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What makes voltage protectors so important?

  1. Voltage protectors ensure your appliances will not experience over- or under-voltage.
  2. Voltage protectors can identify electricity problems.
  3. Voltage protectors provide protection for your homes.


As an electrical company in the Philippines, Meiji Electrics always strive to provide customers with the best electrical items that will ensure a safer home and a happier family. One of our products that continues to offer superb protection is the voltage protector.

It is very similar to the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) because it’s primary function is the same—to protect appliances. In essence, the voltage protector provides the same kind of protection as AVRs in the case of an over- or under-voltage!

Voltage adaptors are mostly composed of single outlet adaptors that have a capacity of 20 amps, 4,440 watts, and 220 volts. They are very small and light, making it easy for you to move them from one location to another.

As a well-known electrical company in Manila, it is Meiji’s duty and responsibility to provide you with products that will satisfy your needs. In this case, voltage protectors are designed to be an affordable solution in preventing your appliances from experiencing electrical surges. Let’s discuss this further below.

Protecting Your Appliances

Protecting Your Appliances

When the voltage exceeds capacity, power will instantly be cut off. Keep in mind that going above (over 265 volts) and below (under 170 volts) the standard voltage rating is quite harmful to your appliances for a number of reasons.

Admittedly, low voltage won’t have too much of an effect on most appliances. But it would make them function slower than usual. However, this could be dangerous for appliances that use motor; examples of these are refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers.

The state of low voltage can cause motors to overheat and ultimately damage the inner workings of the appliance. This can lead to overheating and the eventual burning of the motor. In most cases, this leads to frequent motor repairs—a costly option to an otherwise preventable problem.

High voltages will mean that it will draw more current at the start. Once it reaches a steady state, the current lessens, sometimes normalizes. However, the relatively high starting current can damage the system in many ways.

Appliances, particularly those with motor parts, need to be protected from ever experiencing an over- or under-voltage. Try to be aware of the operating voltage range of your appliances as well as the fluctuations that can happen in your house. Some appliances have a relatively large operating voltage range, which means that they can function even with the normal levels of fluctuation!

Voltage protectors cut off power whenever it detects that voltage levels are enough to be considered as over- or under-voltage, preventing your appliances from functioning with such difficulties.


Identifying Problems in the Electricity Flow

These voltage protectors are designed to stop the flow of electricity when voltage fluctuations go beyond their perceived operating levels. This means that they are capable of identifying whether or not there’s something wrong with the electricity flow within your home or on that particular circuit.

For example, when using a voltage protector for your TV, and it suddenly turns off without any other of your appliances turning off, it might mean that it experienced a sudden drop in voltage levels. Although it has more of an effect on appliances with motors, the case still stands that other appliances are probably experiencing it too, and thus, you might choose to turn them off.

If you have multiple appliances using voltage protectors and only a certain number of them turned off, then that means their circuits are the ones that are experiencing significant fluctuations. It can tell you whether there’s a problem for a specific circuit, your entire house’s electrical system, or in the general electrical grid.

Once you learned the root of the problem, it’s relatively easier to fix! You may report it immediately to a professional electrician from a notable electrical company in the Philippines to resolve the issue.

Protecting Your Home

Protecting Your Home

With your appliances protected from unnecessary voltage fluctuations and now that you have a way of monitoring them through voltage protectors, you’re essentially protecting your home from electrical problems that can lead to serious home damage.

Take note: Your appliances can get damaged, or worse, be set on fire when not protected from certain electrical hazards; over- and under-voltage situations are some of them.

By making sure that your appliances receive the right range of voltage, voltage protectors prevent things such as damage, burning, and maybe even small explosions from happening!


Key Takeaway

For Meiji, an electrical company in Manila, customer safety is a top priority.

The voltage protector is a very small and yet powerful device that ensures that your appliances are safe from any voltage-related problems! Try them out on some of your appliances and see them for yourself!

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These past few days it has been raining pretty hard, it is evident that the summer season has ended and the rainy season has officially begun. For some, this is a great way to cool down from the annoying summer heat. As we bid the hot weather goodbye, we should now be prepared for the heavy rains that the rainy season will bring. Aside from packing up our raincoats, preparing emergency kits, and staying tuned on our radio and televisions for weather updates, we must never forget to exercise appropriate caution when it comes to electrical safety.

Unawareness of electrical safety procedures during the rainy season may lead to damage to properties, injuries or even death. We listed down some simple guidelines which will help you keep your family safe. Here are some safety precautions that you should practice during the rainy season:



Turn off switch before plugging or unplugging

  • Before plugging or unplugging devices, make sure that you switch off the power points first. Do not overload power outlets and replace your damaged extension cords with high quality products. The Meiji 13 and 20 Series Extension Cord MES-1303 to 1306, WRP 2104 and 2027 are high quality power strips with ratings from 1,200 to 2,500 Watts that comes in 3 to 5-meter ranges. It consists of 3 to 6 international outlets for the 13 series and 3 parallel outlets for the 20 series.

Check for wet switches and wires

  • In no way should you use appliances with faulty, exposed or splintered electrical wires. Do not touch wet electrical switches or anything electrical with bare hands and bare feet.

Turn off appliances

  • You should never leave your homes with heat producing appliances still switched on (i.e. iron, oven, microwave, hair dryers, and electric stove).



Meiji Home Panels

Turn off Circuit Breakers when doing repairs

  • When doing minor repairs like wirings or replacement of circuit breaker, make sure that the main circuit breaker is turned off at all times. Update your home electrical system with the latest home electrical distribution system. The Meiji Home Panel (MHP) comes in different sizes which are modern looking and `user friendly’. These are modular, fire resistant distribution boxes applicable for home distribution use. It is easy to install and use with a beautiful design that blends with your interior. That way you do not need to hide it in the kitchen cabinet like the conventional panelboard.

Keep water away from electrical appliances

  • Be extra cautious when operating electrical appliances near water supply points and ensure to turn it off after use. Appliances which were immersed in water should be disposed immediately or taken to the nearest appliances service center.



Meiji IP54 Enclosures

Ensure enclosures are weatherproof and rust proof

  • Never try to repair electrical system by removing tree twigs off electricity lines. Make sure your outdoor enclosures are weatherproof and rust proof like the MEIJI MHWP03 and MHWP05 IP54 WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURES. These are made with fine, white, polycarbonate thermo-plastic materials to protect your circuit breakers from rain, dirt, dust, oil and spraying water. These will also not rust like the common steel type, or become brittle and crack like ordinary plastic enclosures.

Keep electrical installations away from water

  • Do not get near amassed water around electrical installations that may have downed wires nearby. Immediately call the electric company and report the location of any electrical fault and downed power cables.


Meiji AVR

Be prepared for power interruptions

  • Expect power interruptions due to heavy rains and typhoons. Buy a MEIJI Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) SVC 500-10000 for your refrigerators and flat screen TVs. It is used to protect your computers and other appliances against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against voltage variances. The Meiji AVRs are available from 500VA to 10,000VA. It also has a `power-on delay’ of about 3 minutes so as to protect the appliance from sudden surges of electricity after a power outage or brown-out; however, it also has a quick-start feature to override this in case of an immediate need.


Be careful of loose wires

  • Treat every loose wire as if it is always energized. Keep your distance from it and do not touch it unless you are already tested it or is certain that it is indeed a live wire.

Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer

Install Voltage Protectors

  • Voltage protectors should always be installed together with sensitive appliances which are plugged in power outlets. Install the Meiji Voltage Protector (TC-V002) to your refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances. It is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. It also has a `power-on-delay’ of about 2 minutes which can help prevent inrush current especially after a power outage or brown-out that may damage your appliances.


Keep combustible materials from electricity sources

  • Eliminate any accumulated combustible materials such as dust, dried leaves, fabric and paper from the area where electricity sources and appliances are located.


Avail of the Meiji Extension Sets, Home Panel Boards, Weatherproof Enclosures, Automatic Voltage Regulator and Meiji Voltage Protector at our showrooms located at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit any of our displays at ACE Hardware, Handyman or Ortigas Home Depot. Call us now at 448-7423, 727-5790, 414-4012 and 413-6636 and let us quote your various electrical requirements!

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MERRY CHRISTMASChristmas is here! With it are the rush and hustle of buying gifts, preparing for parties, cooking favorite dishes, and giving to others the blessing we have for this year requires much effort and sacrifice.

Time is an essential commodity

Time is an essential commodity especially in this busy season so owning a timer can greatly help individuals who are not usually at home or who would like to be in control of what’s going on at home.

Timers vary in shapes and sizes

Timers vary in shapes and sizes and for Meiji timer, upon the user’s preference, it can also be customized accordingly.  Having a timer can allow you to organize your schedule WITHOUT  having to compromise the tasks and things you need to attend to.  Scheduling the activities ahead of time so it could be programmed into your timer can also work to your advantage. For example: You would like the garage lights to be opened every 6:00 pm so you wouldn’t need to go home to a dark house after work.  Another example would be if you would like to relax into your  air conditioned room at 10:00pm every weekends. This can be arranged with your Meiji Timers!

Very useful for students and workers

Also, giving timers as gift can be greatly appreciated by the receiver since this can be very useful for Timer with Voltage Protetectorstudents, workers whether single or married alike.  This gift is low-maintenance unlike the other gadgets in the market  and inexpensive as well as handy because one can bring it anywhere even in faraway travels.

Timers can really help us celebrate the season

There are timers that operate on batteries while other ones may use wire type.  Some also opt to have them come with alarm systems and an individual can easily set it on his desired time and sleep to his heart’s content without worrying of waking up late for an engagement. There is no danger of it getting lost because almost anyone can afford to buy it.  Timers can really help us celebrate the season free of hassle because in the midst of preparation and whirlwind of activities, one is reminded of his priorities of what should be done first and when.  One thing that’s clear is the durability and being user-friendly of the gadget.  Even old folks can use timers without having to read the whole manual with complex technical terms.  One can just set it to his own satisfaction accordingly.  There are many brands that offer these kind of gadget so people must choose wisely depending upon the model and style they want for themselves or for somebody if it is given as a gift.

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For the perfectionist, everything must be put in a system. For the one who loves technology, he or she takes advantage of what it has to offer. And at home, there is one system you can’t ignore at home, it would be one run with timers. In fact I can present to you three precise purposes for you to consider installing timers into your home.

SecurityTimer with Voltage Protetector

They say that the best way to keep your house secure is by keeping the lights on. It serves as a deterrent from bad elements by creating an impression that people are inside. But we can’t really be home all the time and sometimes we even stay out late than expected. And as a solution to this dilemma, timers can be installed to make sure that an illusion of people being present at home is created. In our home, we actually do this as our lights are set to open at night time so that we can leave the house with the assurance that enough lighting is available.


Yes, timers are perfect for someone who likes everything in the proper order and time especially if the busyness doesn’t really allow memory to remember a show to watch on TV or a radio show to listen to at a certain time. It can also help you if you want to use your lights or your television as your alarm. My parents once told me that my grandmother used timers to keep the house alive at the times she needed to as well. So if you need everything following the proper timing, you can’t go wrong with using timers.


Leaving an electric fan open for the whole night even though it gets colder during the early morning will cost you a waste in electricity. Having your lights on at 7 am just because no one is still awake at that time is money to be spent. Well timers, as long as it is properly configured can save you actually a lot of cash. Though you may not notice it at first and see the hassle and early capital of installing timers, in the long run, this is actually the best choice to save a buck.

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Meiji Voltage ProtectorA Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. Meiji Voltage Protector has an under voltage cut-off at 180V but can be adjusted by the user and an over voltage cut-off at 265. This automatic power cut-off disables electrical surges and other variances from damaging the device plugged-in your voltage protector.

Meiji Voltage Protector has a single switch and outlet with the capacity of 4,400 watts, 20A and a working voltage of 220. This can suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances within the mentioned recommended load capacity. It also has light indicators to inform the user if Meiji Voltage Protector is running normally, is on delay, is on under voltage or on over voltage.

Power outage

During a power outage or in the occasion that the voltage protector has to cut-off the power going to the appliance plugged-in, Meiji Voltage Protector will delay 2-4 minutes before you may use it in order to protect the item from the sudden initial surge of power entry.

Gives you the convenience

Meiji Voltage Protector gives you the convenience of carrying it wherever and whenever you need it due to its compact size and light weight. This will also spare you the hassle and effort of carrying your AVRs to and fro different parts of your home just to save money.

Save money, save effort and protect your appliances with Meiji Voltage Protector.

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Voltage ProtectorThis article is a review of the newly released item by Meiji Electric called Voltage Protector. It is co-related with the more familiar Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) item because of its primary function to protect appliances. A Voltage Protector guarantees us the same protection in the case of an over-voltage or an under-voltage.

Single outlet

Meiji Voltage Protector has a single outlet with switch having the capacity of 20 Amperes, 4,400 Watts and a working voltage rating of 220. With this load, Meiji voltage protector is suitable to be used for your refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs and many more. It also has a delay feature of about 2-4 minutes in order to protect the plugged-in appliance in cases of sudden electrical surges especially during the initial entry of power and more so, when power comes back after a power outage.

Cut power when the voltage has exceeded

The difference however between a Meiji Voltage Protector with an ordinary AVR is that a Voltage Protector will cut power when the voltage has exceeded its under voltage capacity of 170 or its over voltage capacity of 265. Unlike an AVR, it is not made up of a servomechanism in order to be able to regulate the voltage and continue the use of the plugged-in appliance. But by cutting off the power, your Voltage Protector disables your appliance to experience electrical surges that can cause unwanted damages to your valued appliance and also to the Voltage Protector itself.

Light and compact

Given that Meiji Voltage Protector is light and compact, this item is especially useful for travelling out-of-town with family and friends. Especially in provinces where power outages and other electrical surges are common, your voltage protector will take care of your laptop, DVD player, audio player, speakers and other portable equipments you brought during the trip and make sure that you enjoy that vacation you’ve been waiting for.

How to use Meiji Voltage Protector

To be more informed of how to use and understand your Meiji Voltage Protector, please find below simple tips and instructions I included in this review.

  1. Insert the item to a wall socket.
  2. Plug in the appliance into the Meiji Voltage Protector. Make sure that the working voltage and ampere of the appliance complies to the specifications of the protector.
  3. When the voltage rating of an appliance exceeds its maximum capacity, the protector will automatically cut off power. The indicator light ‘Over Voltage’ will also light up informing the user that the product could not be used in the meantime.
  4. Similarly, when the voltage rating of an appliance reaches the minimum allowable capacity of the protector fixed by the user, it will also automatically cut off power. At the same time, the ‘Under Voltage’ indicator lights up to inform the user that the voltage is too low thus the product could not be used.
  5. In cases of fluctuations in electric power, until Meiji Voltage Protector exceeds and reaches the maximum capacity of under and over voltage, the protector will be the one to provide power until it stabilizes. However, once it reaches the allowable capacity, Meiji Voltage Protector will protect the appliance by cutting off power to the appliance. This will also automatically light the ‘On Delay’ indicator light to inform the user. The protector will be delayed for 2-4 minutes in order to make sure that the power is stable and has been re-established. This way, the appliance plugged in is protected.
  6. When all things are normal, the ‘On’ indicator light will again be lit.

The biggest advantage

The biggest advantage of the Meiji Voltage Protector is its affordable price compared with an AVR.  See for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

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