates from time to time, we will have no worries because Meiji Voltage Protector will do its job automatically.

tc-v001Benefits of having a Meiji Voltage Protector at Home


It gives us an assurance that our appliances are safe from constant fluctuation of electricity in your place. Also, using Meiji Voltage Protector will prolong the usage life of our appliances because it serves as a protective device. With Meiji Voltage Protector, we can now have the confidence that our appliances are properly taken cared of.


If you can’t avail an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) unit or you need to use multiple appliance in your home, Voltage Protector is a perfect alternative for it. It has the benefits of an AVR but with a much cheaper price.

3. A Variety of Choices

Meiji has a lot of variety of Voltage Protectors depending to your needs and preferences. Besides our Voltage Protector (TC-V001), we also have Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002) which is suitable in different appliances. And if you want a voltage protector that will automatically switch your fan and aircon alternately, Meiji Voltage protector with Aircon to Fan Function (TC-V003) is perfect for you.

We at Meiji understand the worth of every customer’s investment for their homes. That is why we keep on innovating products that will surely be beneficial for everyone.  And that is what Meiji Voltage Protector is up to. So next time you go for shopping for a new appliance, don’t forget to add your Meiji Voltage Protector in your cart.

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In a country where temperatures can really soar whether it be day or night, air conditioners have become extremely important household necessities. Plenty of homes are equipped with more than one unit, which means their homes are saved from the tremendous heat outside, but this also means that electricity consumption is increased by as much as tenfold! Oh no, this is definitely going to be expensive! Unless, you have Meiji Timers to help you out.

Here are 5 ways Meiji Timers can help lessen your electric bill.

Control the Number of Hours when Air Conditioners are On

Meiji Timers help lessen your electric bill by giving you the ability to have air conditioners switched off after a designated number of hours. It’s simple too! Just plug in your air conditioner into the Meiji Timer, program the time you want your air conditioner to switch off and viola! You get the convenience of not having to wake yourself up just to turn it off by yourself! From now on you can sleep through the cool atmosphere with peace of mind knowing you will not wake up to extravagant numbers on your electric bill.

Turn off lights without having to get out off bed

It’s customary to leave a few lights on during the night so people are aware that someone is home. It also is a way of keeping ill intentioned people from breaking an entry. However, it is also a bad habit to keep the light burning once the sun comes up. This adds unnecessary cost to your electric bill. Having a timer allows you the ability to have lights turned off when morning comes therefore relieving you of the need to get out of bed hours before you really need to.

Not only is the timer helping you lessen your electric bill, it also makes you a contributor to a safer environment by saving on energy.

Turn off Air conditioner and turn on fan automatically

If you found the ability of Meiji Timers to automatically program your air conditioner any day of the week cool, then you’ll find this other function even cooler! Another function that Meiji Timers is programmed with is to turn on the electric fan at exactly the same time your air conditioner shuts off or at any given time you set it to. So if your room gets warm quickly and you want to stay cool without having to spend so much on electricity, have your fan switched on automatically by a timer!

Voltage protection

Bigger appliances require larger amounts of power in order as compared to smaller appliances. Air conditioners are a good example of this. Often times, these appliances are more sensitive to fluctuations. The Meiji Timer with voltage protection makes sure that fluctuations do not cause damage to your circuits or surge your electric bill. By cutting power when it reaches the allowable voltage, you save yourself from the unnecessary electrical consumption that can bloat up your bill. Also, don’t forget that by using Meiji Timers you are helping not only yourself by lessening the numbers on your electric bill, but the environment as well by reducing your consumption of energy.

So there you have it! Just some of the many ways having a Meiji Timer can help you save up some hard earned cash by lessening your electric bill. Now that it’s Christmas season, most of us are expecting a spike in our bills, all the more reason to get a timer now! Enjoy the merry season, people!



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Many people do not understand the powers of surge protector. Just because lightning is said to not strike the same place twice, it doesn’t mean that it won’t strike at all. Safety is not something we should skimp on, unless your favorite emotion is regret. Therefore, you must understand the benefits of using surge protectors in your own home.

AVR alternativeDifferent Types of Surge Protectors

Take note that while surge protectors do a lot of what their name suggests, there are different kinds that offer varying degrees of protection. For instance, portable voltage protectors do their job for one or two appliances with some limitations, although they are still adequate and affordable for most cases. Whole house surge protectors do a lot more for a wider area, although you’ll be putting down more cash for it. In any case, you must know what surge protectors can do for you in these conditions.


  •  Protects Your Appliances

Portable power strips are sometimes marketed as surge protectors as they do provide some circuit-breaking capabilities and surge protection. Using them for your appliances can help you keep them from shorting during adverse conditions. Of course, a whole house surge protector takes it further by protecting everything within the allotted area in the household. Purchase a good one from a reputable supplier in order to avail of the warranty in case that something does get damaged.

  •  Keeps Computers Safe

These days, surge protectors are primarily used to keep computers from sizzling out since they’re very sensitive to power surges. While modern home computers do have their own built-in protections courtesy of both the power supply and the BIOS, having them hooked up to a  surge protector or UPS will ensure that you prevent considerable damage and data loss in an event of a power outage, lightning strike, or any other unforeseen situation involving the power.

Data loss is definitely a concern these days, especially with files, databases, and other important information in digital format is crucial. Losing them due to some accident could spell disaster for a lot of people, and surge protectors are definitely good insurance to help prevent such woes. They’re so important that computer retailers do sell surge protectors and other power accessories to prevent such catastrophes, and the good ones are worth the cost.

  •  Ease of Use

aircon timerSurge protectors are generally user-friendly as their application is quite straightforward. Whole house surge protectors are a bit more  complicated, but they do function based on a simple principle. They act as bridges that restricts the amount of voltage coming in, so the power is controlled in the event of a surge. They also provide the added benefit of giving you peace of mind and security in times of power outages as there’s no real need to unplug your appliances and devices since you are protected from surges right there. When power is restored after an outage, the surge protector opens the circuit and safely lets the power back in.

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Protecting valuable appliances is everyone’s desire. As we all know, in the Philippines lies many sorts of voltage surge issues. Sudden rise of electricity can break appliances, specifically if the electricity goes beyond the voltage or current rating of the appliance.

Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVRs do the task of ensuring that the voltage is well regulated all the time upon plugging of the appliance unto the device. Most of the time, these appliances are valuable and will not be a hundred percent efficient due to energy loss and may risk absorbing voltage rises.

Meiji Electric offers durable and reliable AVRs. Besides that, a cheaper and safer alternative is made available by Meiji’s Voltage Protectors.

A Voltage Protector is a device that protects appliances by cutting off electricity to the device plugged into it as soon as the voltage source reaches below the minimum allowable or exceeds the maximum allowable rating. Meiji Voltage Protector ensures that your appliance will be safe even when it hits both low and high voltages. Giving you the peace of mind especially when you’re not at home.

These are the specifications for the Voltage Protector:

Under voltage cut-off: 180V (adjustable)

Over voltage cut-off: 265V

Output working voltage: 220V

Output current capacity: 20A

Output power capacity: 4,400 Watts

Meiji Voltage Protector does not need to be monitored, it will do the voltage monitoring  for you. The device also has a single toggle switch for switching on and off power. As indicated in the specs above, it can handle high voltage, current, or power devices. A practical application for this is for plugging into air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances within the mentioned recommended load capacity.

Also, for voltage information of the load, there are 4 light indicators to inform you whether the Voltage Protector is under: normal operation, on-delay operation; this is due to experiencing a surge or sudden drop; over-voltage operation, and  under voltage operation. This will always keep you informed on the current state of the supply of your Voltage Protector.

For the on delay function of the device, upon the protector cuts off the voltage due to under or over voltage surges, it will delay 2-4 minutes of time before it allows supply of power again to the appliance. This is to eliminate any possible initial sudden sure of power entry to the appliance, as sometimes this will be the case after a certain voltage fluctuation/surge.

Portability is also the key feature of this voltage protector. No need to bring bulky and expensive AVRs on your travel. Simply buy the cheaper voltage protector and bring it along wherever you go to protect your devices on the go. Save money and effort and protect your devices with Meiji Voltage Protector!

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Meiji Voltage ProtectorA Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. Meiji Voltage Protector has an under voltage cut-off at 180V but can be adjusted by the user and an over voltage cut-off at 265. This automatic power cut-off disables electrical surges and other variances from damaging the device plugged-in your voltage protector.

Meiji Voltage Protector has a single switch and outlet with the capacity of 4,400 watts, 20A and a working voltage of 220. This can suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances within the mentioned recommended load capacity. It also has light indicators to inform the user if Meiji Voltage Protector is running normally, is on delay, is on under voltage or on over voltage.

Power outage

During a power outage or in the occasion that the voltage protector has to cut-off the power going to the appliance plugged-in, Meiji Voltage Protector will delay 2-4 minutes before you may use it in order to protect the item from the sudden initial surge of power entry.

Gives you the convenience

Meiji Voltage Protector gives you the convenience of carrying it wherever and whenever you need it due to its compact size and light weight. This will also spare you the hassle and effort of carrying your AVRs to and fro different parts of your home just to save money.

Save money, save effort and protect your appliances with Meiji Voltage Protector.

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Voltage ProtectorThis article is a review of the newly released item by Meiji Electric called Voltage Protector. It is co-related with the more familiar Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) item because of its primary function to protect appliances. A Voltage Protector guarantees us the same protection in the case of an over-voltage or an under-voltage.

Single outlet

Meiji Voltage Protector has a single outlet with switch having the capacity of 20 Amperes, 4,400 Watts and a working voltage rating of 220. With this load, Meiji voltage protector is suitable to be used for your refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs and many more. It also has a delay feature of about 2-4 minutes in order to protect the plugged-in appliance in cases of sudden electrical surges especially during the initial entry of power and more so, when power comes back after a power outage.

Cut power when the voltage has exceeded

The difference however between a Meiji Voltage Protector with an ordinary AVR is that a Voltage Protector will cut power when the voltage has exceeded its under voltage capacity of 170 or its over voltage capacity of 265. Unlike an AVR, it is not made up of a servomechanism in order to be able to regulate the voltage and continue the use of the plugged-in appliance. But by cutting off the power, your Voltage Protector disables your appliance to experience electrical surges that can cause unwanted damages to your valued appliance and also to the Voltage Protector itself.

Light and compact

Given that Meiji Voltage Protector is light and compact, this item is especially useful for travelling out-of-town with family and friends. Especially in provinces where power outages and other electrical surges are common, your voltage protector will take care of your laptop, DVD player, audio player, speakers and other portable equipments you brought during the trip and make sure that you enjoy that vacation you’ve been waiting for.

How to use Meiji Voltage Protector

To be more informed of how to use and understand your Meiji Voltage Protector, please find below simple tips and instructions I included in this review.

  1. Insert the item to a wall socket.
  2. Plug in the appliance into the Meiji Voltage Protector. Make sure that the working voltage and ampere of the appliance complies to the specifications of the protector.
  3. When the voltage rating of an appliance exceeds its maximum capacity, the protector will automatically cut off power. The indicator light ‘Over Voltage’ will also light up informing the user that the product could not be used in the meantime.
  4. Similarly, when the voltage rating of an appliance reaches the minimum allowable capacity of the protector fixed by the user, it will also automatically cut off power. At the same time, the ‘Under Voltage’ indicator lights up to inform the user that the voltage is too low thus the product could not be used.
  5. In cases of fluctuations in electric power, until Meiji Voltage Protector exceeds and reaches the maximum capacity of under and over voltage, the protector will be the one to provide power until it stabilizes. However, once it reaches the allowable capacity, Meiji Voltage Protector will protect the appliance by cutting off power to the appliance. This will also automatically light the ‘On Delay’ indicator light to inform the user. The protector will be delayed for 2-4 minutes in order to make sure that the power is stable and has been re-established. This way, the appliance plugged in is protected.
  6. When all things are normal, the ‘On’ indicator light will again be lit.

The biggest advantage

The biggest advantage of the Meiji Voltage Protector is its affordable price compared with an AVR.  See for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

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