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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are very important when the electrical outlets used are positioned close to wet areas. In other words, GFCI outlets are usually installed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, outdoors, etc, although it may also be generally used on all outlets for safety. Apart from being an effective precautionary measure in your home, the installation of GFCI outlets is actually required by law. According to the Philippine Electric Code (PEC), Article 2.15 Feeders, all homes must be equipped with GFCI protection for personnel and equipment. One reason for this is that many people get electric shocks in their homes every year.

MGF-250Meiji Electric leads the market on GFCI outlets not just from the google search box but also from the conveniences experienced by our customers. Meiji GFCI Outlet, Cat. No. MGF250, is the most efficient and effective GFCI outlet for your home and workplace. With its versatility and high-quality performance, great advantages are expected.

Shock Prevention

The most known advantage of Meiji GFCI Outlet is that it prevents shocks and electrocutions. Meiji GFCI Outlet has a built-in sensor that monitors the inflow and outflow of electricity from an appliance. For example, if a live wire inside your equipment is in contact with the metallic surface of the equipment, then, you will receive a shock if you touch this equipment. However, if the equipment is plugged into a Meiji GFCI Outlet, then the device will notice the change in electrical flow occurring as result of the loose wire, and it will quickly shut down the power. Meiji GFCI outlet can detect current imbalance as low as 0.006 amperes (6 milliamperes) and stops the flow of electricity immediately. Thus, Meiji GFCI Outlets are needed for shock prevention. Although they are slightly more expensive than regular power outlets, this massive advantage makes them well worth the cost.

Prevents Damage to Equipment

Sometimes, over a period of time, equipment insulation breaks down. A certain amount of electric current begins to leak into household appliances or other electronic items. If the outer body of the equipment is not made of metal, you may not get a shock, but this constant leakage of current will damage the equipment. In fact, this leakage of electricity is one of the most common reasons why computer hard disk drives fail. With a GFCI outlet, you do not need to worry about this happening. This is because the instant the GFCI circuit detects a leak, it will shut down the circuit. This can help prevent expensive equipment and appliances from getting damaged due to electrical leaks.


MGF250 has a power rating of 20 amperes and 250 volts with a unique combination of international and universal outlets which accepts any type of plug. It also has a safety test button to ensure that the ground fault detection feature accurately functions. On top of that, Meiji GFCI Outlets are made from polycarbonate glossy white finish that is fire retardant and brings style to your home!


So what are you waiting for? Install a Meiji GFCI Outlet in your home and office. Be practical in investing to your needs. Protect your equipment and your family with Meiji GFCI Outlets, after all, you wouldn’t want to risk the lives of your loved ones from deadly shocks.

With Meiji Electric, convenience and safety can be in the same category.

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A new, most practical and unique GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) has arrived!

We would like to Introduce Meiji’s MGF250, the only and new Meiji GFCI with a combination of an International and a Universal Outlet.



The new Meiji GFCI comes in a pure white, sleek, clean and compact look. Unlike other traditional GFCI’s, which are almost always Duplex Parallel Flat Pin convenience outlets ( C.O.’s) with Ground, the MGF250 works on any plug without any need for messy adaptors.  It is totally safe against electric shocks and ground faults. As mentioned in top 4 reasons why we get grounded article, grounds and ground faults are  life threatening!  This is therefore a necessary item in wet places such as toilets, kitchens, laundry areas, etc.

Meiji GFCI also has a TEST button to make sure that the ground fault detection feature is working properly for your protection.  This button is very accurate, durable and reliable. This GFCI also comes in a most special modern and attractive product design protected by its sleek packaging box.

Not to worry about its installation and wiring, your Meiji GFCI is a very user-friendly item. Enclosed herewith is an ‘easy to understand’ instruction manual and A periodic test schedule guide.

Protect the your loved ones and other members of your home with the new MEIJI GFCI (MGF-250)!

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We are all afraid of being electrically grounded. Aside from the uncomfortableaquarium hobby shock we get from it, it could also cause a lot of serious injuries. Something, most of us, I believe WOULD NOT dare consider as an adventure.  I guess this is also why some people began to have a fear of wires or  tangled cords.

Well, worry no more as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is here to save the day. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or better known as GFCI is an outlet   receptacle made especially to cut electricity flow whenever ground faults happen. This can be triggered by wet surfaces, open wires and other unexpected triggers. GFCI monitors  ground faults such as what may usually happen with old, recycled appliances.  Upon sensing a ground, your GFCI  will automatically trip the circuit breaker and therefore providing safety to both the user and device plugged in (i.e. hair dryer, shaver, flattening iron, etc)

poolpartyIsn’t it cool?  Since it saves you from the risk of electric shocks, it enables you to FINALLY DO SOME THINGS you were afraid of trying simply because you are afraid of possible electric shock.

The following are just some of the cool ways to use your GFCI.

  1. Setting up your own  Sound System by the Pool

    Water and wires? Not a good idea, right? But with Meiji’s  GFCI that prevents electric shocks that usually happen in wet places; you can already set up sound systems  near swimming pools. Imagine, your very own pool party!

  2. Starting the Aquarium Hobby

    Are you a marine lover? Meiji’s GFCI could surely protect you, your home and your fishes while you sleep. No need to spend on that luxurious getaway when you can have them in your own living Ground Fault Circuit Interrupterroom, or better, in your own room!

  3. Listening to Music inside your Bathroom

    If you have your own GFCI, you won’t worry about bringing your MP3 player or Ipod inside your bathroom. So you can now fully relax and enjoy a relaxing bath in your tub while listening to soothing music, a perfect way to recharge  after a stressful day at work.

  4. Adding  more Appliances in the Kitchen

    Do you need to add  more appliances in your kitchen but afraid to do so due to overload? With the help of  Meiji’s GFCI, you may live out your dream kitchen!  Did you know that Meiji’s GFCI can tap thru all your outlets so that all outlets in a particular area can have that safety feature? YES! It does. No need to worry about buying a GFCI for each wet area, just tap and connect.

Truly, with the safety GFCI offers, there is no doubt that it should be included in the Philippine Electrical Code.  Plus, we all can worry less and live more having them around. Thanks to Meiji GFCI and to the many ways it can be used, life is cooler.

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Safety is an essential attribute we secure in our home. And one major aspect of home safety revolves around electricity and our appliances. If you are familiar with fuses or circuit breakers, you might think that there is no better way of current protection. Thanks to residual-current devices or RCDs (aka GFCIresidual-current circuit breakers or RCCBs), they provide a whole new innovative level of electrical protection for us.

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)GFCIGFCI

RCDs and RCCBs are  other names used in the United States and Canada. In our country, these are commonly known as the GFCIs or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Some people still call them ALCIs or Appliance Leakage Current Interrupters. These devices are basically electrical wiring devices that disconnect the circuits connected to them once a substantial change or leakage current is detected. What this means is that you are sure that only regulated and correct amounts of current are flowing to your connected appliances, therefore protecting them and you against even small minute amperes of current for maximum safety and protection.

How do GFCIs Work?

It is important to note the GFCI’s operation so that we may be convinced of its importance and eventually decide to purchase it. A good bird’s eye view of these devices is that they have 3 mention-worthy parts, which are the live wire, neutral wire, and a differential transformer.  First off, once a circuit or appliance is connected to a GFCI’s live wire, the current flowing through the live wire will have a return flow via the neutral wire. Then, a differential transformer will come into play by detecting a current change between the live and neutral wire, if any; and even a few amperes of 5-30 milliamperes of change or leak in current will cause the GFCI to open up its connections within as quickly as 1/30 of a second with the connected appliance and the outlet to prevent possible electrical hazards. This means that we are sure that even the smallest amount of currents will safely go to Earth ground instead of landing on our appliances or worse to our own bodies.

GFCI and the National Electric Code

The National Electric Code is the electrical safety standards body of the United States, and we formerly adopted it as our own standard. But soon after, our government decided to finally have our very own Philippine Electric Code (PEC) to better suit the requirements of  our country. The PEC contains vast amounts of electrical standards and safety procedures, and one of them is the inclusion of the GFCI, that each Filipino household should install this electrical technology for safety.

The primary reason for having a GFCI is to ensure that a ground fault will NOT be absorbed by a human being. This is because even 5ma can lead to shock and injuries as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. GFCIs can dissipate even 5ma as we have mentioned so anything above that threshold will also be eliminated. Not to mention that all our appliances too will be surge protected, thus eliminating chances of fires caused by current leaks. Even small leakage currents can lead to death so no wonder the PEC required us to have GFCIs.

Meiji GFCI

If you are looking for maximum electrical safety via using GFCIs, then look no further as Meiji has 2 GFCI models to choose from! The GF-250 (220V) and the LG-20 (110V), both of which are UL and CSA certified for that safety and quality assurance.

Both models are very convenient to use as they can be installed as ordinary wall outlets, so that you can EASILY plug-in your appliances without hassle. They are in duplex form with a load capacity of 20 amperes which are enough to plug in 2 apparatuses at the same time. They are also made of high quality polycarbonate glossy white materials that are cost efficienct and bring aesthetics to your home!

So if you are looking to protect you and your family, look no further and get Meiji GFCIs, install them around the house and for sure you can have that peace of mind that no electrical hazards will threaten you and your home!

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